A Coffee Connoisseur's Spring Basket

I strongly believe that coffee lovers are the easiest people to shop for, although I suppose golfers are easy to shop for too!

An easy-going coffee drinker loves it when someone springs a new coffee they've not tried before on them, or takes them to their favourite coffee house for evening dessert and drinks. So this article is to help you, the poor soul stuck with filling some coffee addict's Easter basket, find just the right things.

I like to think that Easter baskets are the expressions of the gift-giver: a work of art meant to be consumed. But instead of using a basket, how about finding a gargantuan caffe latte mug that you could take a bath in? Or, if you're really artsy, go to a second-hand store or an antiques boutique to find an old coffee perk pot. With the ideas that follow below about what to stuff your "basket" with, you'll be sure to warm the heart of the coffee lover in your life just like the steaming cups of joe they consume on a daily basis.

  • Beans are always the safest and best choice. You might choose some gift sampler packs of coffees that fit the person's personality and character. A nice treat is to give two or three different coffees from the same origin, such as coffees from Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Kenya.

    Make sure your recipient has a grinder before purchasing whole beans. While it is best to give them fresh-roasted, whole-bean coffee, if they have no means to grind it, you could be stuck returning a gift.

  • Coffee-flavourings are popular for some. Nut and fruit flavours such as hazelnut, amaretto, or orange are very popular this year. Additionally, if they enjoy fine liquors with their coffee, consider Sambuca, the Italian vanilla-orange "Tuaca," or Bailey's Irish Cream.
  • Another cute tidbit to add that I found some years ago: chocolate-coated stir spoons. The multi-flavoured chocolate candies dissolve in the hot cup of java and are a nice treat.
  • Coffee-enhancing treats such as scones, biscotti, or fudge are always a delight.
  • For the espresso-lover, a new set of demitasse cups or spoons are nice.
  • And what is it about sitting down to a cup of coffee and a good book? "The Devil's Cup" has been this and last year's "reader's choice" within my circle of coffee fiends. The writer delves into history and current trends in this easy-to-read work. Also popular are authors Corby Crummer, Tim Castle, and of course, Kenneth Davids.
  • Finally, since Easter is in part about Jesus Christ, and He came from near the middle-East, try introducing to your coffee lover "Turkish Coffee" (or Grecian coffee, depending). I would recommend www.natashascafe.com or www.sweetmarias.com for instructions and paraphernalia.

Remember, coffee lovers love coffee. So, they're happy when someone indulges their habit. And if you have more ideas, please send them my way. Either post them in the discussion board using the form below or send me email. I'm always looking for new and fresh ideas!


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