7 Photos of Bacon and Their Stories

Bacon has gone from a breakfast food to a cultural staple. Bloomberg Business reports that the industry brings in $4 billion in annual sales, and sites like BaconFreak.com and BaconToday.com are devoted to everything bacon. There's even BaconIpsum.com, which generates a "meatier" version of loren ipsum text. Naturally, this obsession has generated thousands of recipes, and with those come thousands of photos. Just searching "bacon" on Shutterstock garners more than 100,000 results. Take a look at some of the best photos and learn more about the candy of meat.

Bacon & Eggs

Are you one of the two people alive who were born in 1800s? No, you’re not. Susannah Mushatt Jones is. Why? Because she has a serving of a bacon and eggs every morning — not to mention a sign that reads, "Bacon makes everything better" hanging in her kitchen.

Feast on your own bacon-and-egg creations by perusing IncredibleEgg.org. The search engine for egg recipes and dishes will inspire even the most inadequate cooks. Just the word “butter” spawns a peanut butter-banana bread pudding recipe and a soufflé description.

Salad Topping

Bacon on salad brings us to the inevitable question of bacon bits: real or imitation? Real is better, but don’t be afraid of the bits. Most are made of TVP, which comes from soy. They’re often low-fat and low-cholesterol.

Bacon Soup

Did you know bacon soup was a thing? If not, welcome to another stage of enlightenment in the doctrine of bacon. Check out these possible bacon soup concoctions:

  • Bean and bacon soup
  • Beer, cheese and bacon soup
  • Thick and creamy potato bacon soup
  • Pumpkin and bacon soup
  • Lentil, kale and bacon soup
  • Zucchini and bacon soup
  • Bacon cheeseburger soup
  • Corn and bacon chowder
  • Onion and bacon soup
  • And of course, bacon and egg soup


Ah, the BLT. A staple of nearly every American restaurant, it's also been named Great Britain’s favorite sandwich. The history of the BLT is not exactly written in stone. Wikipedia and various publications claim the term and sandwich have been around since the early 1900s and gained popularity during WWII, because the ingredients were always available. Etymologist Barry Popik claims the first used abbreviation was BMT (Bacon Mit Tomato), named after the Brooklyn Manhattan Transit Corporation as early as 1936.

Turkey-Wrapped Bacon

If anything can replace the traditional Thanksgiving turkey, it’s certainly the bacon-wrapped variety. Ali Rosen from Potluck Video already shared the idea on Huffington Post, noting that proper bacon wrapping is definitely an art.

Bacon Brownie & Chocolate & Caramel-Covered Bacon

Bacon desserts may make some uneasy, but culinary creativity has created so many options - there is something for everyone. Buzzfeed covers 27 concoctions while Republic of Bacon goes over another 25. If you still can’t find something to soothe your bacon sweet tooth, just peruse bacon desserts on Pinterest.

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