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Appetizers Recipes
Armadillo Eggs These tasty "eggs" are a hit at any backyard event. Artichoke Heart Dip Enjoy this rich dip either hot or cold. Asiago-Ham Pinwheels A great Valentine's Day recipe brought to us by Sandra Lee. Baba Ganouj A Middle Eastern dip made from roasted eggplants, garlic and more. Baked Vegetable Dip This delightful dip is perfect for hands-clean snacking! Basic Oil Fondue Preparing the fondue is almost as fun as enjoying it! Basic Quesadillas Fill these tasty morsels with everything from cheese to veggies to grilled meat. BBQ Pizza Who said pizza can't be made on the grill? Bean and Herb Pate with Herbed Bread Sticks Use your food processor to make this pate quickly. Blue Cheese and Pear Tartlets This savory tart gets a burst of juiciness from pears. Brie with Chili Honey A great starter that combines sweetness, spice and a rich creamy cheese. Bruschetta with Tomato and Basil The taste of a summer garden in one delightful dish. Camembert Fritters An elegant appetizer for your holiday entertaining. Carciofi alla Roxx Artichokes are a delicious treat to be enjoyed in the beginning of fall. Cheese & Bean Dip This hot dip is wonderful for any fun gathering. Cheesy Ham-Stuffed Mushrooms Pass these treats around at a cocktail party. Chili Dip This rich dip is great with corn or tortilla chips. Cindy's Mother's Pate Make pate without a lot of the hassle. Cottage Cheese with Borage Enjoy this nice spread on thick slices of cucumber. Crab and Pork Spring Rolls This delightful appetizer is fantasic for entertaining guests. Cranberry Baked Brie This festive holiday appetizer is perfect for cocktail parties. Cranberry-Orange Baked Brie This is a lovely appetizer for a fall gathering, like Thanksgiving. Cream Cheese & Salsa This simple spread is good on appetizer wraps. Devilled Eggs A great way to use hard-boiled eggs. Easy Pizza A fast snack for after school. Eggs Rolls and Won Tons Two simple Chinese appetizers. Goat Cheese with Roasted Peppers and Pecans This elegant appetizer is perfect for holiday entertaining. Grilled Tomatoes with Bruschetta The grill kisses tomatoes and gives bruschetta a caramelized taste. Grilled Zucchini Italian Style This dish makes little "pizzas" that are perfect for slicing and serving as appetizers. Hawaiian Chicken Wings Pineapple adds a special zing to these tasty snacks. Holiday Pine Cone Festive and delicious. Holiday Pine Cone A festive holiday appetizer. Hot Artichoke Dip Try sourdough pretzels with this hot dip. Hot Crab Artichoke Dip Fantastic says it all. Jalapeno Cheese Squares These squares are wonderful hot out of the oven. Killer Wings No cookout is complete without these great wings. Lobster Stuffed Mushroom Caps Try the ultimate in holiday entertaining appetizers. Maple-Glazed Drummies Move over Buffalo Wings, there's a new treat on the block. Margarita Chicken Strips Throw a couple on the BBQ tonight! Marinated Olives Great to serve with grilled favorites. Marinated Olives These olives last for months in the refrigerator. Olive and Tomato Bruschetta Finely chopped tomato and kalamata olives make for a simple appetizer. Olive Crostini Bread spread with olive tapenade makes for a great appetizer. Oysters on the Half Shell Classic elegance...serve them cooked or raw. Pancetta Wrapped Shrimp with Four Chile Salsa Delightful and impressive. Pecan Balls What could be tastier than sharp cheese coated in chopped pecans? Pesto-Stuffed Mushrooms When hosting a cocktail party, consider these tasty treats. Pimento Cheese on Crackers A unique spread that's sure to please. Polenta bruschetta with fresh tomatoes, herbs and mozzarella The title says it all. Yum! Polenta cheese wedges Serve these wedges hot from the griddle and watch the smiles light up. Prawn Cocktail No celebration is complete without this. Radicchio and Pears A tasty and simple appetizer. Roxx’s Chicken Strips These are great with any number of dipping sauces. Rumaki Great as an appetizer or snack. Salt and Sour Chicken A great first course or appetizer. Sausage Cream Cheese Balls A quick meatless snack. Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms Easy and delicious, these are great holiday appetizers. Savory Bread Pudding This dish makes a great addition to a cocktail buffet party. Sea Scallops with Lemon Butter Sauce This elegant dish can be prepared as either an appetizer or as a main course. Shrimp and Crab Cakes Serve these tasty cakes with a rich lemon sauce as an appetizer or a light meal. Shrimp with Garlic and Ancho Shrimp flavored with two favorites. Shrimp-ly Yours A simple appetizer combining shrimp, cream cheese and cocktail sauce. Sicilian Style Shrimp A really spicy shrimp cocktail. Smoked Salmon Eggs These aren't really salmon eggs, rather hard boiled eggs stuffed with a smoked salmon mixture. Smoked Salmon Stuffed Mushroom Caps The elegant appetizer is made easy with the use of a simple dip. Spicy Shrimp This simple dish packs a spicy punch. Spinach Dip Serve this dip with fresh vegetables and crusty bread. Spinach Squares Great tasting and great for you! Spring Rolls Bring the taste of Vietnam to your table. Steamed BBQ Pork Buns Steamed buns filled with Chinese BBQ pork make a great accompaniment to any oriental meal. Stuffed Mushrooms An all-time favorite appetizer. Stuffed Portabellas Enjoy these mushrooms as a first course or light lunch. Stuffed Tomatoes Quick and elegant. Super Smokers Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings What a combination of flavors! Tex-Mex Devilled Eggs Instead of the traditional egg yolk filling, these eggs are brimming with a zesty dip. Transparent Steamed Vegetable and Meat Dumplings These dim sum treats are great as appetizers or, in large numbers, as a meal. Vegetable Dip This veggie dip is great for, you guessed it, vegetables! Vegetable Platter The traditional appetizer. Vegetarian Bacon 'n Onion Appetizer You'll never even miss the meat. Wildfire Devilled Eggs Add a touch of India to your favorite Easter appetizer.
Beef Recipes
Amish Country Casserole This stick-to-your-ribs casserole is a simple, inexpensive dish. Andrea Miller's Mexican Casserole This hamburger-based casserole is easy and tasty. Apple-Braised Beef Brisket Apple cider makes this roasted dish special. Asian Mini Meatloaves The flavor of the orient comes though in these fun little meatloaves. Asian-Grilled Beef Tenderloin The key to this tasty meal is the Asian BBQ sauce. Bacon-Wrapped Filet The perfect grilling combo. Barbecued Rump Steak Szechwan Enjoy these steaks with fried rice and stir-fried vegetables. Basic Meatloaf This classic favorite can be on the table in about an hour. Basic Wet Rub for Beef Enjoy this tangy rub on a roast when it comes time to grill. BBQ Beef Skewers The best of the backyard BBQ. BBQ’d Beef Chops Summer's finest on the grill. Beef and Veggie Lettuce Wraps Ring in the New Year with an elegant entrée. Beef Brisket Sandwiches A slow cooker becomes your best friend with this Irish-inspired sandwich. Beef Enchiladas A perfect way to use leftovers. Beef Stroganoff A Russian favorite spells comfort food. Beef Tenderloin with Creamy Mushroom Sauce Enjoy a tender cut of beef smothered in a chive-mushroom sauce. Beef Tenderloin With Spicy Hollandaise Sauce An elegant meal of beef tenderloin is perfect for the holidays. Biscuit Meatloaf An old favorite gets a new look when a special bsicuit topping gets added. Brajole Italian style stuffed beef rolls. Chicken-Fried Steak A classic southern favorite. Chili Colorado Flexible and fabulous. Chinese Pepper Steak Let your crockpot cook for you. Classic Beef Roast Have enough goodness for dinner and leftovers. Classic Corned Beef Enjoy this classic in many favorite dishes. Classic Meatloaf Enjoy a comfort food at its best … and learn the secrets of meatballs too. Confetti Meatloaf This easy recipe adds healthy vegetables and barbeque sauce to the mix! Country Beef Stew This simple stew takes advantage of your slow cooker. Crockpot Beef Stew A little evening preparation work gives you a special stew with no daytime fuss. Cube Steak Diane Enjoy an elegant meal that won't break the bank. Devilled Steak This one will get your taste buds jumping. Farmhouse Pie Enjoy tender beef and mushrooms in this classic. Filet Mignon The ultimate elegant dinner! Flannel Hash This rich corned beef dish is a hearty breakfast. Foxxy's Enchiladas Traditional taste fills these treats. Fragrant Beef Short Ribs with Ginger, Star Anise & Leeks This creative recipe is bursting with great flavor. Garlic Marinated Short Ribs of Beef Flavor reigns supreme with this grilled favorite. Garlic-Stuffed Roast This one's easy -- all you need is a little garlic prep work and pop it in the crock pot! Grandma's Beef Stew Just like...well, you know. Greek Hamburgers Serve these hamburgers simply and let their wonderful flavor shine through. Grilled Ribeye Perfect summer taste on a plate. Grilled Steak Some traditions never die. Grilled Steak with Horseradish Sauce The sauce for this dish makes it perfect. Also great with pork chops. Grilled Thai Beef Enjoy a delightful, spicy grilled dinner tonight. Hamburger ‘n Cheese Casserole This twist on sheppard's pie is sure to become a new family favorite. Hearty Beef Roast The crock pot does it all. Honey Barbecue Meat Loaf This sweet and savory meat loaf is great for a cold day. Individual Beef Pot Pies Using leftover beef roast makes the filling for these hearty pot pies fantastic. July Fourth Sweet-n-Sour Ribs Barbecue Delicious and perfect for outdoor entertaining. Korean-Style Steak Get sweet and sour flavors in your favorite grilled steak! Korean-Style Steak & Lettuce Wraps These wraps should be served with lots of condiments: kimchee, for sure, but also nonfat yogurt and shredded carrots dressed with rice vinegar. Liver and Onions Enjoy this traditional menu at your next brunch. Machaka This salty shredded jerky is great when served as part of a hot breakfast. Maidrites A twist on good 'ol sloppy joes. Mexican Casserole This hamburger-based casserole takes advantage of leftover tortilla chips. Mexican Meatloaf Try this spicy twist on a classic favorite tonight. Mexican Stir Fry Fuse Asian and Mexican cuisines to make a great meal. Microwave Meatloaf Ten minutes in the microwave and dinner's done. Mini Meatloaf Making meatloaf in muffin tins makes individual portions and a faster baking time. Mini-Taco Pizzas Fast and fabulous. Mongolian Beef Have a piece of heaven. One-Skillet Cabbage Rolls These simple cabbage rolls are filled with ground beef and onions. Oriental Grilled Flank Steak Simple and satisfying. Parsleyed Calf's Liver A delicate flavor. Phil's Chile Comfort food at its best. Picadillo Get ready for greatness. Poor Man's Steak - Amish Recipe Transform ground beef into a tasty dish with this simple recipe. Porcupine Balls These unique meatballs are kissing cousins to meatloaf. Red Flannel Hash Beets feature prominently in this classic dish. Reverse Pizza This creative dinner puts the "toppings" on the bottom and the crust on the top of the dish! Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding the Asian Way Bring a taste of the orient to this traditional English meal. Roast Beef Sammy Pizza No time to cook? Nonsense! This one nearly makes itself. Roxx’s Ribs Finger-licking good!!! Salsa Burger Add some zest to your next burger. Sandy's Super Burrito A family rendition of a classic. Saxon Beef and Onions Enjoy a taste of old world cuisine. Shepherd's Pie A classic treat with a mashed potato crust. Slow Cooker Corned Beef Normally an involved dish to prepare, corned beef becomes a snap when you involve your slow cooker. Spicy London Broil Feed a crowd or split it for later. Steak Dionne A great way to celebrate. Steak Medici A romantic dinner for those on the go! Steak with Ale This simple grilled dish is fantastic and a perfect dish for entertaining. Stuffed Bell Peppers Simple food that is pleasure to see. Sunday Supper Roast Beef Comfort food at its finest. Swedish Meatballs Rich and tasty. Swiss Amish Meatloaf A simple meatloaf recipe gets a home cooking twist from the Amish. Teriyaki Skillet Steak This simple dish takes steak to a whole new level. Teriyaki Tri-Tip This great grilled recipe is worth the long prep time. Tri-Colored Peppery Beef Spicy and fresh and on the table in 10 minutes. Twisted Shepherd's Pie This fun recipe adds some new twists to a traditional recipe.
