Vacation Destinations for Healthy Foodies

Diehard foodies the world over will do almost anything or travel anywhere to get inventive, delicious and memorable meals. From each corner of the globe comes unique eats that enhance the exploration of tourists' taste buds. Trying things like squid, goat meat, street-vendor tacos, and curry make their mouths water—and, if they are not careful, their waistlines expand. Staying healthy on vacation might sound like a contradiction in terms, but with planning, it's possible to enjoy your travels AND watch your weight.

Your first task: A trip of this epic size will require protection of your finances, as you'll need to spend some coin to enjoy what cafes and bistros have to offer. Personal and financial information protection, like with Lifelock, is a solid start to ensuring you have the greenbacks to back your tasty tour. Investing in this form of protection will give you peace of mind when circling the globe.

If you're a foodie and you've exhausted your hometown culinary options, start planning a trip. Forget the seven wonders of the world and visit instead these seven amazing foodie destinations.

Bangkok, Thailand

After Lee Abbamonte became the youngest American to travel to every country in the world he described Bangkok as one of the top 10 food destinations in the world. Foodies know that delicious Thai food is a balance of sweet, sour, salty and bitter, and there's no better place to get it than in Bangkok. According to, Thai restaurants in the U.S. have Americanized their menus with lots of deep-fried items, high-fat and high-sodium sauces and fatty meats. You should have no problem eating healthy in Thailand; opt for vegetables and seafood dishes that are spiced with hot peppers, basil and nuts.

Naples, Italy

Naples might be off the beaten tourist path as visitors often skip this fantastic city for more popular ones like Rome, but food lovers know that this birthplace of pizza is a must-stop destination on any European vacation. Authentic Neopolitan pizza has a cracker-thin crust and can be served with or without cheese. Avoid dishes with cream and heavy amounts of cheese. The traditional Italian diet is low in fat, high in vegetables and fruits, grains and beans. It is found to be a heart-healthy diet!

Lima, Peru lists Lima, Peru as one of the up and coming food and drink destinations in the world. Peruvian cuisine is a fusion of Spanish, Chinese, African and Japanese cuisines that have melded into a cuisine that has defined a nation. Not only are Peruvian restaurants popping up all over the United States, but discerning diners know that Lima is the birthplace of ceviche, a tangy dish of citrus marinated fish or shellfish that is very low in calories (200-300 per serving!).

New York City, New York

New York City has been on the leading edge of the global culinary scene for many years, and gourmet tourists know that they haven't lived the life of a good foodie until they've dined in some of this city's best eateries. From Le Bernadin to Jean Georges and Gordon Ramsay at the London, this city is filled with star-chef studded restaurants where making reservations many months in advance is always advisable. If you can't find it here, it doesn't exist! New York magazine maintains a database of healthy restaurants, and you can always ask your food servers for healthy options.

Tokyo, Japan

Popular British online magazine touts Tokyo as one of the world's best foodie destinations. Tokyo has long been a global destination for foodies, but thanks to the rise of molecular gastronomy, this cosmopolitan city has new and inventive dishes and techniques with which to wow foodies. The Japanese set the standards with healthy eating with diets heavy in lean meats, seafood, fresh vegetables and grains.

Paris, France

Paris has long held its place as one of the favorites for global foodie destinations. Not only is this city beautiful, but it is so steeped in culinary tradition that a foodie hasn't lived until they've supped on a freshly made baguette and cheese from the fromagerie, tried an éclair from Fauchon, and dined on exquisite truffle-laced dishes at La Maison de la Truffe. French food can be rich and high in fat, but the portions tend to be smaller. Street vendors with delicious fresh bread are everywhere; limit yourself to one! You don't have to do without: Share desserts, take advantage of this very walkable city and drink lots of water.

Who knows, you could end up traveling the country, and even the world, looking for some tasty local dishes. If the video below doesn't inspire you, then we don't know what will.

    Editor's Note: Justin says he is the luckiest writer alive because he gets to write about his two favorite subjects: food and travel. He looks for off-the-beaten-path restaurants that serve authentic local fare.

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