Through the Kitchen Window

As I write this, we’re fast approaching the end of our first week without Matthew. I put him on the plane Saturday night. I was a good girl, though. Got a bit teary eyed, but held off on the water works until he was gone. Poor Vincent!!! Matthew got on the plane, and Vincent had to deal with a momma in tears. Oh well, not as if he hasn’t done THAT before.

Matthew arrived in London on Sunday morning, miraculously with all his luggage intact. I have to admit I was nervous about those knives he was taking with him. He repeatedly assured me that it was ok. “Mom,” he said, “I’m a chef traveling for work. I’m SUPPOSED to have knives!”

Apparently, the airlines people agreed because we got no call that he and his knives were being barred from the flight and needed rescuing.

He wrote a brief account of his first week for us, which I’m including. Sounds like things are in full swing already and though I miss him hugely, I’m glad he’s got an unparalleled opportunity to hone his skills in such a great environment. And to have all of Europe at his doorstep, that’s an experience that just can’t be matched.

    Hey family,

    I've settled in okay and the job is pretty cool. I'm doing a lot of prep work like peeling carrots and onions and stuff because banquets are so busy. But it's ok because everyone in the kitchen is doing it, not just me.

    I've befriended a couple people in my house (RT: the accommodations the hotel provides is a house with eight single bedrooms and a communal living room area, meals are taken at the hotel in the staff kitchens.) and I went to the pub on Tuesday with Thomas to watch Chelsea get their a** kicked by Barcelona. We watched it in a Chelsea supporting pub too which was fun.

    The guys at work seem pretty cool and I'll probably start hanging out with them before too long. I'm having fun so far. Last night I got home from work around 6 and fell asleep. I woke up at 1, read my book for an hour and went back to sleep. Woke up at 6 for work. I worked 10 hours today, it was fun tho. I like it here.

    That’s it for now, just thought I'd check in. I love and miss you all.

So it would seem he’s settling in well. I spoke to him briefly again a couple of days after this email and he was doing fine, adjusting better to the time difference (they’re five hours ahead over there), and he assures me that London is living up to it’s reputation for dank, gloomy weather. I told him Ontario hasn’t been much different these days either. He’s made a few friends and is getting into the routine of the kitchen. Next time, I’ll have a few anecdotes of back kitchen life for you to enjoy.

Hope your Easter baskets are full of all your favourite goodies!!! TTFN!!!

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