Seasoned Opinions

November holds the beginning, and for many, the height of the foodie holiday season. Thanksgiving is a holiday that's focused on a feast of impressive proportions. And while a lot of the menu is based on tradition, that doesn't mean that individual creativity and particular preferences don't factor into what ends up on the table. So, this month, we're asking you to share your menu plans with us for Thanksgiving.

I'll begin. In addition to an entirely traditional meal up north with my parents and sister, I'm likely to host a feast with a twist at my own home. I usually pick an ethnic theme and include elements associated with that cuisine in the meal. This year, I'm thinking about working Indian flavors and spices into my plan. The turkey will have a delicious tandoori glaze and cranberry chutney will get an Indian makeover. Perhaps instead of traditional appetizers, samosas and pakoras will need to make an appearance. It should be a fantastic feast!

Each month, we ask a different question here. Your answers and feedback will appear below in the comments section. We encourage you to check out everyone else's answers and make comments and suggestions. This is a great way to get to know people who love reading this electronic magazine. Who knows, your next Internet friend may be a few clicks away!