Beverages Recipes
Absolutely Vegetarian Eggnog Tofu and soymilk in eggnog? Absolutely, and it tastes great. Apple Pie Martini Holiday entertaining needs a drink like this. Avocado Ice This creamy blend of juices makes you feel like you're on an exotic vacation. Bahama Mama A great pool side beverage! Banana Split Smoothie Enjoy a classic taste in a glass. Base Mulled Wine Recipe Time to warm up for the holidays. Base Toddy Recipe Toddies are easy to make and this recipe tells you how to make them. Blueberry Daiquiri Enjoy a simple blended drink that will have you thinking of blueberry fields. Brewed Iced Tea A traditional recipe. Brown Sugar Hot Chocolate This simple concoction is delightful on a cold winter day. Bubbly Coconut Cocktail A creative cocktail. Cantaloupe Smoothie Summer in a glass. Cappuccino Smoothie Opt for this delightful concoction instead of an iced coffee. Chai Iced Tea Enjoy summer in a glass. Chocolate Martini It's the drink for chocolate lovers everywhere. Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Martini This elegant martini is all about fall and winter holidays. Coconut dream This lush mixture of juices will make you feel like you're on a beach. Cran-Apple Cinnamon Toddy A perfect fall beverage for holiday celebrations. Cranberry Martini Holiday entertaining needs a drink like this. Crimson Maple Champagne and cranberries for Canada Day! Crockpot Spiced Cider This lovely warm beverage is perfect for having on hand while decorating the Christmas tree. Day at the Beach A great pool side beverage! Egg Nog Roxx's famous recipe. Favorite Mulled Wine Mulling wine is a great way to get in the holiday mood. Favorite Toddy Recipe 1 A hot toddy featuring brandy will warm you heart and soul. Favorite Toddy Recipe 2 A hot toddy featuring bourbon and maple syrup will warm you up. Filtered Thai Iced Tea A simplified version of the from scratch recipe. Fire and Ice Tequila Hold onto your hat -- this drink is spicy! Flying Saucer A great holiday blended beverage. Fresh Strawberry Smoothies These smoothies get their flavor from the freshest berries you can find. Ginger-liqueur A mildly spicy mix drink. Glogg A peppy holiday drink is highly spiced and pretty spiked. Halloween Punch A sweet punch that's served warm for a spooky night. Hazelnut Cafe Chiller Coffee served chilled and flavored. Heaven scent Exotic ingredients like rose water and lychees find their way into this lovely juice blend. Home-Made Peach Smoothie Summer's dream -- on ice. Hot Buttered Rum A holiday favorite is a traditional way to warm up after being out in the snow. Hot Buttered Rum A traditional winter treat. Hot Chocolate in a Jar This easy mix makes a wonderful gift for someone special. Hot Cocoa Curl up with a mug of your favorite cocoa and let winter do its worst. Ice Cubes with Class Impress your guests at your next party. Iced Strawberry Tea Enjoy this special drink on a hot summer day under the shade of your favorite tree. International Coffee A sweet end to any meal. Enjoy with biscotti or other cookies. Irish Coffee Put a little kick in your coffee with Irish whiskey! Kahlua Freeze An adult way to cool off. Kissable A great Valentine's Day recipe brought to us by Sandra Lee. Lazy Afternoon Java Chillers A cold coffee drink to relish. Lemonade Avoid any residue on the bottom of your pitcher with this tangy drink. Lemon-Blueberry Smoothie Start your day right with this delightful drink. Lemon-Blueberry Smoothies Lemon and Blueberries are perfect partners -- try them in a smoothie today. Liquid Thai This popular drink is sold in Thailand in plastic bags to make it portable. Long Steeping Thai Iced Tea Get the taste you find in Thai restaurants. Mango Daiquiri It's time to go to the tropics with this great drink. Mango Smoothies Get a quick and healthy breakfast with a smoothie. Margarita A great pool side beverage! Mint Lassi An Indian favorite can grace your glasses. Mocha Magic This great chocolate-coffee liqueur is great for gifts and more. Mojito Enjoy this great mixed drink featuring mint. Monster Brew Serve this tangy punch at your next Halloween party. Mulled Cider A mildly spiked cider is wonderful during the holiday season. No Fuss Smoothies Learn a technique that will give you perfect smoothies time after time. No Name Long Drink No name, but a great drink. Non-Booze Party Punch This is a drink you don't have to keep from the kids. Orange Blossom This nifty chilled drink will be a smash at your next summertime gathering. Orange Creamsicle Smoothie A soda fountain favorite finds a home in a creamy smoothie. Orange Crème The flavors of tea, honey and ice cream blend to make a blissful drink. Papaya-Banana-Honey Shake A great way to relax with a friend. PBJ Smoothie Breakfast in a glass! Peach Melba Smoothie Enjoy a creamy start to your day that's so much better for you than a cup of coffee. Peach Smoothie Peaches and cream. What could be better? Peanut Butter-Banana Smoothies Start your day out right with this great blend of nutritious and delicious ingredients. Peppermint Hot Chocolate Chocolate in a cup. What could be better? Peppermint Hot Cocoa Rich and delicious -- a dessert in and of itself. Peppermint Martini A fancy martini. Consider a crushed candy cane rim on your glass and a peppermint stick to garnish. Pick-Me-Up AM Smoothie Enjoy this refreshing smoothie the next time you're in a morning rush. Pimm's No. 1 A nice refresher on a hot day. Pineapple Mist A great pool side beverage! Pink Lady Make a fresh juice blend featuring grapefruit and tangy cranberries. Pre Mixed Thai Iced Tea The name says it all. Purple Haze Enjoy this adult treat at your next BBQ. Rockefeller Martini Brimming with cinnamon flavor, this drink is perfect for the holidays. Rosé Wine-tail A special occasion cocktail. Roxie's Eggnog A drink that's more a dessert, but -- shh -- don't tell. Semi-Homemade Irish Cream The road to Irish cream isn't long with this creative shortcut. Simple Sangria Sangria is a great way to start any summertime gathering. Spiced Hot Chocolate Rich and creamy, this treat is welcomed most during cold weather months. Spicy Hot Chocolate Rich hot chocolate gets a spicy makeover. Strawberry Chillers Relax with one after a long, hot day. Strawberry Lemonade Add a taste of summer to your cookouts. Strawberry Slushies A great way to use an abundance of strawberries. Strawberry-Banana Slush Great tasting and great for you! Strawberry-Banana Smoothie A great way to use bananas before they become over ripe. Strawberry-Banana Smoothie A tried and true hot weather favorite. Sun Tea Traditional southern tea. Sunshine Freeze Enjoy pineapple, oranges and banana in one drink. Sweet Fortification This fresh blend of strawberry, nectarine and peach juices will let you taste the season. Tequila Sunrise A great pool side beverage! Tequilla Poppers A favorite with fizz. Thai Tea Recipe From Scratch This rich, spiced tea is amazing. Thandai (Mixed Nut Cooler) This refreshing milk-based drink is popular in India. Triple Berry This simple drink is packed with berry flavor. Twice Boiled Thai Iced Tea A strong Thai iced tea. Vampire's Blood Shake Halloween meets a tasty fruit shake! Watermelon Daiquiri This refreshing summer drink is a hit with guests. Watermelon Slushies A great way to use watermelon. White Christmas A festive holiday cocktail with the taste of almonds. White Wine Sangria Enjoy this summertime drink with an adult crowd.
Breads and Spreads Recipes
Almond-Blueberry-Peach Bread Pudding This creamy bread pudding takes on a special touch with the addition of peaches, blueberries and almonds. AM Open-Faced Sandwich A classic recipe gets a new look that takes it from dinner to breakfast. Amish Potato-Bread Stuffing This simple stuffing is simply perfect. Apple Butter This tangy spread is pure bliss through and through. Apple Butter Best enjoyed on your favorite cinnamon raisin bread. Aunt Bea's Homemade Rolls Fresh bread can't be beat. Autumn Apple Bread A classic favorite. Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Nothing says summer like a classic BLT. Bacon, Mushroom and Swiss Strata This make-ahead breakfast dish is absolutely perfect for a holiday brunch. Bagel Sandwiches Breakfast layered between two slices of a bagel. Bagels with Tomato Spread Enjoy these treats as an afternoon snack. Banana Banana Bread This great recipe is bursting with banana flavor. Basic Bread Bowl Recipe Make soup an event with homemade bread bowls. Basic Pizza Dough A simple recipe that can be used right away or frozen for later. Beef Brisket Sandwiches A slow cooker becomes your best friend with this Irish-inspired sandwich. Beef Dip Sandwich Make this great sandwich in minutes with a simple recipe. Blackberry Bread Pudding Enjoy this lovely bread pudding in the morning with guests. Blue Cheese Bread Bits These cheesy morsels are great as a starter or snack. Blueberry Brunch Bake This sumptious feast is a great way to gather family and friends around your table. Borage Fritters An unusual treat for you and your family. Breakfast Pita Wraps Breakfast on the run never had it so good. Caramelized Onion Pizza What a delightful combination on a pizza. Caraway Rolls These rolls have a French bread crust. Cheddar Pepper Bread This flavorful bread is fantastic when paired with soup. Cheddar Pepper Bread with Breakfast Sauce Comfort food finds breakfast in this fun morning meal. Cheese-Cranberry Loaf A delightfully decadent bread that is well-suited to entertaining during the holidays. Chipotle Chile Popovers Spicy and warm out of the oven, these popovers are bliss. Christmas Tree Loaf Almost a dessert, this bread includes apples, dried fruit and a delightful mix of spices. Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Spread Enjoy breakfast on the go. Corn Bread Warm and wonderful. Corn Bread and Faux Sausage Stuffing The hearty taste of meat...without the meat. Corn Pudding Creamy and delicious. Cornbread Stuffing Why not serve a stuffing made from homemade cornbread this year? Crab Bagel Spread Great for breakfast or a quick snack. Cranberry Bread Enjoy this bread any time of the year. Cranberry-Apple Stuffing A sweet and tangy accompaniment. Cream Cheese & Salsa This simple spread is good on appetizer wraps. Cucumber Spread Satisfy your hunger anytime. Dill Butter This butter is good over vegetables or spread on rolls. Donut Muffins A baked treat that combines the best of donuts and muffins. Dressing or Stuffing A simple and versatile recipe. Easter Crown Bread Decorate this pretty dish with colored Easter eggs. Easy Sourdough Bread A great foolproof recipe for sourdough bread. Egg Salad This rich filling is great for a quick sandwich or wrap. Eggplant and Pepper Grill The perfect main course for your summer entertaining. Everything Spread Good with just about everything! Fadge (Potato Bread) Serve this hearty bread with your favorite soup. Fast Herbed Focaccia Use that herb garden! Fennel and Apricot Stuffing This creative holiday stuffing can be mixed ahead of time and baked on the big day. Fresh Peach Pancakes With Quick Strawberry-Peach Sauce Breakfast heaven on a plate. Garlic-Almond Bagel Spread Savory and filling, this bagel spread makes a nice start to the day. Garlicky Popovers Simple and best served warm, these soft popovers are perfect with Italian food. Grandma Dicie’s Stuffing A slow cooker is a great way to make stuffing for your holiday entertaining. Greek Breakfast Wraps A blend of traditional breakfast items gets blended with the finest elements of a Greek salad and an inspired breakfast wrap is born! Green Chili Corn Cakes Enjoy this versatile dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Grilled Cheese Sandwich This classic favorite is delicious and easy to make. Ham Party Spread Form this spread into a ball and serve with crackers and vegetables. Ham Salad or Spread This spread is terrific served on toasted bread. Hawaiian Pizza This pizza gets zing from tangy pineapple. Herbed Mayonnaise This creamy spread gets an extra kick from herbs! Home Made Cornbread If you want to make cornbread from scratch, try this recipe. It's nice and moist. Homemade Pizza Worth every minute. Honey Cinnamon Butter This sweet butter is great on muffins. Hot Cross Buns Enjoy these sweet baked buns as a perfect end to almost any meal. Irish Buttermilk Bannock A buttermilk-laden loaf speckled with juicy raisins. Irish Shortbread A simple recipe for a simple snack. Irish Soda Bread #2 A classic recipe that makes a round loaf with the traditional cross. Irish Soda Bread #3 Caraway and raisins star in this twist on a classic. Irish Soda Bread #4 Raisins and extra butter make for a loaf that's at home at the breakfast table. Irish Soda Bread #6 Raisins make this loaf a favorite with kids. Irish Tea Bread A simple bread featuring mixed dried fruit. Irish Whole Wheat Soda Bread #5 Whole wheat makes this loaf higher in fiber than traditional soda bread. Italian Easter Bread Cook lovely colored Easter eggs into this traditional sweet bread. Lightened Broccoli Cheese Cornbread A lightened version of a classic favorite. Mango Bread A creative quick bread for your entertaining needs. Maple Nut Bagel Spread Who said maple syrup is just for pancakes? Margherita Pizza Classic and delightful. Marina’s Ciambelle Related to bagels, this delicious treat is wonderful with wine and cheese. Mayonnaise Make your own? Why not! Microwave Garlic Bread A great accompaniment to lasagna! Microwave Pumpkin Bread A delightful, moist pumpkin bread is minutes away. Mini Banana Bread Loaves These sweet treats make a great snack or dessert. Mini Pizzas These simple pizzas can be put together in minutes. Mixed Berry Compote A special fruit relish for over your favorite pancakes, ice cream or dessert. Monte Cristo Sandwiches These fun sandwiches are a meeting of French toast and ham sandwiches. Mrs. George Washington's Potato Rolls Time consuming, but well worth it. Mulberry-Maple-Nut Bread This wonderful bread is made with a variety of wild edibles, but can easily be tweaked to work with grocery store standards. Olive Crostini Bread spread with olive tapenade makes for a great appetizer. Open-Faced Pork Sandwiches Putting your slow cooker to work means a meal that's easy to put together for you. Open-Faced Turkey Sandwiches A great Thanksgiving leftovers treat. Orange and Chocolate Chip Bread This bread is a kissing cousin to cake. Orange Bagel Spread Sweet and simple. Parslied Cloverleaf Rolls Perfect for your bread basket. PBJ Paninis Take peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to a new level for breakfast! Pesto-Bean Spread This simple spread is great on sandwiches and burgers. Pizza A traditional pizza with all the toppings you desire. Puff Pastry Cheese Sticks These simple treats will become a staple in your home. Pumpkin Bread This quick bread's almost a dessert! Pumpkin Bread This classic quick bread freezes well and makes a great snack. Pumpkin Nut Bread This sweet bread is packed with great flavors. Pumpkin-Peanut Bagel Spread This luscious bagel spread is a great on-the-go breakfast treat. Quick Garlic Bread Enjoy it anytime. Quick Hummus This simple hummus takes minutes to prepare and has the same great taste as its more difficult cousin. Quick Summer Pizza This simple pizza is quick and easy. Rhubarb Bread This deliciously moist bread is a great snack or breakfast food. Rhubarb Bread This sweet bread is quick to make and delicious to eat. Rhubarb Bread This bread is so tasty that it almost seems like dessert. Roasted Garlic Soft roasted garlic over your favorite bread … yum! Roasted Garlic Bread Enjoy this bread with your next meal featuring pasta. Sally Lunn Bread Time consuming, but well worth it. Simple Banana Bread A great way to use over ripe bananas. Simple Hummus Use some convenient products and a food processor to make this simple spread. Simple Olive Spread This simple spread is great to have on hand during the holidays. Simple Pull-Apart Bread In just 20 minutes you can have hot pull-apart bread. Smoked Turkey & Avocado Paninis Take this gourmet sandwich with you when you're on the go. Soda Bread A taste of Ireland. Southern Biscuits These fluffy biscuits are the perfect match for a hot bowl of soup. Spanish Bread Toasted bread gets an ethnic flair with garlic, tomato and salty ham. Speedy Bear Paw Biscuits This simple biscuits can be enjoyed for breakfast … and by the furry members of your family. Spicy Turkey Spread Enjoy with crackers or on a sandwich. Spider Bread This simple bread looks like a spider when baked. Spinach Dip This dip is best served with chunks of fresh bread. Stuffing Perfect with turkey or stuffed in winter squash. Sundried Tomato, Mozzarella & Turkey Wrap This on-the-go lunch is perfect for brown-bagging it when the weather is nice. Sweet Dough Orange Rolls These sweet rolls are good enough to be at your best brunch or dessert table. Tempeh Dagwood Sandwich This vegetarian sandwich boasts lots of veggies. Tuna Salad This simple filling makes for great sandwiches and wraps. Tuna Salad Rolls A twist on traditional tuna salad. Ultimate Tomato-Grilled Cheese Classic grilled cheese gets a new twist with the season's freshest tomatoes. Vegetarian "Sausage" Dressing A rich meatless dressing for an elegant dinner. Violet Honey Spread this special honey onto your favorite breakfast breads. Walnut-Apple Stuffing This special stuffing will fit right in with your Thanksgiving menu. Zucchini Pizza This pizza can be made with or without meat.
