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About the Author
    The Biggest Book of Slow Cooker Recipes is edited by Chuck Smothermon and Carrie Holcomb. The book was put together by Better Homes and Gardens Books.
About the Cookbook
    The Biggest Book of Slow Cooker Recipes is a welcomed tool in the busy kitchen. Geared towards families on the run, it offers a wide variety of recipes using today's larger slow cookers. While you can opt to use that avocado green model from decades back, many of the recipes are made for larger cookers that have capacities of 6 quarts or more. These new models make making a meal to feed a hungry family of four simple -- and you'll have leftovers for lunches or another quick weekday meal.

    There's something truly pleasant about being able to place a selection of a few choice ingredients into a slow cooker, pop the lid on, turn it on and come home many hours later to a meal that's ready to eat. In a day and age when sitting down together for dinner seems like a thing of the past, the Biggest Book of Slow Cooker Recipes offers recipes that are tempting enough to get everyone together at the dinner table.

    Nine chapters split the book into types of dishes. Most are traditional sections that can be found in many cookbooks, but there are two bonus chapters that offer special types of meals. Five Ingredients offers slow cooker recipes that require only a handful of ingredients. They are likely to appeal to people with limited time and pantries. One-Dish Dinners takes a break from the slow cooker theme to expand the idea of simple preparation and limited dishes. For the person wanting to expand on many of the ideas intrinsic to slow cooking, this chapter fleshes out these ideas. Here's a run down of the chapters in the cookbook:

    • Appetizers & Beverages (like Five-Spice Pecans & Hot Buttered Apple Rum)
    • Soups & Stews (like Spinach & Lentil Tortellini Soup & Pork Cider Stew)
    • Side Dishes (like Simple Succotash with Ham & Savory Stuffing with Fruit and Pecans)
    • Beef, Pork, & Lamb (like Beef Curry with Fruit & Brown Rice Risotto with Lamb)
    • Poultry (like Savory Barbecue Chicken & Turkey Sausage with Pepper Sauce)
    • Meatless Main Dishes (like Vegetable-Barley Medley & Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce)
    • Five Ingredients (like Peanut Butter Cocoa & Cherried Chicken)
    • One-Dish Dinners (like Greek Pot Roast & Kielbasa Skillet with Rotini)
    • Desserts (like Chocolate-Almond Fondue & Pear-Caramel Pudding Cake)

    If you're a slow cooker fan and the thought of over 400 creative recipes featuring ethnic cuisine, quick preparation and delightful results makes your mouth water, the Biggest Book of Slow Cooker Recipes by Better Homes and Gardens Books is for you. Add it to your cookbook collection today and let your slow cooker get delicious and easy meals on your table tonight.

    Where to Buy
      If you are interested in purchasing Biggest Book of Slow Cooker Recipes, you can buy it at a 30% discount or more online right now by clicking here. The publisher's list price for the cookbook is $19.95.

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