Product Review

While an electric knife has many uses throughout the year, they tend to shine during those high-traffic kitchen days like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Everything from turkey to ham to fresh baked breads spend a little quality time with such an appliance. And, if you're lucky enough to have a top of the line one, it can be a time-saving tool that makes great presentation a snap! The Cuisinart Electric Knife
For the purpose of this review, the Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife was tested.

The package includes the base appliance with a standard electrical plug, 2 stainless steel blades and a wooden storage tray for the appliance and blades. The blades are the standard bread and carving blades that usually accompany most electric knife sets.

The appliance comes with a three-year limited warranty -- a step above the industry standard one-year warranty.

The Pros
When it comes to carving everything from turkey to roast beef, there's nothing that does a better job than an electric knife. And Cuisinart's electric knife takes this task to a whole new level. Paper-thin slices of roast beef are a snap and consistent slices of turkey are what you'll get when you use the carving blade. If you are tackling bread, the other blade will help you get smooth slices of bread from even a loaf hot out of the oven -- without any piles of crumbs falling by the side. A relatively quiet motor moves the blades quickly without any fear that they will come loose as you use it. Another handy plus is that the appliance is shaped in a way that allows easy use in either the right or left hand -- something left-handers everywhere will appreciate.

The two blades that come with the appliance are super sharp and hold their edge against numerous foods. They wash easily and can even be placed in the dishwasher without fear of water spots. The wooden block that comes with the package stores the appliance and both blades easily and even has room for the extra-long cord. (A 4-foot cord comes in very handy when you want to carve something at the table or the like.) The block can easily be stored standing up on a counter or laying flat in a drawer.

The Cons
If you are looking for a low-cost option, this electric knife isn't for you. However, you do get what you pay for and you're not likely to be looking for another electric knife if you invest in this one. Its list price is $80, but it can be found online and at many retailers for around $50 instead. Resources
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Cuisinart's products are widely available at hundreds of retailers from coast to coast including Bed Bath & Beyond and JC Penney. For information about nearby retailers, visit Cuisinart's web site.

Putting It All To Work
Whether you're carving this year's Thanksgiving turkey or trying to get perfect slices of Aunt June's famous pumpkin bread, the Cuisinart CEK-40 electric knife is a versatile tool that you will quickly come to rely on in your kitchen. While it's at the higher end of the price scale for electric knives, it's a reliable appliance that is well worth it.