Homemade Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day gifts can take many shapes and forms. A traditional Valentine's gift idea is something homemade. Homemade valentines conjure up a red heart cut out of construction paper. The homemade gifts I'm talking about are unique ones that express the true connection and love between you and your love.

A good place to start to create homemade valentines is in the kitchen. Nothing says "I love you" like a fresh batch of decorated cupcakes, cookies or a heart shaped cake. But I was thinking of starting earlier in the kitchen on Valentine's Day: a homemade romantic gift idea would be to get up early and fix your love a special breakfast. Anyone can make a breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast but why not give a personalized valentine day gift with heart shaped eggs and an "I love you" message burned into the toast. Just do a simple Google search to find what you need to personalize your homemade breakfast.

Another homemade Valentine's Day gift idea that starts in the kitchen would be to plan a romantic, intimate picnic for two. I know Valentine's Day is in February and it's cold in many places. But does it get any more romantic than to snuggle up with each other to keep warm as you enjoy this romantic gift? Besides, including a thermos of hot cocoa will help keep you warm. Just think of the romantic memories this homemade gift will create.

Now let's think outside the kitchen. Unique gifts could include creating your own romantic gift basket. If your love enjoys spa time at home, go to your bath and body shop (extra points for finding a local store that creates its own bath and body products) and pick out products with scents you know your love will enjoy. In addition to bath and body products, pick out accessories such as loofahs, eye masks, a blow-up heart-shaped bath pillow. Don't forget the candles to help set the mood. Your next stop is a craft store. Browse through the basket selection and find one that will hold the products you've selected. Also, make sure the container that you pick will make a nice decoration to accent your love's home and remain as a romantic memory of Valentine's Day. Also, while at the craft store, pick out some red shred to embellish your gift basket with. Also, you should be able to fine some cello that you can put over your gift basket and shrink with a hair dryer to seal all of your goodies in place. Also, pick up some ribbon or raffia to tie on the finished basket. One word of cause when creating gift baskets: if you are making a spa basket with scented products, don't be tempted to include chocolate because the chocolate will pick up the scent and taste funny.

Another way to create homemade Valentine's Day gifts is to use technology. Create a special personalized Valentine's Day gift by using photos of you and your love and create a Valentine card. Or you could use those special photos and create a memorable romantic Flikr showcase or put those photos on a new digital picture frame. Include some slides of words expressing your love and devotion.

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