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In the past few weeks, the radio station I listen to (Country 95.3 for those of you in the same listening area) has been airing promotional spots for a walk that is sponsored by Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. It’s a 60k (that’s approximately 38 miles) walk through the city of Toronto to raise money for breast cancer research.

Besides the obvious extreme worthiness of the cause, the thing that struck me most about the ads was that it was mostly ordinary people who were featured and they spoke of training and support every step of the way.

So, after hearing the ads for a week or so, I decided to look into it. Here’s what I found out. The walk itself takes place over two days. They provide food, shower facilities and a sort of “tent city” for the overnight part. There was a $75 registration fee which goes towards helping to defray the costs of all of that and the only other requirement was that you raise $2000 in pledges. Since the walk takes place in late September that gives me plenty of time for getting sponsors.

Part of the support they offer is form letters and other fundraising help. Each participant in the walk has a web page that’s linked to the main website where potential sponsors can go to pledge support. And they provide a detailed schedule so that even a semi-inactive person like me can conceivably be in shape to do this by the time the weekend rolls around. They provide detailed instructions on how to increase your walking slowly and to vary the pace of the walk week by week till the target date. And there are counselors and coaches on call 24 hours with guidance, advice, and just plain support to help every step of the way.

I sent out the initial informational email and have had some good responses so far. Ronda, the editor here at Seasoned Cooking, was one of my first sponsors. In addition to that, she suggested that I do a blurb in each of my columns to keep you all abreast of how my training is progressing.

In addition, she’s offered to make a link here in my column so readers can also make donations if they wish. I’d appreciate the help in reaching my $2000 goal. We all know someone who has somehow been affected by this dread disease, and when we work together towards a cure, we’ll be that much more likely to succeed. I know I intend to do my part, how about you helping out too??

Recently I was asked to speak at a fund-raising brunch to benefit the local women’s shelter. The topic was to be a woman who had inspired me. I won’t reproduce my talk here, but in writing it, I got to thinking. There isn’t just one woman in my life that has inspired me. At various times throughout my life and for various reasons, I have been blessed with several women who each in their way have inspired me to continue when it felt impossible. To dare to stretch my limits. To persevere when I knew I was right in the face of daunting opposition.

As usual I’m writing this column about twenty four hours before deadline. Deadline is Saturday. Sunday is Mother’s Day. It’s a good time to acknowledge the women in our lives who have touched us in some way that’s meaningful to us. So, think about a special woman in your life and let her know how you feel. It’ll make both of you feel great. And carry yourself a little straighter and with a little more confidence. You never know who may be looking to you as an inspiration for their lives.

See you all next month . . . TTFN!!!

Editor’s Note: I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Rossana for her decision to take on this inspiring challenge. I’d also encourage you to join me in supporting her efforts and checking back each month to see how her training is progressing. Click here to visit her personal web page and help her in her efforts to support the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation.

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