Cakes, Cupcakes and Frostings Recipes
10-minute Strawberry Shortcake A summer Amaretto Apple Cake This moist, delicious cake is great for fall entertaining. Apple Charlotte Think apple cake without the flour and you've got an apple charlotte. Apple-Raspberry Coffee Cake This simple coffee cake is actually good for you as well as tasty. Banana Nut Cake A twist on an ordinary yellow cake mix makes holiday entertaining easy. Basic Frosting Use this simple recipe for frosting your holiday cookies. Beet Bundt Cake Adding beets to a cake leaves it rich and moist. Better Carrot Cake With lower calories, less fat and more fiber than regular carrot cake, you can actually afford to frost this one! Better Than Sex Cake Chocolate is here -- can you tell? Black and White Loaf Cake This lovely cake is a great addition to a dinner party. Black Forest Cake Enjoy chocolate and cherries. Black-Bottomed Raspberry Cheesecake Pie This decadent pie is not only fantastic, it's easy to make. Blanche's Southern Pecan Cheesecake Pecans cover a cheesecake featuring a chocolate cookie crust. Blueberries and Cream Cheesecake The taste of summer on a plate. Blueberry Coffee Cake This elegant coffee cake is great when presented with all of your favorite brunch fixings on a Sunday morning. Blueberry Coffeecake This simple coffeecake is tasty and can travel easily. Blueberry Ring Cake Coffeecake and poundcake meet in this great cake. Butter Frosting This decadent frosting is excellent on any basic sponge cake. Butter Pecan Banana Cake Just like Mom's! Buttercup Cupcakes A delightful end to a springtime meal. Cake in a Coffee Mug This is a great gift idea for someone special in your life. Candy Cane Cake A beautiful and festive bundt cake takes on the look and taste of a candy cane just in time for the holiday season. Caramel Glaze This warm glaze is perfect spooned over a bundt cake. Carrot Cake A rich cake featuring cream cheese frosting. Cheesecake Cupcakes Satisfy your cravings anytime. Cherry Devil's Food Cake A rich cake with a lacey top. Chocolate Cake with Candied Ginger Candied ginger adds a special touch to this chocolaty treat. Chocolate Cheesecake Sinful, but well worth it. Chocolate Chiffon Cake Light and chocolately. Chocolate Chip Banana Cake A bundt cake that says comfort food. Chocolate Chip Cheesecake This rich dessert is wonderful all year round. Chocolate Orange Ooze Cupcakes These gems are great treats for Halloween. Chocolate Picnic Cake This dessert doesn't need any frosting and is virtually crumb-less! Chocolate Slab Cake This simple frosted cake is bound to become a family favorite. Chocolate Tiramisu Cups These decadent desserts are perfect party fare. Chocolate-Strawberry Cupcakes These decadent cupcakes hold a special surprise within. ChocoMuffins Sweet to eat and make. Cinnamon-Peach Cake This wonderfully moist cake has a bit of tang to it. Coconut Bundt Cake This cake combines the complex flavors of coconut, lime and almond for a delightful taste. Coconut Cake with Raspberries A moist, delicious cake that's easy to make and have on hand in the freezer is an entertainer's dream come true. Coconut Cake with Tropical Salsa Welcome spring with this great cake. Coco-Nutty Cake A simple cake with a satisfying crunch. Coffee Crunch Cake Coffee candy adds crunch to this delightful dessert. Cranberry Streusel Cake Enjoy tangy cranberries in a great cake. Cranberry-Pumpkin Cake This delicious cake stays moist and tender for days. Creamsicle Cake Orange and vanilla combine to make a perfectly lovely cake that's made in minutes. Daisy Cake This lovely cake gets its special appeal from a decadent broiled frosting. Dark Chocolate Torte The cure to all depression! Dirt Cake This themed cake is perfect for a garden party or the like. Dorothy's Double Chocolate Cheesecake Double chocolate -- no more words are needed! Dried Cherry Brownies These treats get a kick from dried cherries soaked in fruity liquor. Easter Cupcakes These fun cupcakes hold a special surprise within. Easy As Pie Apple Cake A can of apple pie filling and a cake mix make this cake almost too easy to make. Easy Coke Cake This ultra-simple cake is great for you and your family. Easy Ice Cream Cake You can put this cake together in minutes. Easy Ice Cream Cake Use packaged items to put together a quick dessert. Easy Maple Cupcakes These sweet treats are easy to make and a joy to eat! Easy Maple Glaze This simple glaze is great for cupcakes, cakes and cookies. Eggless, Butterless Cake This dense cake is mouth-watering. Fancy Apple Cake Served warm with a scoop of ice cream, this cake is heavenly. Fluffy White Frosting This simple frosting is perfect for a special occasion treat. Fluffy White Frosting This dreamy frosting is perfect for a simple white or nut cake. Fresh Florida Orange Cake with Toasted Almond Ice Cream and Strawberry Compote If the name of this one doesn't have you drooling, you can't be human! Fudgy Chocolate Layer Cake Time consuming, but tasty. German Chocolate Cake A bitter chocolate cake with a nutty frosting. Ginger-Mascarpone Icebox Cake Spicy ginger and creamy mascarpone pair in this chilled cake. Gooey Cake An ordinary cake mix is transformed to a delightful dessert. Hummingbird Cake A perfect springtime dessert. Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Ice cream sandwiches come together to make a layered cake. Ice Cream Strawberry Shortcake Make these fun treat with your kids. Key Lime Cheesecake Perfection in a slice. Kitty Litter Cake This truly tasty dessert looks just like … well … kitty litter. But we promise it's great. Lazyday Cheesecake Have cheesecake ready with almost no effort in minutes. Lemon Coffee Cake This sweet treat can be prepared the night before and baked in the morning. Lemon Meringue Cake If you like the pie with the same name, you'll love this quick version transformed into a cake. Lemon Poppyseed Cake This special cake gets a lemony punch from a glaze that soaks into the dessert. Lemon Poppyseed Cake A refreshing summer cake. Lemon Torte A tasty torte that's simple and fast. Lemon Yogurt Pound Cake with Lemon Glaze This tangy, moist cake is absolutely bursting with the flavor of lemons. Lemon Zucchini Cupcakes Serve these sweet treats when you've got kids around and you're guaranteed to get smiles. Margarita Cheesecake This delicious cheesecake is fantastic for entertaining an early summer crowd. Melt in Your Mouth German Chocolate Cake Potatoes star in this rich cake. Mint-Chip Brownies Take a brownie mix and make it special with this simple recipe. Mocha Cupcakes These cupcakes have a strong coffee and chocolate flavor. Molten Chocolate Cakes These rich cakes hold a hidden treasure of molten chocolate in their centers. Orange Angel Cake Enjoy a fat free dessert. Orange Cake A simple, yet truly delicious cake that's brimming with orange flavor. Orange Picnic Cake No more crumbs! Orange Slice Cake This great cake should be made in large batches and frozen for quick entertaining. Panettone This Italian dessert is sort of like a pound cake and is perfect for picnics. Passover Dark Chocolate Nut Cake No flour in this sinful dessert! Peach Cobbler Dump Cake Toss together this simple cake in minutes with just 4 ingredients. Peanutty Chocolate Cake Enjoy this rich cake made in minutes in the microwave. Peppermint Buttercream The name says it all. Pineapple Cake This sweet and lovely cake is entirely gluten free. Enjoy! Pineapple Coconut Cheesecake This cheesecake reminds me of a tropical drink on a plate. Potato Seedy Cake A taste of Ireland in a moist and chewy cake. Pumpkin Cake Enjoy the taste of the holidays with this rich cake. Pumpkin Cheesecake Enjoy a pumpkin-swirled cheesecake after Thanksgiving dinner … if you dare! Pumpkin Cupcakes These fall-inspired cupcakes are easy to make and freeze well. Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Making cheesecake in the slow cooker? Fantastic! Pumpkin Torte With Orange Cream Filling Elegant and beautiful, this dessert is wonderful for autumn celebrations. Pumpkin-Maple Cheesecake One blissful word: Yum! Raspberry-Lemon Brunch Cake This light cake finds itself equally at home on a breakfast plate as a dessert plate. Rich Chocolate Cake With Creamy Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Frosting The name says it all. Rose's Fruitcake Cheesecake Sinful cheesecake covered in fresh fruit. Rotondo Luce Torta di Cioccolata e caffe' Coffee cake at its extreme! Rum-Glazed Bundt Cake This simple cake is best served slightly warm with a cup of good coffee. Saffron Cake A perfect seasoned dessert. Sensational Irish Cream Cheesecake You can make this cheesecake with or without the alcohol. Shortcut Shortcake No time for strawberry shortcake? Take a shortcut! Sock-It-To-Me Cake The name says it all. Sopapilla Cheesecake This fun dessert takes advantage of some great convenience products to make sinful also easy. Sophia's Sour Lime Cheesecake Refreshing and rich. Sponge Cake This recipe comes from a daughter who loved her mom, who was better at sewing than cooking! Strawberry Chocolate Roll This frozen treat is perfect for summer entertaining. Strawberry Rhubarb Cake Two favorites are paired together to make an unforgettable cake. Strawberry Shortcake Coffee Cake This coffee cake includes fresh strawberries and rich cream cheese. Sunshine Cupcakes These cupcakes have a strong citrus flavor. Torta di Miele e Limone This Italian lemon cake is a perfect springtime treat. Triple Chocolate And Vanilla Cheesecake This is indulgence at its best. Very Cherry Coffeecake A cake mix and pie filling make this treat super easy to put together. White Easter Day Cake A festive cake is yummy and lovely! Yellow Cake And Cream Cheese Frosting This makes a great birthday treat. Yule Log Enjoy decorating this traditional holiday fare.
Cookies and Bars Recipes
Amaretti These crispy Italian cookies are a treat. Any-Way-You-Want Cookies Like the name implies, these cookies start with a simple base and the additions make them just the way you want. Apple Biscotti Discover the power of this apple-spice combination. Apple Cheesecake Torte All of your favorites wrapped into one. Apple Cinnamon Bars These delightful bars are easy to make, but difficult to keep from disappearing! Banana Split Cheesecake Squares One word: YUM. Basic Cookie Dough Recipe This versatile recipe will give you lots of variations on a theme. Berry & Nut Granola Bars These bars make a perfect on the go breakfast. Blueberry-Orange Oatmeal Bars These sweet treats are a great way to enjoy the fresh berries of the season. Brown Butter Cookies These great cookies are great as cut-out cookies. Brownie Cups Enjoy the taste of brownies in a special cupcake any day. Busy Banana Bars A couple over-ripe bananas lead the way to a delightful bar recipe. Butterscotch-Pecan Shortbread One word: YUM. Buttery Almond Balls Enjoy a classic holiday treat. Cake Mix Cookes A recipe so easy that you can afford to be creative too! Cherry Coconut Chocolate Squares Rich and delicious. Cherry Cordial Brownies A blend of coffee and cherry preserves gives these brownies a decidedly cherry mocha flavor to them. Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies Two classics in one. Chocolate Cookies with Peppermint A plate of these and a mug of hot cocoa sounds like a great afternoon to me! Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Cracker Cookies These super easy sandwich cookies are fantastic! Chocolate Crinkles Chocolate and cookies go hand in hand. Chocolate Macaroons Chewy cookies bursting with chocolate flavor will win your heart. Chocolate PB Surprise Cookies These chocolate cookies hold a special surprise within. Chocolate Pizzelles These lacey Italian cookies are a special treat. Chocolate Spritz Cookies These sweet treats are great during the holidays. Chocolate Syrup Brownies With a name like this, what other reason do you need to make them? Chocolate Truffle Raspberry Tart This dreamy dessert is surprisingly good for you in spite of its decadent taste. Chocolate-Almond Biscotti These crunchy cookies are perfect when paired with hot chocolate or coffee. Chocolate-Dipped Triple Berry Biscotti These crunchy cookies are great paired with cocoa or coffee. Chocolate-Peppermint Cookies These great cookies combine crushed peppermint in the cookie and baked onto the outside. A perfect dessert with coffee. Christmas Wreaths These lovely cookies make any holiday treat tray complete. Classic Peanut Butter Cookies These crunchy cookies are perfect for lunchboxes and afternoon coffee alike. Coconut Pineapple Cookies A taste of the tropics in a cookie. Cranberry-White Chocolate Cookies in a Jar Layering pretty ingredients in a jar and attaching the directions is a great way to fill someone's home with warmth and sweetness. Cream Cheese Crescent Cookies Memories of holidays past will come to mind. Double Chocolate Biscotti These delicious crunchy cookies are perfect when paired with hot beverages. Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies Are they brownies or are they cookies? They're both! Double Chocolate-Mint Brownies Enjoy a blissful combination of chocolate and mint to celebrate the luck of the Irish. Easy Baklava Bars These easy bars have all the flavor of traditional baklava with only a fraction of the effort! Easy Chocolate Star Cookies This simple treat is great for your holiday entertaining. Easy Dreamy Lemon Bars These simple dessert bars are inspired by a soft and chewy cookie recipe Extra Wonderful Cookies With a name like this, what's more to say? Florentines Enjoy this classic Italian cookie with good coffee. Fruit and Nut Easter Eggs These "eggs" are the perfect springtime celebration dessert. Fruity Oatmeal Bars These simple treats will become a staple in your home. Ginger Cookies Enjoy some classic holiday treats. Gingersnaps These spiced cookies are wonderful to have on hand during the holidays. Golden River Brownies Ice cream? Nope, but it tastes like it. Gramma Cooney’s Chocolate Chip Cookies Enjoy the best chocolate chip cookies in the world! Hawaii Bars Pineapple, nuts and coconut -- what a combination! Holiday Pecan Cookies These yummy gems are a holiday favorites. Iced Chocolate Cookies Perfect chocolaty gems. Italian Footprint Cookies A traditional Christmas treat. Layered Pumpkin Bars Skip the pumpkin pie and serve these at your next Thanksgiving. Lemon Bars A fast and inexpensive way to enjoy a tangy taste. Lemon Bites Yummy cookies that come together in minutes. Lemon Drops These tangy gems are a perfect lunchbox addition. Lemon Spritz Cookies These light cookies are great for entertaining. Light and Fluffy Lemon Drops This simple lemon cookie recipe has just three ingredients. Litterbox Cookies These treats are a great dessert for a themed party. Macaroons Macaroons are light and chewy all at once! Mary Washington's Gingerbread Is it bread or a dessert? One taste will answer that. Merry Christmas Cookies Decorate these sweets to celebrate the season. Microwave Brownies Making brownies in the microwave can have them ready in about 10 minutes. Molasses Cookie Bars Just like grandma used to make. Mom's Brown Sugar Bars These simple bars are family favorites. Mom's Easy Way Blue Ribbon Sugar Cookies This easy cookie recipe is a special 4H blue ribbon winner. Neiman Marcus Cookies The cookie that started one of the biggest urban legends of all. Nutty Fingers What a grand treat for after school. Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie Bars A great snack to keep you going through the day. Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies It doesn't get more basic than this. Old-Fashioned Ginger Snaps Enjoy some of everyone's favorite snack. Old-Fashioned Walnut Balls Memories of holidays past will come to mind. Orange Cookies Tangy and tasty! Orange Marmalade Cookies These creative treats are moist and delicious. Orange Slice Cookies/Bars Enjoy these treats as cookies or bars. Peanut Blossom Cookies Classic favorites, these cookies are especially welcomed during the holidays. Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies How could something so tasty be so good for you? Peanut Butter Bon-Bons A great project for you and the kids. Peanut Butter Cookies These crunchy cookies are favorite after-school treats. Peanut Butter Nuggets These no bake goodies are the perfect after school snack. Peppermint Meringues These light, airy cookies are perfect for the holidays with mugs of hot chocolate. Pfeffernuesse Funny name, great cookie. Pina Colada Macaroons These delightful cookies are easy to make and delicious. Pineapple Crumble Bars These tangy bars are a perfect springtime dessert. Puffy Apple Squares These rich squares are sure to be everyone's favorite. Pumpkin Biscotti Enjoy this crispy Italian cookie with a great cup of coffee or tea. Pumpkin Cheesecake Swirl Brownies Enjoy decadent brownies with ribbons of pumpkin cheesecake strewn throughout. Quick Pecan Bars These easy bars are a great alternative to a whole pecan pie. Quick Walnut Candy Bars These simple bars will have you forgoing the commercial varieties. Raspberry Tortello Torte and jello meet in this fruity delight. Red Tea Squares Red tea, which isn't really tea at all, stars in these tasty treats. Rhubarb Bars This simple recipe is a great way to use that spring rhubarb. Rice or Barley Cookies Good and good for you. Simple Chocolate-Mint Cookies Flavored baking chips make this treat special. Simple Oatmeal-Cranberry Cookies Whip up a fast and tasty cookie when everyone expects a full cookie jar. Skeleton Bone Cookies Serve these cookies at a Halloween party. Snowflake Spritz Cookies Traditional and easy to make, these cookies are simply lovely. Soft Molasses Cookies The secret is in the tofu. Sour Cream Rhubarb Bars These wonderful bars stay moist and chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Speedy Cheesecake Bars These simple bars are easy to make and can be ready in minutes. Spice Box Brownie Cookies Bring a little fire with these fudgy cookies that bring spice to the table. Spider Brownies A rich brownie dessert with a delightful frosting "web". Springtime Kissing Baskets These pretty little cookie baskets hold a sweet surprise inside. Stay-Soft Peanut Butter Cookies These great cookies stay soft because they're packed with maple syrup. Strawberry-Apricot Bars These sweet treats are easy to make and actually pretty good for you too! Sugar and Spice Espresso Cookies Delightful desserts for your party tray. Sugar Cone Christmas Trees These tasty treats are also a joy to make with the little ones in your life. Sugar Cookies These cookies hold special memories of a special mom. Sugar Cookies Soft sugar cookies make the nicest Christmas cutouts! Trail Mix Cookies Take a few of these tasty bites with you on your next hike. Triple-Ginger Cookies Ground, fresh and crystallized ginger come together to make a great cookie. Will's Cookies When a six year old gets to design a cookie, you are in for a treat! Yummy Pumpkin Cookies These cookies are bound to become a fall favorite. Zucchini Brownies These moist brownies are a great way to use lots of zucchini. Zucchini Nut Bars In a word … yum!
