Three Smart Cooking Products for Technology Lovers

While basic kitchen equipment such as knifes, woks, pans, and ladles are enough for a home cook to be productive in the kitchen, there are now several gadgets that can make the cooking process much easier. Technology is advancing so quickly that almost everything is now run by some form of computer, whether it be in the kitchen or in the workplace. If you want to check out some of the smartest and most convenient cooking equipment currently available on the market, read on.


Mellow is the priciest cooking product in this list and for good reason. It is perhaps the first real cooking robot mankind has ever made. While it doesn't sauté or deep fry food for you, it does use the sous-vide cooking technique, which involves airtight bags that you insert into a bowl of water. It connects to an app that lets users manipulate the cooking process to heat meat, fish, or vegetables to the proper temperature for cooking them. Mellow's slogan "Effortlessly great food" is spot on, as it allows people to cook things with just a swipe of a finger.

Mellow costs $500.


The aptly named SmartyPans may look like normal pans but they are actually very high-tech. First, they can connect to an app that helps you pick from hundreds of recipes you can cook using the pan. In addition, they also alert users about the amount of ingredients they've added into the pan. For example, when a user says, “adding garlic now,” the pan will reply with how much garlic he or she has added. When the cooking is done, the app will provide the nutritional information for the dish that the user has just cooked. Now that’s smart, which isn’t surprising seeing as mobile apps have evolved incredibly since the launch of the App Store and Google Play. It shows no signs of slowing down either with Free Bingo Hunter and the developers behind the website predicting that app downloads will surpass the 200 billion mark in the coming years.

SmartyPans cost $169.

Range: Smart Kitchen Thermometer

Cooking steak can be difficult. Thanks to Range: Smart Kitchen Thermometer, however, people can now cook the perfect steak with the help of this useful thermometer. All users have to do is stick the device into the beef in order to see the temperature of the meat in real-time. It alerts users via notifications of the meat’s progress, as well as showing graphs that users can rely on when recording their own cooking experiments.

Range: Smart Kitchen Thermometer costs $70 each.