In Like a Lion: March's Comfort Food

It's the first day of March and, if your view is anything like mine, it's far more lion-like than fluffy lamb-like. Grey skies with a smattering of freezing drizzle is enough to make anyone want comfort food. Never fear. We're here with perfect comfort food for March: Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup. Make it today or hold off until St. Patrick's Day, where it will be equally suiting. Enjoy.

Spring Fever!

When Mother Nature tosses a blend of grey clouds, snow, rain, and sleet your way, it's easy to find yourself yearning for spring. And, while it might not be time for that just yet, you can easily fool your kitchen into bringing the spirit of spring to your table. Break out your skillets and take a crack at crepes filled with fresh mushrooms, chives, and smothered in a simple hollandaise sauce. Makes me think spring every time.

Beef Stew Comfort Food

The kitchen is your work room; it can be a place of stress or a place of release. However, whatever your kitchen is to you, it is a great place to make a stew for the whole family. Perhaps this sounds a little daunting, after all, stews are a serious cooking project, however, the result can calm any mood and make a would-be-boring dinner, into an extravaganza worth remembering.

Mardi Gras Feast

It's Fat Tuesday and that means it's time to make the aromas of Cajun food waft gently from my nest. Today, it's chicken and sausage jambalaya and cornbread with a Louisiana twist. It's a simple recipe that can be made in less than an hour and reheats beautifully the next day. Happy Mardi Gras!

Movie Night Snacks

Sweet peppers take center stage in a popper recipe that combines their sweetness with creamy cheese and spicy Cajun seasoning and hot pepper flakes to make an appetizer that can stand on its own, even on movie night! Who said popcorn is the only option?


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