Desserts Recipes
All American Layered Dessert Fresh berries make this dessert a perfect treat for Independence Day. Almond Brittle This sweet candy combines crunchy almonds with a sweet, honey rock candy. Almond Roca This rich candy is every nut lover's dream. AM Fruit Compote This tangy compote is wonderful when paired with oatmeal, yogurt or ice cream. Ambrosia Enjoy a citrus splash tonight. Apple Crepes with Cheese Apples just don't seem to be complete without cheese! Apple Dumplings Get the best of comfort food with these tasty morsels. Apple Pie Parfaits Enjoy the taste of apple pie fast and easy in a glass. Apple-Pecan Bread Pudding This bread pudding is a snap when you use your slow cooker. Aunt MeMe's Surprise Candied Apples Every kid's (and adult's) dream. Baked Apple with Walnut Crumble A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Baked Apples Who knew that root beer could make something so delicious? Baked Apples with Dried Fruit Ideal as a breakfast item or dessert, these apples smell and taste fantastic. Balsamic Berries The sweetness of strawberries paired with tangy vinegar. Balsamic Berries Tangy and sweet, these berries are perfect over vanilla ice cream. Banana Ice Cream Use your ice cream maker to enjoy a frozen treat. Banana-Chip Fluff Can you say "easy dessert" -- 'cause this is one of 'em! Basic Dessert Crepe Batter Use this sweet batter as the foundation of dozens of sweet treats. Bittersweet Chocolate Panini Enjoy a new Italian favorite. Black Forest Napoleons A great Valentine's Day recipe brought to us by Sandra Lee. Blackberry Pretzel Torte This light dessert is strong enough to pair with hearty dishes. Blue Smoke Strawberry-Rhubarb Cobbler Decadent? Yes -- but worth it! Blueberry Lavender Cranberry Crisp This creative crisp is perfect for fall and winter entertaining. Blueberry-Almond Coffeecake This simple coffeecake uses heatlhy berries and whole wheat flour to make it good and good for you. Bomba Tricolori This layered frozen dessert is a perfect summer treat. Breakfast Crisp This crisp is equally at home on the breakfast table or served as dessert. Broiled Bananas with Walnuts A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Brownie Pizza A chocolate lover's dream. Butter Almond Crunch A sweet snack for your holiday entertaining. Butterscotch Meringue Crepes These crepes are almost too sinful to make … almost! Candied Oranges These sweet oranges are perfect spooned over vanilla ice cream. Candied Oranges Dipped in Chocolate These treats are designed for Christmas, but are great all year round. Candy Cane Chocolate Fudge This rich fudge is really easy to make. Caramel Apple Bread Pudding This delightful dessert is perfect for fall gatherings. Caramel Apple Quesadillas This creative dessert is the perfect end to a Mexican meal. Cashew Macadamia Crunch Enjoy this decadent treat and share with your favorite chocoholic! Chantilly Cream Sweetened cream makes everything better! Cheesecake in a Glass Easy enough for any day, but elegant enough for company. Chef Matthew’s Fudge Enjoy fudge without the sugar. Chocolate Almond Mousse This rich treat is a great end to an elegant dinner. Chocolate Almond Truffles Enjoy a classic Italian favorite. Chocolate Bark with Fruit and Nuts This decadent treat is perfect for leftover chocolate from the holidays. Chocolate Cinnamon Fondue This rich fondue boasts chocolate, cinnamon and kahlua in its ingredient list! Chocolate Crème Brulee A decadent dessert made for lovers. Chocolate Fondue This creamy delight has a touch of peanut butter in it for those nuts fans out there! Chocolate Fondue Enjoy a rich dessert fondue with your favorite fruit and treat dippers. Chocolate Fondue Duet This simple fondue is actually two kinds -- dark and white chocolate -- swirled together at serving time. Chocolate Frozen Treat This ice cream-inspired treat is suitable for diabetics. Chocolate Fruit Dip This simple fruit dip is great when paired with strawberries, bananas and more. Chocolate Gelato Gelato is a rich, creamy dream. Enjoy the smoothness today. Chocolate Mousse This dessert is so dreamy, you would never know that it's suitable for diabetics. Chocolate Nut Clusters This simple chocolate treat comes together in minutes. Enjoy! Chocolate Orange Bread Pudding There's something wonderfully cozy about bread pudding, especially when it involves chocolate! Chocolate Raspberry Creams Decadent and delicious, these treats are perfect for you. Chocolate S’mores Summer's perfect ending. Chocolate Tiramisù Enjoy a classic Italian favorite. Chocolate-0range Silk Mousse This mousse is so heavenly, you'd never know it's good for you. Chocolate-Covered Cherries A great Valentine's Day recipe brought to us by Sandra Lee. Chocolate-Covered Figs A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Sometimes it's hard to argue with the traditional favorites! Chocolate-Dipped Pears A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Christmas Casatta This rich dessert is not for the faint of heart! Citrus Dumplings These fruity dumplings are just what the doctor ordered for curing the winter blues. Coffee, Rum and Walnut Ice Cream A great combination of flavors swirled into one. Cranberry Rice Pudding This sweet and tangy pudding is a great end to a fall dinner party. Cranberry-Walnut White Fudge A twist on what you think of as a traditional fudge recipe. Creamy Chocolate-Raspberry Fondue Two classic tastes paired together make both an elegant and simple dessert. Creamy Vanilla Fondue This simple white fondue is particularly well-suited for dipping fresh fruit and butter cookies in. Crème Brûlée with Ginger This rich dessert is time-consuming, but well worth it. Crème Carmel Infused with Vanilla Bean and Lavender Pure bliss is the best way to describe this beautiful dessert. Creme Fraiche One fantastic dessert topping. Crème Patissiere This rich cream is wonderful in puff pastry. Cresent Apple Dumplings These quick treats use premade crescent rolls to speed things up. Double Fruit Crisp Who needs pies when you have an easy alternative here? Easy Baklava This classic Middle Eastern treat is made simple with some shortcut steps and ingredients. Easy Butter Mints These festive mints are a holiday tradition. Easy Chocolate Bar Trifle This simple triffle is so delicious and perfect for entertaining. Easy Chocolate Mousse Time consuming, but simple, this mousse is well worth it. Easy Chocolate 'Mousse' Make an easy summer dessert for everyone at your table. Eggnog Crème Brulee This ultra-rich dessert is perfect for holiday entertaining. Famous Fudge Rich and creamy, this fudge is for you. Faux White Chocolate Mousse with Port Cherry Sauce This elegant dessert is enough to make your mouth water. Flag Pizza Celebrate the red, white and blue with this delicious dessert pizza. French Vanilla Ice Cream A decadent and delicious dessert. Fresh Fruit Crisp Apple or peach, this one's a keeper. Fresh Fruit with Mascarpone Crème Healthy and delicious. What more could you ask for? Frozen Citrus Dessert Geranium leaves offer their lemony flavor to this neat dessert. Fruit Combo This classic treat features pudding, marshmallows and lots of fruit. Fruit Flambes A simple and showy dessert to serve at your next dinner party. Fruit-Filled Puffs Kiwi and strawberries fill these lovely light pastries. Fudgey Cocoa No-Bake Treats These fun treats are great for making with the kids on a rainy day. Ghosts on Broomsticks These treats can also be decorations at your Halloween party. Ginger Custard This decadent custard blends coolness, richness and a touch of spice. Ginger Ice Cream with Cinnamon Peach Sauce This gourmet ice cream treat is the perfect way to say farewell to summer. Ginger Peach Ice Cream in Grilled Peach Cups This fun dessert is sure to make a great impression. Ginger Pear Crisp The flavor of gingersnaps is combined with juicy pears to make a fruit crisp that will become a family favorite. Ginger-Peach Ice Cream Two great flavors that really shine in a simple no-cook ice cream. Ginger-Plum Sauce Enjoy a wonderfully delicious dessert sauce that bridges the gap between summer and fall. Grasshopper Parfaits A slightly imperfect chocolate cake leads to a scumptious dessert. Grilled Fruit Sundae Pull out the grill -- it's time for dessert! Gujarati Shrikhand This pudding-like Indian dessert is especially refreshing after a spicy meal. Halloween Supreme This special dessert is perfect for Halloween entertaining. Halva This Greek dessert is bound to impress your guests. Holiday Tamales Fill sweet tamales with raisins, figs and apples for a special holiday treat. Homemade Marshmallows Once you realize how easy homemade marshmallows are, you'll be making them all the time! Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream Three ingredients and little effort spell ice cream. Honeyed Nectarines These sweet nectarines make a great snack, dessert or breakfast. Individual Fruit Crisps Fresh and dried fruit come together to make a fun and festive dessert. Irish Cream Fudge One word: Sinful. Kahlua Cream Shakes A great adult treat. Kid's Sushi Tasty and fun. Kissing Crescents Try this easy version of chocolate-filled croissants. Lavender Custard Enjoy this sweet dessert when lavender's in season. Lemon Crème & Berry Parfaits This simple parfaits feature the season's finest fresh berries. Malisa Greer Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream Great for a hot day. Mandlen These donut-like treats are a special Passover tradition. Mango Ice Cream Enjoy the ethnic flair of this wonderful treat. Mango Sherbet This frozen treat is great when paired with something creamy, like whipped topping or ice cream. Marshmallow Filling An easy homemade marshmallow filling. Mexican Fried Ice Cream Get a fun twist on dessert with this great recipe. Mexican Rice Pudding A creamy treat finds its way into your dessert routine. Microwave Baked Apples Microwaving apples means having dessert in minutes. Microwave Chocolate Fudge You can have homemade fudge in minutes! Microwave Peanut Brittle Who knew making this holiday favorite could take minutes? Milk Chocolate Caramel Mousse This elegant dessert is perfect for entertaining. Miniature Chocolate Eclairs Pudding and pastry -- a match made in heaven. Mixed Nut Brittle A crunchy candy for the holiday season. Nanna's Peach Cobbler A taste of the old south makes its way into your kitchen. No Cook Ice Cream Who wants to cook ice cream? Here is a versatile recipe that includes no stove time! No-Cook Ice Cream This recipe is a dream come true for those of you looking for a way to avoid lots of prep time for homemade ice cream. No-Fail Fudge The name says it all -- this is the one to try! Old Time Chocolate Fudge Indulge your love of chocolate. Old Time Fudge Have a piece of heaven. Orange Crepes These quick crepes are perfect for making ahead and serving at the end of a special meal. Orange Poached Pears These delightful poached pears are served chilled and are an elegant way to end a meal. Oven 'Fried' Apples Fast and easy and tasty. Patriotic Parfaits Fresh berries and rich pudding are layered to creative a delightful dessert. Peach Cobbler Spicy and sweet, this cobbler is a perfect companion to vanilla ice cream. Peach Cobbler Ripe, delicious peaches star in this old fashioned cobbler. Peach Crumb Pudding Fast and delicious. Peach Ripple Ice Cream Enjoy this treat on a hot summer's day. Peach Souffle The time and effort put into this recipe are well worth it. Peanut Brittle A classic holiday treat for you and yours. Peppermint Bark This super simple candy is a holiday tradition. Peppermint Fudge This super simple fudge is really quick to make. Plum Pudding Celebrate the holidays British-style. Potato and Apple Pudding Serve this Irish treat with homemade custard. Pumpkin Bread Pudding Combining sweet classics results in a new and simply delightful dessert. Pumpkin Ice Cream Fall's favorite is turning up everywhere. Pumpkin Maple Bread Pudding A dish that sounds involved, this special dessert really comes together quickly and impresses guests. Pumpkin Mousse Try something just as dreamy and far less fussy to end your Thanksgiving dinner this year. Pumpkin Pie in a Glass No time for a regular pumpkin pie? Make one in a glass for an elegant treat! Pumpkin Pudding Pudding featuring fall's harvest star. Pumpkin-Orange Custards Enjoy fall with this dessert. Quick & Healthy Pumpkin Mousse Looking to lose weight? Don't skip dessert! Quick Brownie Sundae This is a great recipe to pull out when you'll be entertaining youngsters. Raspberry Sherbert Simple and yummy. Red Wine Granita This red wine-infused slush is lovely served in chilled wine glasses. Red, White & Blueberry Banana Parfaits These delightful parfaits are sweet and healthy. Rhubarb Cobbler This cobbler is quick to throw together and a great springtime dessert. Rhubarb