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One of the most common questions I get asked by readers is about putting together menus. It's one thing to pick one recipe or another from the archives. It's quite another thing to blend a series of recipes together to make a great menu. So, in the spirit of summer entertaining, I've combed the Seasoned Cooking archives to put together three great grilling menus. They include entrees, side dishes and even beverages. You can look to the archives for dessert ideas or simply serve your favorite ice cream. Enjoy!
  • Our first menu features a lovely Grilled Garlic Chicken. It's simple, yet a perfect dish for entertaining. It will take a bit over an hour to make the chicken, but that will give you lots of time to put together the other dishes for this simple menu. Fresh Mango Salsa makes a sweet compliment to the chicken. Put out a big bowl and, if you want, set out some tortilla chips, too, although it will be excellent alongside the chicken. Of course, you will need some proper sides for this menu, too. I recommend elegant Proscuitto Wrapped Corn on the Cob and Gourmet Tossed Green Salad. The corn on the cob gets a high of saltiness from proscuitto while the salad features such fun ingredients as stuffed olives and blue cheese. Finally, make sure you wash it all down with tangy Lemonade.
  • If you are a fan of seafood and casual dining, our second menu is for you. We begin with Grilled Salmon Wraps. You will want to serve them with the recommended Peppy Corn and Bean Salsa and warm flour tortillas. To round out the meal, you might want to consider a simple Fresh Fruit Salad and Brewed Iced Tea. All you need beyond that is a place on the back porch and a comfy lawn chair!
  • Finally, we have a menu that caters to the traditionalist in us all. The star of the show is a very flavorful Honey Glazed Pork Loin that includes a side dish of applesauce that you can make while you're grilling the roast. You'll also fall in love with Warm Potato Salad with Goat Cheese and Curried Slaw with Fruit and Pistachios. These side dishes give you a little twist on some great summer favorites and give this menu a touch of ethnic flair. To continue that flavor and quench your thirst, I recommend making a batch of Thai Tea. You will have family and friends coming back for seconds and thirds!
So, in honor the summer entertaining holidays and more that are tucked into this month, let me wish you happy grilling! Enjoy the menus and be sure to let us know about the menus you build from our recipe database too!

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