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If your house is anything like mine, you find yourself in sugar overdrive right after Halloween. So, this month, I'm taking a break from my usual ingredient focus and sharing some ideas on what to do with all that extra Halloween candy. Too often it ends up on our waistlines because we are in a mad dash to use it up ... so here's hoping these ideas will help you!
  1. Recycle it. Ideally, you can turn around and hand out some of it to your batch of trick or treaters. If your kids come home with tons of candy, they'll never miss a little of it going back out the door.
  2. Freeze it. Most chocolate freezes well and can be taken advantage of during times when there are fewer sweets in the house.
  3. Bake it. Use it as ingredients in and decorations for your favorite baked goods. Everything from brownies to cupcakes can benefit from it.
  4. Melt it. Use the chocolate bars your kids bring home for fondue and s'mores. You don't even have to rely on the stove ... a quick zap in the microwave will do it.
  5. House it. Halloween candy can be perfect for making gingerbread houses for the holidays. Pick some of your favorites and store them for this holiday treat.
  6. Decorate it. Halloween candy also makes great additions to Christmas ornaments and decorations. Make other holidays sparkle with your Halloween leftovers!
  7. Share it. Take it to the office to fill the communal sweets jar or, better yet, donate it to a nursing home, fire department, or other cause you would like to support. Let those people know you appreciate them!

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