Crunch This hot dessert is perfect over vanilla ice cream. Roasted Pear Glaze This dessert sauce is right at home atop your favorite gourmet ice cream. Rose Ice Cream This unusual dessert features rose water and is delicately flavored. Rose Petal Pudding This delightful treat is inspired by an English Junket. Rossana's Phyllo Streudel Bliss in a pan. Roxx's Fruit Crisp Another great fruit crisp that's actually healthy for you. Sugar and wheat free. Rum-Sauced Bananas A blazing treat for over ice cream. Sex in a Pan A beautiful layered dessert that will have you swooning. There never seems enough, so make a double batch. Simple Mocha Fondue A quick recipe that only has three ingredients and a list of directions that's so simple, it's almost too easy to put in this magazine ... except the final result is to die for!!! Simple Rhubarb Crisp Celebrate spring with the season's best vegetable made for dessert! Simple Sorbet Got a can of fruit handy? Then you can make this. S'mores Remember making them as a kid? You can still enjoy them as an adult. S'mores Chocolate Fondue Bring back memories of childhood with this great fondue. Spiked Lemon Sherbet An adult summer treat is so easy, it merely takes having a couple of ingredients on hand. Spooky Whoopie Pies Perfect for a Halloween party. Steamed Pumpkin Custards Imagine pumpkin pie and pudding in one delightful bowl. Sticky Buns Enjoy these sweet buns after dinner tonight. Strawberries and Ice Cream A simple favorite. Strawberries with Brown Sugar This is such a simple recipe, it's hard to believe how tasty it is. Strawberry and Rosemary Sorbet An unusual combo with a great taste. Strawberry Compote This simple sauce is great with many desserts and even breakfast favorites like pancakes. Strawberry Sauce This sweet sauce makes a great topping for desserts and an unlikely companion to baked ham. Strawberry Sour Cream Rolls These are great when strawberries are on hand and you are looking for something different. Strawberry-Rhubarb Crème Brulee This elegant dessert combines two fantastic springtime ingredients. Strawberry-Rhubarb Sundaes The secret to these sweets is the special sauce. Stuffed Peaches A creamy filling brings you peaches and cream in a whole new fashion. Sugar-Free Chocolate Éclairs A little time-consuming, but well worth the wait. Super Simple Truffles Decadent and simple to make, these treats will cure the winter blues. Taste of Spring Crisp Frozen fruit lets you have a taste of spring early in the season. Thai Candy Bars These spicy treats are a great way to warm up after a cold fall walk. Tia Maria Mocha Fondue What could be better than a coffee-flavored fondue to dip your biscotti in? Tired of S'mores This camping dessert is WAY beyond S'mores! Tomato-Grapefruit Sorbet A light dessert to celebrate the harvest. Tropical Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream Homemade ice cream made easy AND fast! Truffle-Filled Pears This deceptively simple dessert is sure to impress the guests at your table. Turtle Candy Chocolate, caramel and pecans come together to make … yum! Ultra-Easy Ice Cream Sandwiches Make sure you have cookies, ice cream and "dippers" on hand to make these. Vanilla Crème Brulee Enjoy the taste of summer fruit and creme. Vanilla Poached Pears A beautiful fall-winter dessert. World's Best Chocolate Easter Eggs With a name like that, what else is there to add? Zeppole Rich and delicious, a favorite version of cream puffs with berries and cream!
Eggs and Legumes Recipes
Almond-Blueberry-Peach Bread Pudding This creamy bread pudding takes on a special touch with the addition of peaches, blueberries and almonds. AM Open-Faced Sandwich A classic recipe gets a new look that takes it from dinner to breakfast. Apple-Bacon-Cheddar-Bake A fantastic breakfast casserole that can be easily made ahead. Asparagus and Poached Eggs This delightful springtime dish takes advantage of fresh asparagus and minimal preparation. Asparagus Coconut Quiche A unique combination of flavors. Asparagus Frittata This lovely open-faced omelet is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Asparagus Quiche This quick quiche is a wonderful brunch or dinner meal. Asparagus Quiche This simple quiche takes advantage of asparagus -- one of spring's biggest stars. Bacon and Asparagus Omelets Fresh vegetables are given a flavor boost with bacon and creamy feta cheese. Bacon and Cheese Puff This fluffy casserole is great for entertaining brunches or early morning gatherings. Bagel Sauce A lesson on how to stretch an egg. Bagel with a Little of Everything! The name of this sandwich says it all. Baked Egg Nests Baking eggs in hash brown cups makes this a unique dish. Baked Eggs These simple eggs make a truly elegant breakfast or brunch meal. Baked Eggs with Cheese and Herbs Mixing eggs with cheese and herbs gives them an elegant twist. Baked Eggs with Spinach and Cream Comfort food that's good enough to serve at a celebration brunch. Baked Omelets Baking an omelet means freeing your hands to round out your breakfast with fresh fruit and toast. Baked Ziti and Bean Casserole This rich casserole features tomatoes, pasta, beans and cheese. Bean and Vegetable Pie Great for brunch or dinner. Bean Patties This simple dish can be shared with your furry friends -- just go easy on the picante sauce! Beany Vegetarian Meatballs A fast snack or meal when you're too busy to cook. Breakfast in a Paper Bag When camping, make things simple! Breakfast Lasagna Enjoy a layered breakfast today! Breakfast Loaf A great brunch main course for entertaining. Breakfast Nests Nestle eggs in hash brown "nests" and enjoy the morning. Breakfast Pita This fast breakfast is portable as well. Try it as a healthy alternative to coffee and donuts. Breakfast Quesadillas Tex-Mex at the breakfast table. Breakfast Ring Enjoy a simple brunch treat with your family. Breakfast Strudels An elegant breakfast dish that will wow guests. Breakfast Tacos Tex-Mex flavors meet breakfast in this creative morning meal. BST Open-Faced Omelet Blend a tostada with an omelet and you've got this tasty dish. Build-Your-Own Baked Eggs Tweak basic baked eggs to suit your tastes this morning. Caesar's Egg Sandwich This simple sandwich packs a big flavor punch. Carrot Quiche Try something new at your next brunch. Catalan Eggs The garden's invited to breakfast! Cheatin' Eggs Benedict Top a simple egg dish with leftover cheese fondue for a quick morning treat. Cheddar ‘n Eggs Eggs are baked in individual ramekins. Cheddar Pepper Bread with Breakfast Sauce Comfort food finds breakfast in this fun morning meal. Cheese and Egg Puffs These souffle-like treats are great anytime of the day. Chorizo and Eggs Mexican sausage stars in this breakfast feast. Classic Eggs Benedict Nothing beats the traditional favorite. Confetti Scrambled Eggs These scrambled eggs are dotted with brightly colored vegetables and cheese. Corn and Bean Tamale Pie A hot sauce makes this a perfect south of the border treat. Cornbread Casserole Use leftover ham and cornbread to make a simple breakfast casserole. Crab Cake Benedict This fun twist on a breakfast classic is great for entertaining. Crab Quiche Using a few convenience items makes this quiche an easy option for your morning entertaining. Creamy Baked Eggs A rich and delightful brunch treat. Creole Soufflé Leftover ham stars in this delightful treat. Crepes Almondine A delicious brunch recipe for entertaining. Croissant Benedict Combining flakey croissants and eggs benedict makes for a heavenly breakfast. Deviled Eggs Simple eggs stuffed with a savory filling are a traditional Easter starter. Deviled Eyeballs Yup, that's right -- it's deviled eggs for Halloween! Easter Egg Sandwiches A great way to use all those Easter eggs. Eggs Barry Related to Eggs Benedict, but decidedly different, this AM treat will have you hooked. Eggs Blackstone Eggs Benedict gets a makeover with roasted tomatoes and bacon. Eggs Bruschetta Enjoy the season's finest tomatoes in the morning. Eggs Continental This creamy dish is divine when served with grilled fish. Eggs Rancheros Eggs poached in a spicy, savory sauce will have you thinking of breakfast south of the border Everyday Baked Eggs This versatile breakfast will become a regular option at your house. Farmers Breakfast All your breakfast in one skillet. Farmers' Omelet Wraps A breakfast on the go means never having to skip your AM meal again. Fluffy Oven Eggs Almost like a souffle ... without the work. Fool-Proof Scrambled Eggs When you're at a loss for dinner ideas, try getting back to basics! French Baked Eggs Eggs mixed with a combination of fresh vegetables and crisp bacon make a perfect breakfast. Fruit Crepes Using fresh fruit over some lovely crepes makes for a lovely breakfast. Fruit-Flavored Crepes with Strawberry Sauce Enjoy as a breakfast or a great dessert. Fruit-Topped Yogurt Crepes These delightful crepes are simple to make and even simpler to fill. Greek Breakfast Wraps A blend of traditional breakfast items gets blended with the finest elements of a Greek salad and an inspired breakfast wrap is born! Greek Scrambled Eggs Enjoy scrambled eggs dotted with tomatoes, spinach, onions and feta. Ham and Cheese Strata Comfort food at its best. Ham, Cheese & Egg Sandwich This fun and fast breakfast sandwich is a hit. Hard-Boiled Eggs Florentine This creative dish is an excellent way to use hard-boiled eggs. Hashbrown Casserole Pour a tasty egg filling over a hashbrown crust and breakfast is served! Make-Ahead Breakfast Casserole Put together the ingredients for this casserole the night before and bake in the morning. Maple-Molasses Baked Beans These beans are truly heaven in a bowl. Time consuming, but well worth it. Mediterranean Omelets A great recipe to be made and enjoyed by two. Mediterranean Quiche Enjoy a quick quiche at your next Sunday brunch. Microwave Breakfast Sandwiches Breakfast can be as close as your microwave. Middle Eastern Breakfast Sandwiches Middle Eastern ingredients meet traditional egg sandwich and magic happens. Minestra di Riso e Fave Hearty and simple. Mushroom Quiche An elegant quiche is perfect for breakfast, brunch or dinner. Night Before Special Eggs Great for entertaining. Omelet Wraps This simple wrap sandwich puts breakfast in your hands in minutes. Open Bean Burgers Satisfy your cravings anytime. Overnight Breakfast Strata The secret is in the night before. Peppy Eggs Benedict A classic Eggs Benedict with a peppy mustard sauce that transforms the dish. Pineapple-Stuffed French Toast Enjoy this lovely breakfast treat by preparing it the night before and baking it in the morning. Poached Eggs Over Couscous This elegant dish is equally at home in the morning or as a simple evening meal. Potato Omelet Breakfast with a German accent. Pumpkin Crepes Try something new this year with a Thanksgiving brunch. Quick and Easy Quiche The key to this great recipe is choosing your fillings wisely. Refried Beans The most popular Mexican side dish ever! Saffron Crème Eggs A special combination of unique ingredients makes this dish delightful. Salad Lyonnaise Salad for brunch? You bet! Salmon Benedict Heaven on a fork. Salsa and Eggs Fast and authentic. Sausage & Asparagus Mini-Quiches These little gems are a great make-ahead, on the go kind of meal. Scalloped Bacon And Eggs This creamy dish is great for brunches. Scotch Eggs This sinfully good treat features eggs and sausage -- how's that for yummy? Simple Omelet Put together the basis omelet and the fillings become the star. Skillet Eggs A complete breakfast in a skillet is what this dish is. Smoked Salmon and Eggs Adding smoked salmon and dill to scrambled eggs makes them elegant. South of Border AM Wrap A quick morning meal featuring the tastes of Mexico. Southwest Potato Frittata This frittata packs a kick with chiles and onions. Spinach-Feta Frittata This simple meal feels at home in the morning, at noon or in the evening. Spinach-Prosciutto Frittata This quick meal is great for brunch or even a light dinner. Sunday Omelet Sauage, veggies and cheese -- oh my! Sunrise Burrito Fast, easy and tasty! Sunshine Quiche Great as a brunch or dinner entree. Taco Pizza with Vegetarian Beans You've never had a pizza so good. Tagliatelle With Faux Turkey-Flavored Bean Croquettes Miss meatballs? Here's a vegetarian alternative. Tex-Mex Eggs Benedict Take the traditional egg dish south of the border this morning. Tortilla and Eggs Mexican breakfast to go. Turkey and Smoked Gouda Quiche Perfect for turkey leftovers. Turkey Divan Open Omelet Broccoli and turkey make an interesting addition to this open-faced omelette. Western Ham and Egg Casserole A perfect use for leftover holiday ham. White Bean and Pesto Sub You'll never look at a sub the same way again. Wild Mushroom Omelets Wild mushrooms and aged cheese make a delightful filling for an omelet. Zucchini Pie Warm and delightful.
