Rise 'n Shine

This month I present you with a blast from my past. I remember my mother making Oriental Steak with Rice every once in a while. I also remember that, as children, my siblings and I were pretty normal - which meant that we didn't eat the rice!

My mother, however, had a fail-safe plan to get us to eat our rice - it just took a little longer. The morning after we decided we certainly did not want to eat any rice, Mom would set out Sweet Rice for breakfast. Ta-da! That did the trick. What seemed like a terrible idea the night before was pure bliss as the sun rose.

Once I had established a temporary home of own in college, I kept up Mom's traditional rice breakfast and even added a few tricks of my own to the mixture. Some additional suggestions are included in this month's recipe.

In addition to being a good way to get picky eaters (aka childen) to eat rice, this is also one really fast way to get a good breakfast. Just make the rice the night before with dinner and use your leftovers. Sometimes I get a little nostalgic and I make up a big batch of rice just for breakfast. If you like this quick breakfast as much as I do, you just might find yourself doing the same!

Sweet Rice

  • 4 c. prepared rice
  • 2 c. skim milk
  • Sugar and cinnamon to taste

Divide ingredients between 4 serving bowls and mix. Microwave, uncovered, for 60-90 seconds until warm.


Add one or more of the following before microwaving to add a little punch to your breakfast:

    Raisins, chopped nuts, coconut, diced dried fruit, chopped peaches, granola, honey, or maple syrup
  • Yields: 4 servings
  • Preparation Time: 10 minutes