How to Pick Out the Perfect Fruit

Whether you're shopping for yourself or making a fruity recipe, it can often be tricky to know what to look for to find that perfect fruit. For some fruits, it's all about appearance, but for others, appearances can often be deceiving, and there's nothing worse than getting home to find out you picked an underripe fruit!

Using this guide to picking out the tastiest fruit from Shari's Berries you can quickly figure out what to look for when grocery shopping, saving you plenty of time while you browse the aisle. Next time you're shopping you'll know to shake the coconut and listen for a sloshing sound or ignore any discoloration in mangos.

Now that you know exactly what to look for in every fruit, you can confidently visit your grocery store on the hunt for that perfect fruit! But what’s even better than a sweet, juicy fruit? A sweet juicy fruit covered in chocolate, like strawberries or cherries. Or, if you want something less rich, you can never go wrong with a caramel apple!



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