Meatless Recipes
Artificial Turkey-Flavored Protein Loaf The Thanksgiving bird -- vegetarian style. Asian Lettuce Wraps Dollop a bit of asian-infused filling into a lettuce leaf and let the fun begin! Avocado and Black Bean Wraps A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Baked Potato Casserole This cheesy casserole is vegetarian comfort food at its best. Baked Spinach Casserole This casserole is downright classy. Baked Vegetable Casserole The texture created by firm tofu and fresh vegetables is unbeatable. Basic Cheese Fondue Enjoy a warm cheese fondue with your favorite dippers. Bihari Aloo Ka Bharta This rich and spicy Indian dish is based on potatoes. Black Bean Curry This is a super simple dish that can be made in your crockpot. Enjoy. Broccoli Cheese Cornbread This cornbread is realy more of a casserole. Calzones A tangy filling makes these hot pockets fantastic. Cheddar and Beer Fondue This fondue can be strongly or mildly flavored depending on the kind of ale you include. Cheese ‘n Vegetable Quesadillas These quesadillas are a tasty way to enjoy south of the border flavor. Cheese and Potato Dumplings Drenched in butter, these stick-to-your-ribs dumplings are a perfect end to a hard day's work. Cheese Enchiladas A taste of the Southwest finds its way to your dinner table. Cheesy Broccoli Casserole This hearty casserole is great for quick entertaining -- especially if you have leftover fondue and broccoli! Cheesy Zucchini Casserole Enjoy this hearty casserole on a cold day. Chile Rellenos A recipe true Mexican households can't be without. Corn Zucchini Casserole This casserole has a simple southern flair to it. Crescent Vegetarian Weiners Every child's favorite. Curried Chick Pea Casserole This easy Indian dish comes together quickly and is a hearty dinner for you and your family. Curried Chickpeas and Cauliflower with Brown Rice A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Curry in a Hurry Using frozen vegetables makes this meal a snap. Easy Falafels The addition of eggs makes these chickpea patties incredibly rich and delicious. Eggplant and Pepper Grill The perfect main course for your summer entertaining. Eggplant Parmiggiana This delightful dish is packed with Italian flavor. Eggplant Parmigianna An Italian classic two ways: one traditional and one tweaked for speed. Eggplant Stir-fry Get your knives sharpened for this peppy stir-fry. Eggplant with Toasted Spices Toasting spices brings out the depth of the flavor in this dish. Enchiladas A Mexican favorite featuring a nice cheese filling. Enchiladas Rancheros A big part of a true Mexican celebration. English Pea Casserole A creative ovo-vegetarian casserole to enjoy. Firecracker Noodles Turn up the heat with these spicy noodles. Fried polenta pasta in sauce This can be made into a meat-based meal by adding meatballs to the sauce of your choice. Frozen Stir-Fry Medley Enjoy stir-fry whenever you want with this freezer to wok recipe. Fruit and Cheese Fondue This tangy cheese fondue is perfect with sweet fruit like apples, pears and oranges. Garden Pizza Blackened peppers, onions, and tomatoes -- YUM. Garden Quesadillas Mix and match and get your guests involved. Gourmet Grilled Cheese Add some splash to your tried and true favorite. Grilled Cajun Tofu This snappy marinade makes this a great choice for a grilled meal. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Sandwiches Capture the flavor of fresh tomatoes from the garden. Grilled Pizza Enjoy the taste of the grill with an unusual pizza tonight. Grilled Veggie Grinders A delightfully seasoned vegetable sandwich. Grilled Veggie Pesto Pizza Enjoy this flavorful pizza when you don't have a lot of time. Guacamole Veggie Burger with Pea Pods, Carrots, and Low-Fat Ranch Dressing A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Hashbrown Casserole This casserole is great as a brunch addition. Heirloom Tomato Tart The crust on this tart is loaded with tasty cheese! Hummus and Veggie Grinder Enjoy a simple sandwich with an exotic touch for your next picnic lunch. Hummus and Veggie Pizza This fast recipe is perfect for a middle of the week meal when time and effort are limited! Kohlrabi and Squash Empanadas These tasty Mexican hot pockets are great with soup or as a starter. Make-Ahead Stuffed Squash Enjoy a simple meal featuring roasted squash stuffed with a spiced, fruited couscous filling. Mediterranean Subs One simple filling goes a long way with these hearty sandwiches. Microwave Vegetarian Enchiladas Quick and simple, these enchiladas are delicious. Mirchi Ka Salaan This spicy chile dish is native to Hyderabad, India. Mixed Vegetable Casserole This casserole is fast and easy. Moroccan-Style Stuffed Acorn Squash This great dish can star as the centerpiece or playing a supporting role to roasted chicken or pork. Moussaka (Vegetarian Eggplant and Cheese) This Moussaka does not have meat - result is a complete vegetarian dish with considerable dimension. Multi-Mushroom Pizza Who says you need pepperoni on your pizza? Mushroom Tart in a Potato Crust This elegant tart is perfect when paired with a tangy green salad and white wine. Olive Tart Veggies and cheese top this light sesame crust. Paneer ki Bhurjee Indian cheese with tomatoes and cilantro. Penne with Can-Can Sauce Convenience foods come together to make dinner a snap. Peppers Stuffed with Quinoa and Cheese This simple recipe is a perfect fall addition to your menu planning. Pinto Bean Tacos A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Porta Pizza Enjoy a pizza featuring grilled portabella mushrooms. Portabello Burgers A perfect summer main course. Potato Curry Enjoy a rich potato curry for dinner tonight. Potato Tofu Casserole A creamy vegetarian delight. Potato with Veggie Chili, Broccoli, and Cheddar A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Rajasthani Gatta Curry Enjoy these chickpea dumplings in a rich curry sauce. Roasted Vegetable Wraps Fast and fabulous. Roasted Vegetables with Couscous A fantastic vegetarian meal that can be enjoyed year round. Roasted Winter Squash Stuffed with Curried Quinoa This delicious dish is great as a side or vegetarian main dish. Roxx's Pizza Fondue Not necessarily meatless if you choose meaty dippers, but traditional bread makes this a meatless meal. Savory Mushroom Tart This delightful tart can be served warm or at room temperature. Savory Nut Loaf This loaf can be enjoyed as a main dish or a side dish. Savory Vegetarian Burger You don't have to go to the grocery store to get veggie burgers anymore. Seared Polenta with Spicy Tomato Sauce This simple dish comes together in under an hour and tastes of summer. Simple Tofu and Veggie Stir-fry Tofu takes on a wonderful texture in this great dish. Simple Zucchini Bake This baked casserole is excellent when served with crusty bread. Snake Bits Funny how you can get kids to eat if you call it something strange! Southwestern Lasagna A blend of Italian and Southwestern flavors gives a decidedly fusion feel to comfort food. Spanakopita Enjoy this Greek pastry featuring feta and spinach. Spinach and Goat Cheese Flatbread Pizza A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Spinach Dumplings On their own or in a dish, these dumplings are a heavenly addition to your regular menu. Squash Casserole The comfort food of summer. Super Quick Eggplant Stir-fry Eggplant gets a decidedly Asian makeover in this easy recipe. Sweet Potato Casserole Marshmallows add extra sweetness. Sweet-Potato Tzimmes A great Passover treat. Tasty Crumble This crumble makes a great vegetarian dinner. Tofu Loaf A simple meatless loaf seasoned with the flavors of onion and tomato. Tofu Parmesan Enjoy this vegetarian version of an all-time favorite, Veal Parmesan. Turkey Patties The name's deceiving -- no meat in this one! Two-Pan Grilled Cheese Forgo the sandwich press and pull out two heavy pans! Vegetarian "No Tom" Turkey Thanksgiving or not, this dish is fantastic! Vegetarian Bacon Cheesewiches Microwave these easy vegetarian hot sandwiches. Vegetarian Corned Beef Hash Who says it can't be done? Vegetarian Liver Walnuts, eggs and onions make a tasty meal. Vegetarian Meatloaf This savory loaf is a perfect cold weather comfort food. Vegetarian Microwave Meatloaf Fast and healthy. What more could you ask for? Tasty? We've got you covered! Vegetarian Turkey Loaf Meatless turkey in the microwave? You bet. Very Veggie Burgers Like veggie burgers, but not the price? Here's your solution. Victoria's Spicy Vegetarian Protein Loaf Comfort food, vegetarian-style. Winter Casserole with Herb Dumplings Here's the cure for what ails you.
Muffins, Pancakes and French Toast Recipes
Apple Cinnamon Muffins These muffins are great warm with cinnamon-honey butter. Apple Muffins Fresh out of the oven, these sweets are too tempting. Apple Oven Pancake Great for brunch with company. Apple Pockets Sweet fritter-like pockets filled with bits of tender apple make for a fantastic breakfast treat. Bacon Pancakes Sweet and savory meet together to satisfy you first thing in the morning. Bacon Pancakes Nestling bacon into fluffy pancakes makes for a delightful breakfast experience. Baked Stuffed French Toast This make ahead breakfast treat is pure heaven. Banana Bran Muffins Simple and satisfying. Banana Nut Muffins What a great brunch idea for your table. Banana-Almond Muffins These muffins have a moist, yet crunchy texture. Banana-Pecan Whole Wheat Pancakes Light and fluffy and good for you. Banana-Walnut Waffles Enjoy a delightful and healthy breakfast. Basic Whole Wheat Pancake Mix Make this mix in large batches so that pancakes can be a quick fix. Belgian Waffles Enjoy them anytime! Blueberry Muffins Everyone's favorite is here. Blueberry Stuffed French Toast Welcome spring with a great make-ahead brunch dish. Blueberry Yogurt Muffins These quick muffins use frozen blueberries to keep your batter from turning blue! Blueberry Zucchini Bread Great as a quick breakfast treat, this bread can also be made as muffins. Blueberry-Lemon Mini-Muffins These tangy gems are perfect for munching on while breakfast cooks. Boxty (Potato Griddle Cakes) These breakfast treats feature both raw and mashed potato. Bread Crumb Pancakes A creative way to enjoy leftover bread crumbs. Breakfast Puffs These sweets will be a hit with the kids. Breakfast Scones Easy recipe; have the kids help. Buttermilk Pancakes These traditional morning favorites are good enough to eat on their own. Cheddar Chive Pancakes These savory pancakes are terrific when a rich white sauce is spooned over them. Cheesecake Pancakes These delightful pancakes are truly decadent and a perfect way to enjoy summer berries. Cherry Buttermilk Scones These tangy treats are a great way to start a day. Chocolate Crepes with Strawberries Decadent enough for dessert, but packing enough nuitrition for breakfast, surprise someone special with breakfast in bed. Chocolate Pancakes Break out your favorite hot chocolate mix -- it's time to make pancakes! Chocolate Waffles Treat yourself to something special this weekend. Cinnamon Apple Crepes A perfect fall brunch idea. Cinnamon Pancakes with Maple-Pear Syrup These fluffy pancakes take full advantage of the height of the pear season. Cinnamon-Raisin French Toast with Mixed Berry Compote Summer's last hurrah in a breakfast sensation. Cinnamon-Vanilla Pancakes These sweet treats are great with maple syrup and baked apples. Cocoa Oatmeal Muffins Breakfast or dessert, these muffins work! Coconut Pancakes A taste of the tropics at home. Coffee Walnut Chocolate Chip Muffins In a word: yum :) Cranberry Oat Muffins Tangy cranberries add a special tartness to these simple muffins. Cranberry-Almond Scones These treats are wonderful with the perfect cup of coffee. Cranberry-Marmalade Muffins These muffins can be made with any marmalade, but orange is a favorite. Cranberry-Orange Muffins These simple muffins are delightful gems to serve anytime. Crepes Making and freezing directions included. Dutch Baby A dish somewhere between a pancake and a souffle that's wonderful with fresh fruit. Easy Potato Pancakes Use defrosted hashbrowns to make quick and easy potato pancakes. Eggnog French Toast Enjoy a festive breakfast or brunch dish this holiday season. Eggnog Muffins Put these out with a holiday brunch buffet. Flax Banana Nut Muffins These nutritional powerhouses are a great way to start your day. Fluffy Pancakes These gems live up to their names! Fresh Fruit Blintzes A lowfat breakfast treat. Fruit Medley French Toast A breakfast treat baked to perfection. Fruitcake Muffins A nod to holiday tastes without the bad for your waistline effects. Fruity Bran Muffins Tasty and good. Good For You Pumpkin Muffins What more can you ask for? Indian Corn Muffins Have baked goodness ready in minutes. I-Need-To-Use-These-Bananas Muffins Use those bananas and get a muffin that's good and good for you! Irish Herb Scones These five-herb scones are great with tea. Irish Potato Cakes Enjoy these cakes with honey for breakfast or brunch. Irish Potato Pancakes Don't expect the American version -- these flavorful cakes are pure Irish. Johnny Cake Enjoy a taste of history. Layered Spinach Pancakes An elegant addition to your next brunch. Matzo-Meal Pancakes Enjoy these nutty pancakes all year round. Mock Stuffed French Toast Hurry up and pamper yourself! Mom's Refrigerator Muffins A breakfast treasure anytime. Night Before Caramel Rolls Great for entertaining. Nutmeg Pancakes The flavor of nutmeg is strong in these oven pancakes. Oatmeal Pancakes These hearty pancakes are a great way to enjoy maple syrup. Open-Faced Banana English Muffins You have no excuses to miss breakfast now. Orange Crepes Have Paris at your breakfast table. Orange Date Muffins These fruity muffins are perfect for setting out on a cool morning with hot coffee and tea. Oven Pancake with Fruit When you have a lot of seasonal fresh fruit, enjoy it in the morning with this elegant presentation. Oven Pancakes A fluffy marriage of pancakes and popovers with great topping ideas. Peach & Feta Muffins These gems are sure to impress. Peach French Toast Relax in a B&B atmosphere with this breakfast treat. Peaches and Cream Muffins These delightful muffins are studded with fresh peaches. Peachy Muffins These mix 'n match ingredient muffins give you several choices in one recipe. Peachy Oven Pancake This delightful breakfast item bakes in the oven while you enjoy the aroma. Pear and Granola Crepes with Pear-Lemon Yogurt Sauce Who has hours to make breakfast? You don't need them! Pear-Cranberry Breakfast Muffins Enjoy this simple muffin recipe that's packed with fruit, nuts and fiber. Pumpkin Muffins Serve warm with a bit of butter -- yum! Pumpkin Nut Waffles What a way to start the day. Pumpkin Waffles In the autumn, nothing compares with these tasty waffles dripping with maple syrup. Pumpkin-Chocolate Chip Muffins These sweet treats are great for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Pumpkin-Spice French Toast This festive French toast is perfect for your holiday entertaining. Rise and Shine Muffins These muffins have it all. Rye Muffins Good and good for you. Sour Cream Pancakes These thin pancakes are perfect with fresh berries. Spiced Peach Oatmeal Muffins These muffins make a good breakfast or after school snack. Strawberry Mini-Muffins Strawberries make these muffins perfect for a special brunch. Strawberry Muffins These gems are perfect for a quick breakfast during the week. Strawberry Stripe Muffins Simple and beautiful. Stuffed French Toast Have a piece of heaven. Traditional Pancakes Light and fluffy and perfect. Very Berry Muffins Sweet and satisfying Whole Wheat Pancakes Sour cream in the batter keeps these pancakes light and fluffy. Wicklow Pancakes These savory pancakes need only a dab of butter on top. Zucchini Muffins These muffins are packed with lots of healthy ingredients and make a great breakfast on the go. Zucchini Pancakes Vegetables in pancakes? You bet!!!
