Seasoned Greetings

What an adventure we've had this past year! The Seasoned Cooking staff and I would like to extend our personal holiday wishes to each and every one of you. Without your interest and support, we could not continue to bring you month after month of engaging issues. In this season of peace and love, we want to present you all with this special online holiday message...from our homes to yours.

Happy Holidays from Phil Gantt
Phil's International Flair and feature writer

    "I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have been faithful readers of Seasoned Cooking and Phil's International Flair,, as well as those occasional readers who find value in some of the recipes that have been published here.  May each of you realize that one of the most important ingredients in any recipe is Love.  Love for your family, friends and guests.  Love doesn't add nutrition, but it does provide food for the soul.  May each and every one of you have a warm and fulfilling holiday season!"

Seasoned Greetings from Jenny Wojcik
Home Style and feature writer

    "Year’s end - a time for reflection, as well as forward thinking. It’s a time when we look back and appreciate those who made us feel a bit more special or a tad more meaningful. It is now too, that we look forward to a new year filled with experiences that we may not have had before, new territory as yet unexplored, open roads we have yet to travel. And it is especially rewarding to look back at recent relationships that we now will call aged ones, and forward to fresh ones we will have the opportunity to form. Year’s end is a time to say thanks to the people who have made a genuine difference in our lives. My thanks are extended to the Seasoned Writers and Editor-in-Chief who have become my literary family, and the Seasoned Readers who have opened the doors to their homes and allowed us in. God bless you old friends, and thank you - you have made my life better. Happy New Year."

Holiday Wishes from Royce B. Smith
Momma Gert's Place

    Holiday Wishes

    As we enter the Yuletide season
    With the hustle and the bustle of the preparation...
    Let us not forget the real reason
    That we celebrate the season!
    Indeed, when the turkey, ham, and other meats
    Fill the house with tasty smells
    Or the sauces, creams, and gravies
    Have all made a perfect jell
    Remember the reason for the season.

    Remember to hug some loner or
    Maybe a stranger unaware.
    Let them know from your heart
    That you truly care.

    And when you do, remember us
    At Seasoned Cooking ... The Staff
    For with each hug you give this year
    It reminds us we are nothing less
    Than servants to you our readers true
    And special you are to us
    Through and through.

    From our hearts to yours,

    Have a very merry Christmas, Hannakah, or Kiwanza
    And a very prosperous New Year!

A Holiday Wish For You and Yours from Lacey Julian
Packed Pockets

    "With all the commerciality of the season it is very easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, forgetting the reason for the season. After the open houses and family celebrations on Christmas Eve, we return home weary, but before we go to bed we have one more little celebration of our own. We gather together in the glow of our tree lights to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. We blow out one candle on a small birthday cake and each take a slice, leaving the remains for Santa Claus instead of his typical cookies and milk. This way we've blended traditions together.

    It is my sincere wish - regardless of your race, religion, or gender - for you to have peace in your heart, good health, and much happiness in this season and in the coming year."

Words of Celebration from Rossana S. Tarantini
Meet Herb and feature writer

    "In the spirit of the Holiday Season, I want to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest wishes to all of you for a wonderful, joy filled Christmas and a healthy, Happy New Year! To quote my favourite seasonal tune:
      May your days be merry and bright, And may all your Christmases be white!"

Holiday Inspiration from Krafty
Krafty's Kwickies

    Krafty's Christmas Carol

    (sung to the tune of Hark, the Herald Angels Sing)

    I’d like to say to everyone
    In the snow and in the sun
    You have made my work worthwhile
    Hope I’ve given you a smile
    When you’ve spent and drunk and fed
    When you’ve nursed your aching head
    When you’ve danced and laughed and slept
    When you’ve thanked and kissed and wept
    Please remember what it’s for . . .
    And here’s a wish for many more!

A Note of Holiday Cheer from Victoria Smith
Victoria's Vegetarian Victuals

    "Seasoned" Season's Greetings from Victoria Smith, and her Family and Friends, human and animal.  Remember that we all share this earth, and peace and prosperity, health and long life to all of us."

    The Cats

A Note of Thanks from Michael Fick
Health & Fitness

    "I hope our recipes for better food and health have helped you make 1998 a good year, and help boost your holiday feasting to new plateaus. Your continued recipes, questions, and ideas can help us tune in even closer to your interests in 1999, so please keep them coming. Have a great holiday and an even better new year."

Merry Christmas from Chris Schaefer
Feature writer

    "To all of Seasoned Cooking's readers,

    I wish you Happy Holidays! May your time spent with friends, family, or strangers be well spent and joyous! As much as I do hate clichés, "Remember the reason for the Season." As much of a reason as we have to celebrate the Holidays, it is not for food, family get-togethers, presents, or wicked nights spent in airports. Instead, it is simply and, at the same time, confoundedly about the birth a little baby."

In closing, I'd like to add my own holiday message to our special online greeting card:

    "This magazine has been brought about by many things, but most of all, encouragement. From those early years when my mother would ooh and ahh over my specialty mud pies (complete with dandelions and pine cones) to the immense support from my dedicated staff to the monthly visits and comments from our readers, you have all helped to make this last year prosperous and fulfilling. For this, I thank all of you and wish you peace, joy, and love -- gifts that are universal to all of the occasions we celebrate this month."

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