Getting Hitched Without a Hitch

A recent wedding -- my own -- offers ideas on how to help things run smoothly and make it a fun event for everyone, including the bride and groom. I share my lessons on how to put together a small wedding that can cater to not one, not two, but three different food allergies ... without causing any headaches at all.

My Ode to Coffee

The love of coffee is a widespread and intensely passionate affair. Get one man's read of it ... complete with amusing poetry and comforting words. Then, fix yourself a perfect cup and join the rest of us in singing the praises of this fantastic brew!

Up Close and Personal with Food

Get a different perspective on the food you eat when viewed through the lens of photographer, Caren Alpert, and her love of science. It's a fascinating adventure into the familiar from an unfamiliar place. Enjoy!

How To Plan the Perfect Barbecue Menu

Enjoying the great outdoors with a barbecue get together is a great way to bring family and friends together. It's also a great way to feast and enjoy the best summer has to offer. Get a great guide on how to put one together and what is on the must-have list.

Summer Mornings

Blackberry season means straining yogurt to make my favorite weekday breakfast. Is it worth the extra time to make Greek-style yogurt? Yes! Yes, it is. Just add fresh berries and honey and you'll be wanting it every morning.


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