Pasta, Rice and Grains Recipes
15 Minute Vegetable Lo Mein Who needs meat for it to be dinner? 15-Minute Pasta Toss So fast, you'll hardly notice making it. 20-Minute Pasta Elegance on the table in 20 minutes … it's bliss. Asti Spumante Risotto Enjoy a classic Italian favorite. Baked Cavatelli Comfort food -- vegetarian style. Baked Herbed Rice This special Greek-inspired dish is good as an entrée or an accompaniment to grilled foods. Baked Penne with Chicken and Tomatoes This simple baked dish is a great short-cut weekday alternative to lasagna. Baked Rice Casserole This simple casserole has only five ingredients. Baked Risotto Primavera Save a lot of stirring by using your oven for this simple risotto. Basil and Walnut Pesto Pasta with Side Salad and Light Vinaigrette A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Bean Loaf Beans, rice and veggies make this a meal in a loaf pan. Serve it topped with your favorite gravy. Bean Tips Get a wide variety of tips and suggestions on preparing beans. Boston Fried Tempeh A vegetarian delight as an appetizer or otherwise. Bowtie Pasta with Scallops This tasty dish can be an entrée or a side dish as needed. Breakfast Couscous A nice twist on hot cereal for those chilly mornings. Breakfast Rice Leftover rice gets an AM makeover. Broccoli, Cheese and Rice Casserole The name says it all. Bulgur and Lentil Pilaf This elegant side dish is healthy and delicious. Bulgur Pilaf with Garlic Shrimp This creative dish is a perfect accompaniment to a Middle Eastern grillout. Butternut Squash with Whole Wheat, Wild Rice, and Onion Stuffing This elegant entrée will be a great turkey stand-in at a vegetarian Thanksgiving. California Pilaf Raisins and almonds stud this festive pilaf. Caribbean Rice and Beans A perfect side to jerk pork or chicken. Chick Pea and Rice Casserole Enjoy this unusual casserole when time is short. Chick Peas and Rice This rich dish is a main course in disguise. Christmas Oatmeal This decadent oatmeal is a festive way to start the day. Christmas Porridge Slow cooked porridge gets dressed up with brown sugar and honeyed berries. Couscous With Chorizo & Chickpeas A creative dish that's on the table in less than a half hour. Creamy Garden Pasta This simple dish takes advantage of fresh vegetables and whatever else you happen to have on hand! Creamy Red Lentils This wonderful dal makes a great addition to an Indian dinner or alone as a simple lunch. Crispy Tuna Casserole French fried onions add flavor and crunch to this casserole. Crunchy AM Oatmeal This hearty morning meal will keep you going for hours. Curried Chickpeas and Cauliflower with Brown Rice A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Curried Pumpkin Pasta Pasta gets a decidedly fall makeover with a creamy curried pumpkin sauce. Easy Breezy Tuna Casserole This easy casserole is great for a busy day. Easy Sesame Noodles A little peanut butter and spicy seasonings gives ordinary noodles a taste of Thailand. Easy Shrimp Primavera Take the work out of this great dish. Elbows With Meatless Sauce A quick vegetarian alternative to spaghetti and meat sauce. Express Shrimp & Sausage Jambalaya You don't have to sacrifice the traditional smoky punch of this Cajun favorite just because you're short on time. Farfalle with Smoked Turkey, Mushrooms and Peas This one-dish meal is great for feeding a hungry family when time's limited. Fideo A meatless Mexican-inspired pasta dish gets its flavor from fresh ingredients. Firecracker Noodles Turn up the heat with these spicy noodles. Foxxy's Rice Serve with your favorite Tex-Mex foods. Fresh Pasta with Roasted Peppers Use a variety for flavor and color. Fried Rice The traditional Chinese accompaniment. Fried Rice Bowl with Broccoli and Shrimp A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Fried Rice with Ginger and Spring Onions Ginger adds a little kick to this fried rice dish. Fruity Chicken Tetrazzini Simple and satisfying. Greek Spinach Rice (Spanakorizo) This famous rice dish is wonderful with Greek salads and crusty bread. Herbed Rice A tasty side dish that works everywhere. Holiday Lentil Loaf Lentils pair with wild rice and nuts to make an elegant meatless entrée. Holiday Oatmeal Oatmeal's boring? Not when you pair it with your favorite holiday flavors. Holiday Vegetarian Lasagne Get your fill for the season. Indian Jambalaya A creative fusion cuisine dish to enjoy. Italian Pasta with Tomato and Basil No picnic is complete without it. Jalapeno Risotto A tangy classic with some kick. Kappa Maki A vegetarian sushi roll. Lasagna A classic Italian favorite. Lasagna del Bar Azzurri Traditional Italian recipe … for those that love Italian cooking. Lemon Dijon Pasta Great tasting and great for you! Lemon Pepper Fettucine with Portabella-Red Pepper Sauce An elegant meal that's simple to prepare. Leon's Stepped-Up Rice This peppy rice has peppers in it. Linguine with Fresh Tomato Sauce Summer in a bowl. Linguine with Tomato Clam Sauce A perfect start to a big Italian feast. Linguini with Broccoli and Red Peppers Summer on a plate. Macaroni and Cheese Casserole The ultimate in comfort food features cheese and pasta. Macaroni and Vegetable Bake This simple one-dish meal can satisfy your cold weather cravings. Macaroni Pie A true Italian classic that takes advantage of leftovers and a quick cooking recipe. Make-Ahead Manicotti Stuffed pastas don't have to be a fussy dish anymore. Mandarin-Cranberry Rice Dressing A perfect holiday combo, cranberries and oranges feature in this elegant side. Manicotti Pasta tubes filled with cheese. Marti's Fruity and Nutty Granola A delicious start to your morning and a great way to give the gift of love. Mexican-Style Risotto This south of the border rice dish is a great accompaniment to any Mexican menu. Mom's American Lasagna Old fashioned flavor perfect for eating and storing. Mrs. Minnie's Macaroni and Cheese Yes, it can be party food! Nicoise Pasta Your pantry brings you a quick meal in times of need. Nutty Noodles Peanut butter gives these noodles an exotic flavor. One-Step Lasagna This simple meatless main dish is made in the microwave. Orange, Nut and Raisin Risotto This risotto has a lovely blend of fall fruits and nuts -- perfect for Thanksgiving. Orchiette with Salmon and Asparagus This quick meal is delicious and good for you. Overnight Oatmeal Let your crockpot make you breakfast. Pasta All'Aglio Tender pasta with fresh veggies -- how nice! Pasta and Vegetable Stir Fry Choose your favorites for this one. Pasta On-The-Go A delightful mix of chili and rich pasta sauce. Pasta with Fresh Sardine Sauce Pasta, tomatoes and sardines -- what a combo. Pasta with Pepper Sauce The sauce for this dish comes together easily with a food processor and some choice ingredients. Pasta with Roasted Vegetables This creative main course can be served hot or cold, indoors or outdoors. Peanut Butter-Banana Oatmeal Making oatmeal overnight in a crockpot means a wonderful aroma to wake up with. Penne with Can-Can Sauce Convenience foods come together to make dinner a snap. Penne with Fennel, Tomato and Cheese A pasta dish fit for a king. Consider it for a meatless meal. Pesto Rice Add pine nuts to this simple dish to add texture. Prawns with Angel Hair Pasta Quick and easy, this springtime dish is light and creative. Pumpkin Cheese Risotto Risotto with a decidedly autumn twist. Pumpkin Oatmeal Roasting oatmeal in a pumpkin for breakfast really celebrates fall! Pumpkin Risotto This simple rice dish is great paired with any poultry. Pumpkin-Ginger Oatmeal This quick breakfast is perfect for the fall season. Quick Paella If you are looking for the flavors of Spain in the middle of the week, look no further than this fast and simple recipe. Quick Rosemary Pasta This quick dish takes advantage of just a few ingredients to get a great flavor. Quick Thai Noodles Imagine dinner in 15 minutes. Now imagine it tasting fantastic! Red Beans and Rice Southern comfort food at its best! Say Cheese Think of it as the ultimate in macaroni and cheese. Scottish Porridge A hot and hearty breakfast cereal. Shitake Maki A great sushi roll featuring flavorful mushrooms. Shrimp & Vegetable Lo Mein This simple Asian dish comes together in minutes. Shrimp with Asparagus Chow Mein This creative twist on a favorite means springtime's favorites are the stars of the show. Smoked Salmon with Creamy Pasta This easy dish can be made with grilled chicken as well. Sonja’s Persian Rice This tasty dish is actually crunchy. South Beach Chicken Paella A lean version of the Spanish original. Southwestern Lasagna A blend of Italian and Southwestern flavors gives a decidedly fusion feel to comfort food. Spaghetti An old Italian favorite. Spaghetti Casserole This creamy baked casserole is based on the love of a spaghetti dinner. Spanish Rice A hearty Mexican accompaniment. Speedy Cajun Pasta This Cajun-inspired dish comes together in minutes. Speedy Greek Couscous Couscous gets a pick-up with sauteed veggies and cheese. Spinach Rice Pilaf This tasty dish is a great addition to any spring or summer brunch. Stuffed Shells Pasta stuffed with cheese and served with a tomato sauce. Sushi Rice The building block of great sushi. Sweet Rice Fast fun from the past. Sweet-Potato Rice Pilaf Try serving this unique side dish with turkey or chicken. Tagliatelle with Chili Tomato Sauce Traditional bow tie pasta gets a spicy kick. Tandoori Chicken Primavera A new twist on an old favorite. Toasted Granola Enjoy a citrus-kissed toasted granola teeming with rolled oats, nuts and fruit. Tomato & Bacon Pasta This simple pasta is perfect for showcasing the season's best tomatoes. Tomato Basil Capellini A great Valentine's Day recipe brought to us by Sandra Lee. Tortellini with Ham and Peas Enjoy this great combination topped with melted cheese. Two Meat Lasagna Enjoy this classic casserole with two kinds of meat. Vegetable Lasagna Make fresh lasagna in 45 minutes! Vegetarian Holiday Lasanga Enjoy this rich dish over the holidays. White Bean, Tomato, and Basil Pasta A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Wild Rice and Veggie Blend Use your pressure cooker to get dinner on the table in minutes. Wild Rice Pilaf with Apples and Pecans This delightful pilaf can star in a meatless meal if paired with a lovely salad and fried mushrooms. Wild Rice with Tea A strongly flavored wild rice blend is perfect for entertaining menus.
Pies, Tarts and Cobblers Recipes
All-American Apple Pie This great apple pie is packed with great spices and tart apples inside a flaky crust. Apple and Maple-Walnut Cobbler This delicious cobbler is surprisingly easy to make. Apple Brown Betty This very old recipe takes advantage of bread crumbs and fresh apples. Apple Cobbler Great tasting and great for you! Apple Cream Pie A reminder of grandma's kitchen. Apple Crisp A perfect treat to snuggle up with in front of the fire. Apple Crunch This dish is so good for you, you could actually have it for breakfast as well! Apple Crunch Cobbler This dessert is not only tasty, it's good for you too. Apple Pear Crisp Your favorite fall fruits in one great dessert. Apple Pie in a Bag This neat dessert is perfect for entertaining. Apple Rhubarb Mulberry Pie A combination of three fruits makes for a pie that's heavenly. Apple-Apricot Tart Simple and satisfying. Apple-Puddeny Pie A taste of Ireland in a slice. Avocado Pie Enjoy this unusual dessert anytime. Basic Fruit Crisp or Cobbler Get the basics down in this recipe, then mix and match toppings and fillings. Blueberry Buckle Cousin to the cobbler and crisp, enjoy a fruity buckle this spring. Blueberry Peach Crostata Enjoy this delicious recipe from the 12 Best Foods Cookbook. Blueberry-Coconut Tartlets An elegant end to a meal, these tartlets will wow your guests. Boston Cream Pie Light, but oh-so-rich. Bourbon Sweet Potato Pie A decadent dessert that tastes like it's made from scratch - but isn't! Butter Pecan Ice Cream Pie Summer in a slice, this ice cream pie is easy to make and delightful to taste. Candy Cane Chiffon Pie Your solution to leftover candy canes. Cappuccino Pie Dessert and beverage in one! Cheesecake Pudding Pie Sweet and simple. Chess Pie Bring back memories of childhood. Chiffon Pumpkin Pie with Hazelnut Crunch Topping A twist on the traditional pumpkin pie. A lighter and fluffier rendition. Chinese Egg Custard Tarts These tarts are an unusal end to any oriental meal. Chocolate Banana Cream Pie A cookie crust makes this pie a double delight. Chocolate Chess Pie A twist on the original. Chocolate Cream Pie This dreamy pie is easy to put together the day before a gathering. Chocolate Mudslide Frozen Pie This chocolate and coffee-flavored frozen pie is going to be the hit of your next party. Chocolate Pie A chocolate lover's delight. Chris` Favorite Cherry Pie A simple pie that's ready in minutes. Classic Crisp Topping This simple topping is actually very high in fiber too. Cocoa Substitute Mince Pie A combination of fresh and dried fruit makes this pie tasty and good for you. Cookie Cobbler Topping Enjoy the taste of butter cookies on a special fruity dessert tonight. Cranberry-Pear Crumble Enjoy this warm dessert with a scoop of ice cream. Cranberry-Pear Fruit Filling This tangy filling is perfect for pies, cobblers and crisps. Cream Lime Pie This tangy dessert is both easy and quick. Creamsicle Pie Summer's favorite ice cream treat inspries a creamy pie. Dark Chocolate Refrigerator Pie This wonderful pie has a tofu-based filling that makes it perfect for the lactose intolerant. Dutch Apple Crumble Think apple pie without the crust. Easy Black Forest Pie This simple pie goes together in minutes, yet tastes like it took hours to make. Easy Peach Tart Have baked goodness ready in minutes. Eggnog Pie Have your eggnog and your dessert in one. Fall Fruit Pie Cranberries and raisins and oranges, oh my! Faux Pumpkin Pie (Squash) No one will know that you didn't use pumpkin in this tasty pie. Flaky Butter Pie Crust Decadent and delicious. Fresh Cherry Pie Wonderfully sweet with just a hint of tang. Frozen Sorbet Pie A chilly treat. Gingered Strawberry Tart An unusual flavor combination is sure to charmed your holiday guests. Grannie's Pumpkin Pie Recipe An old-fashioned pumpkin pie filling allows you to choose your favorite pie shell to finish the job. Granny's Quick Apple Pies These individual desserts can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. Great Grandma's Fruit Cobbler This easy cobbler can be made with a wide variety of fruit -- use what's on hand. Holiday Ice Cream Pie Cranberries make their way into a holiday ice cream pie. Ice Cream Sundae Pie This festive dessert is perfect for a summer party. Lattice Crust Peach Pie Using premade crusts makes this pie easy. Lemon Ice Cream Pie Imagine a lemon meringue pie that's frozen and you'll be looking at this dessert. Lemon Meringue Pie This classic favorite is best made with fresh lemons for the freshest taste. Lemon Meringue Pie A tangy classic. Lemon-Raspberry Tart This refreshing tart is served frozen. Little Cherry Pies A great dessert to make with kids. Maple Pecan Pie A classic treat with a sweet secret. Marbled Mocha Tart This dessert is absolutely beautiful to look at and even tastier to enjoy. Melba Spice Pie Could anything be as lovely as peaches and raspberries? Mixed Berry Fruit Filling This sweet filling is great for pies, cobblers and crisps. Orange Cream Pie A light and refreshing citrus pie makes summer a festive occasion. Orange Custard Tartlets These creamy, dreamy desserts are truly elegant. Orchard Strudel Pie Apple pie with raisins and a strudel topping. Peach Cobbler A tried and true favorite. Peach Cobbler 'Tis the season for enjoying peaches. Peach-Blueberry Crumble This simple crumble is perfect for baking while you sit down to a family meal. When dinner's done, so is dessert! Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie This creamy pie is a dreamy addition to any dessert buffet. Pecan Nut Crust Perfect for custard-style fillings. Pecan Pie An all-time favorite for your table. Pine-Apple Crisp This quick dessert gets its flavor from fresh apples and pineapple preserves. Pumpkin Pie This recipe is a necessity for everyone taking part in fall entertaining. Pumpkin Pie Traditional and hard to beat. Enjoy this seasonal treat. Quick and Easy Cherry Pie So simple, it's almost embarassing! Rhubarb Crisp Fresh and fast...what more could you want? Rhubarb Crisp Tart Enjoy the season's best fruit in this tangy, easy dessert. Rhubarb Tart This tangy treat screams for spring. Scott's Egg Custard Pie A rich dessert for your festive table. Simple Cherry-Apple Crisp This warm dessert speaks plainly of fall. Enjoy it with ice cream. Simple Rhubarb Crisps Making dessert is as simple as making a delightful sauce that is equally at home on a scoop of ice cream. Sky-High Strawberry Pie Anyone who loves strawberries will love this pie. Sour Cherry Cobbler This cobbler is elegant enough for company. Special Christmas Tarts 'Tis the season for yummy treats. Strawberry Cobbler Add a little ice cream and you've got heaven. Strawberry Tarts Have a fresh strawberry dessert in minutes. Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp Pie has nothing on this tangy crisp that brings together two springtime superstars. Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp Enjoy this springtime super-star combo for dessert tonight. Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie A traditional spring favorite. Super Easy Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie The epitome of summer finds its way to your table. Sweet Potato Pie A great autumn treat that is simple to put together. Sweet Potato Pie A southern comfort favorite. Texas Pecan Pie The best pecan pie for Thanksgiving. Traditional Pecan Pie Nothing says comfort food like pecan pie. Two-crust Piecrust (Using Lard) Just what it says! Ultimate Easy Ice Cream Pie This simple ice cream pie is perfect for summer entertaining. Ultra-Quick Strawberry Pie This simple pie recipe has only a few ingredients and a lot of flavor. Uncle James' Peach Cobbler All you need in addition is a tall glass of iced tea. Upside-Down Apple Pie Carmel and apple taste abound in this sweet dessert.
