Herb Gardens

Setting up a container herb garden is without doubt a rewarding experience, and it may be something that you have an interest in trying for yourself. It might come as a surprise to you, that it is a very versatile and enjoyable pastime. To start your new garden, there are a few basic items that you going to need to purchase, including as a pot or container, soil and herb plants or seeds, before you can get started.

For many people, a simple windowsill herb garden will be all they ever have in terms of a herb garden. But even with a small garden, they are rewarded with delicious and beautiful herbs that can be grown right in their kitchen, patio or deck.

A big benefit and something that may be of interest to you is that a container herb garden can be easily moved to different locations. This is especially true if you select one larger container rather than many small containers to plant your herbs.

The vast majority of people who start an container herb garden are more likely to use smaller pots with the intention of keeping the plants separate. This could work fine, but actually this is much more work for the long run. Whenever you have a single container which holds all of your herbs, it is much easier move it to a new location, based on your own needs, time of year or weather condition.

When you have just one container herb garden, the varieties and sizes of herb plants that you choose grow will be different than if you were planting herbs outside in a large, open area. When putting multiple plants in the same pot, remember to put the bigger plants in the center of the container and place the smaller herb plants around the larger plant.

By setting up your garden with this layout, it will help to ensure that all the plants get adequate light. Also, you may additionally like to mix your herbs in a way that it will be visually pleasing. The sky is really the limit as far as containers, layout and design. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy being artistic and create.

You would most likely be amazed with how simple it is for you to plant your own container garden. There are some steps that need to be taken in order to make sure that you get the most yield and that your herb garden stays as healthy and happy as possible. This not only includes making sure that your garden gets an adequate amount of light, but that it is watered correctly and grown in the appropriate type of soil. The more you know about taking care of a container herb garden the more you are going to love your new pastime.

Would you like more tips and ideas about container herb gardening? Herb Garden Guide is your herb garden guide and has tips, how to videos and product reviews so you can grow your own fresh herbs all year round.

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