Seasoned Opinions

Every year, people all over make resolutions to change for the better with the New Year. These promises are often quickly tossed aside, but the idea still holds intrigue, year after year. This month, we're asking you to share your thoughts and plans for New Year's resolutions.

I'm not usually much for New Year's resolutions. I figure if there's something I need to change in my life, why wait until the New Year to do that? That said, I know a lot of people find extra motivation and support by tackling a new challenge knowing that others are doing the same. So, in that spirit, we're hoping that sharing your New Year's resolutions here will help give you that motivation and support you are looking for.

Each month, we ask a different question here. Your answers and feedback will appear below in the comments section. We encourage you to check out everyone else's answers and make comments and suggestions. This is a great way to get to know people who love reading this electronic magazine. Who knows, your next Internet friend may be a few clicks away!