Who Moved the Playground Equipment?

Seasoned Cooking has been around in one form or another for thirteen years. This year marks a very special change for the site and we're starting to introduce that this month, while still keeping the content and style you've grown accustomed to over the years. I'm here to take you through some of the most obvious changes and share with you how to find old issues and new blog articles and more. Let's begin, shall we?

Since you're reading a blog article, I'll begin there. You can look forward to many more years of great content here at Seasoned Cooking. However, starting this month, we're breaking with our tradition of monthly issues and taking on the more flexible form of a blog. This change will allow us to share content with you more regularly and in smaller, easier to digest bites. We're also harnessing the power of RSS feeds and social networking to share those updates with you and giving you the control over how you are updated. Want a digest of new content sent to your inbox? Done. Want a text message sent to your mobile phone when new material is available? Done. Want to visit your online reader software to peruse new articles at your leisure? Done. Want it all? Done. We're also giving you the ability to save and share bookmarks to your favorite articles in over a hundred ways. Simply click on the "Share" link accompanying any article and you'll discover a whole new way to keep track of great articles and recipes and share them with your friends and loved ones. Find something you really enjoyed and want to find more like it? Use the extensive tagging system to track down other articles and recipes related to the ones you fall in love with while exploring.

Want to browse through other blog articles and see past work? Check out the Blog Archive link on the left hand side of the screen. There's not much there now, but it will grow as time goes on. If you are missing the old issues, look to the Issue Archive and you'll find all thirteen years of Seasoned Cooking's past issues. If you are wanting to find your favorite recipes from days past, look to the Recipe Archive, which holds all of the recipes found in past issues of the magazine. There are over 2,500 recipes to enjoy and they are all available for you here.

As time goes on, more features and content will be added and shared. For now, the best way to keep up with changes is to join our mailing list. Simply go to the homepage and fill out the simple form there. Updates to both content and features will be shared with those that subscribe. Have fun exploring the changes we're bringing to Seasoned Cooking and here's to a seasoned lifestyle!