Pork Recipes
Apple City Barbecue Grand World Champion Ribs Enjoy Grand World Champion worthy ribs. Apple Pear Pork Loin Chops The most unusual treatment of pork chops that will have your mouth watering. Apricot Glazed Ham An Easter delight. Asian Pork Lettuce Wraps Fantastic spicy pork and veggies find themselves wrapped in crisp lettuce. Asian-Style Pork Cutlets These simple cutlets can be on the table in about 20 minutes. Baked Ham and Rice Enjoy this savory dish packed with veggies. Baked Ham with Sweet Bourbon-Mustard Glaze The glaze for this ham makes it a special holiday treat. Baked Ham with Sweet Bourbon-Mustard Glaze The glaze on this ham makes the holidays complete. Baked Smoked Ham Adding strawberry jam to the glaze makes this ham special. Barbecued Spare Ribs The sauce for these tasty ribs finds a taste of the orient with the addition of soy sauce and fresh ginger. Barbeque Pork Roast A simple, fork tender roast is perfect for making your meal stretch. Bar-b-qued Canned Ham and Peaches What a great way to celebrate. BBQ Pork Ribs Use Phil's BBQ Sauce to make perfect ribs anytime. BBQ Pork Tacos These simple tacos come together in minutes! Beer-Chops Pork Chops with a German accent. Belly Pork Casserole with Chinese Mushrooms This oriental-inspired casserole is sure to keep you warm in the cooler months of the year. Carnitas This traditionally Mexican dish makes a great filling for pulled pork sandwiches, tacos, taquitos, enchiladas and more. Chinese Pork Chops A unique blend of culinary favorites. Cider Roast Use your crock pot to make dinner tonight. Cinnamon-Glazed Ham A fantastic holiday meal made in the crockpot. Country Ribs with Asian-Rhubarb Sauce Rhubarb gets away from its roll as the pie plant by starring in a tangy sauce for ribs. Cranberry Pork Ribs Your crockpot makes these ribs extra tender and extra tasty. Cranberry-Apricot Pork Tenderloins A delightful alternative to the Thanksgiving turkey. Creole Stuffed Peppers These tasty peppers are brimming with creole goodness. Crockpot Carnitas A traditional Mexican filling of tender pork flavored with cumin. Crockpot Scalloped Ham and Potatoes Make a family favorite without the work. Curried Peach Pork Pork chops get a spicy sweet treatment. Drexler's Ribs These melt-in-your-mouth ribs will be the star of your next BBQ. French Bread Pizza Have two today; two next month! Fruity Crockpot Ribs Use your crockpot when things get rushed to make a mouth-watering meal without the fuss. Fruity Grilled Pork Chops Enjoy a fruity chutney with these chops. Garlic Pork Chops with Balsamic Vinegar These great chops are perfect grill fare. Green Chile An economical way to feed a crowd. Grilled Orange Glazed Ham Enjoy something a little different this Easter. Grilled Pork Kebabs Now you can grill pork without the worry. Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Blackberry Mustard Sauce This elegant dish takes surprisingly little time to prepare and gets an added touch of class from the special sauce. Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Blackberry-Mustard Sauce This special dish is deceptively easy to prepare. Grilled Pork with Rice Noodles and Vegetables The taste of Vietnam. Ham and Potato Hash Breakfast never had it so good. Ham and Scalloped Potatoes These creamy spuds are a favorite addition to Sunday dinner. Ham Casserole with Asparagus and Cheddar Cheese A great way to use leftover ham from Easter. Ham Loaf A simple twist on the traditional meat loaf. Ham Tagliatelle A fast and tasty meal with German flair. Hawaiian Pizza This pizza gets zing from tangy pineapple. Honey Glazed Pork Loin A great grilled meal starts with a special glaze. Honey-Lime Chops with Melon A creative summertime twist on your favorite chops. Honey-Mustard Pork Tenderloin Roasting a pork tenderloin means a no-fuss, delicious dinner. Jack Daniel's Glazed Ham Whisky makes for a tangy-sweet glaze for salty ham. July Fourth Pork Barbecue A simple slow cooker recipe to the rescue! Larry’s Holiday Ham Simple and delicious. What more could you ask for? Maple Grilled Pork Tenderloin Use your grill to save time and effort this Easter. Mustard-Crusted Pork Tenderloin Pork tenderloin takes on a tangy flavor when cooked quickly in an electric skillet with a special glaze. Mustard-Grilled Pork Chops Enjoy a flavor explosion on the grill for your next cookout. Olivie Potatoes and ham star in this Russian dish. Open-Faced Pork Sandwiches Putting your slow cooker to work means a meal that's easy to put together for you. Orange-Ginger Roasted Pork Tenderloin A simple glaze makes this dish taste special. Oriental Bulgur Bowl By using leftover pork and quick-cooking ingredients like bulgur, this main dish meal is done in minutes. Peach-Glazed Ham Steaks Enjoy this sweet and salty treat. Perfect Pork Injection Sauce This injection sauce uses the flavors of apples and bourbon to make a roast perfect. Pizza with White Beans, Prosciutto & Rosemary Salty Italian ham makes this pizza good and good for you! Pork and Broccoli Stir-Fry Get dinner on the table in 10 minutes. Pork and Broccoli Stir-fry This delightful stir-fry will tempt your tastebuds and make you smile. Pork and Vegetable Lo Mein Simple and satisfying. Pork Chops Over Apple Stuffing The stuffing in this recipe includes oatmeal and dried cranberries. Pork Chops with Black Bean Sauce This Asian-inspired dish can be on your table in about 20 minutes. Pork Chops with Cherry-Wine Sauce This elegant dish is actually very easy. Pork Chops with Peach Barbecue Sauce Sweet and tangy, this sauce makes these chops. Pork Chops with Sweet Potato Gravy Enjoy this healthy dish from the 12 Best Foods Cookbook. Pork Medallions with Cranberry Compote A perfect holiday meal that only takes minutes. Pork Roast and Cranberry Dressing This great dish is great for entertaining. Pork Spareribs A grilled delight. Pork Stir-Fry Use a marinated pork tenderloin to give you a tender stir-fry every time. Pork Tacos This delightful entrée is perfect for summer entertaining. Pork Tenderloin with Zucchini and Onions This quick meal starts on the stove and finishes in the oven to make a great weekday meal. Pork Vindaloo This famous Indian dish is wonderful comfort food. Pull-Apart Pizza Skip making the dough -- have fun with the toppings. Roast Pork Enjoy pork roasted on the grill for a summer treat. Roasted Pork and Autumn Vegetables This dish is a meal in a roasting pan! Rotisserie Pork Roast with Rosemary, Garlic, and Balsamic Vinegar Use your rotisserie to get a pork roast that's to die for. Slow-Cooked BBQ Pork Ribs Enjoy this Sunday dinner classic without spending Sunday in the kitchen! Smoky Pork Tenderloin This simple dish gets its flavor from liquid smoke and some time on the grill. Speedy Pulled Pork Use the pressure cooker to have pulled pork on the table in about an hour. Spicy Beer-brined Grilled Pork Loin A beautiful marinade makes for a beautiful meal. Spicy Pork Chops with Fresh Herb Relish A hearty pork chop that nods to winter is paired with a fresh relish that embraces spring. Spinach and Garlic Stuffed Pork Roast A double-butterflied roast is stuffed with a special filling and roasted to perfection. Steamed Pork Dumplings These dumplings are easy to make. Stir-Fried Green Beans with Pork & Chilies This spicy dish is fantastic and quick to make. Dinner will be on the table in the time it takes to make rice to have with it. Strawberry-Baked Ham This unique ham is paired with one of summer's favorite fruits. Sweet & Sour Pork A taste of the orient in your kitchen and on your table. Sweet Broccoli With Pork A great way to get the kids to eat their vegetables. Sweet Java BBQ'd Pork Chops The key to this dish is the sauce that uses coffee. Sweet Potato and Ham Hash An unusual twist on a breakfast hash. Szechuan Pork Let your crockpot cook for you. Tortilla Manicotti A fusion of Italian and Mexican will have your mouth singing. Vietnamese Pork Rolls These tasty rolls are a great appetizer or entrée.
Poultry Recipes
All-Day Mediterranean Chicken Stew Use your slow cooker to do your cooking for you. Bagged Roast Turkey With Cornbread, Chestnut, and Sage Stuffing Perfect for Thanksgiving entertaining! Baked Chicken Fingers These tender morsels are better for you than what you'll find at the drive-in window. Baked Chicken with Onions and Asparagus Make weekday entertaining more than feasible -- make it fun. Baked Chicken With Orange-Pineapple Juice Celebrate life with this tangy meal. Baked Mango and Almond Chicken Your guests won't believe how simple it is. Baked Penne with Chicken and Tomatoes This simple baked dish is a great short-cut weekday alternative to lasagna. Baked Turkey Tenderloin with Winter Squash Perfect for small Thanksgiving gatherings. Barbequed Chicken Legs with Soy Sauce and Mustard Serve these chicken legs at your next backyard barbeque. BBQ Chicken Sandwich with Balsamic Spinach Salad A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. BBQ Chicken Sandwiches Enjoy this sandwich as a meal or a snack. Beer Can Chicken A traditional grilling recipe can be easily doubled or tripled for large groups. Bishop Jewel's Herb Roasted Capon Any celebration's crowning jewel. Broiled Chicken with Mango Ginger and Cilantro The flavors of India permeate this great dish. Buffalo Wings A complete recipe -- including blue cheese dressing. Cheesy Chicken Casserole Make this casserole ahead and freeze it for another day. Chicken & Asparagus Thai Curry This spicy dish combines fresh vegetables and chicken with a creamy sauce. Chicken & Feta Calzones Enjoy these hot pockets tonight. Chicken and Hummus Pizza Fast and fabulous. Chicken and Orzo Make dinner in minutes with a pressure cooker. Chicken and Rice Casserole This simple one dish meal takes less than an hour to get to your dinner table. Chicken and Rice Casserole Make this simple casserole ahead and enjoy it another day. Chicken Biriyani Use your rice cooker to make this special occasion dish whenever the mood strikes. Chicken Breasts in Champagne Sauce What could be more festive than a rich, creamy chicken dish featuring champagne? Chicken Bruschetta An Italian appetizer inspires a delightful main dish. Chicken Cacciatori Sometimes called Hunter's Chicken; a dish for many. Chicken Chow Mein Let your crockpot cook for you. Chicken Imperial What a great flavor. Chicken in Creamy Mushroom Sauce A classic that's good for you. Chicken Oriental Casserole This casserole can be made ahead and either refrigerated or frozen for another day. Chicken Packets Make these tasty packets the next time you're camping. Chicken Pasta Milanese This simple dish takes advantage of convenience items to make it fast to put together. Chicken Picatta Never turn on your stove to make this simple dish. Chicken Pot Pie Use leftovers, frozen veggies, and premade pastry to make this recipe fast. Chicken Teriyaki Delightful Asian flavors … on the grill. Chicken Tikka A simple Indian dish from The Spice is Right. Chicken Veggi Pitas One truly refreshing sandwich. Chicken with Cherry Sauce Elegance with a bit of a sweet tooth. Chicken with Pumpkin Seeds Try this elegant dish on a cool autumn day. Chicken with Tomatoes and Olives This hearty stew is wonderful heaped into bowls and enjoyed in front of the fire. Chicken, Leek and Parsley Pie Enjoy this one on your next picnic. Chicken, Zucchini and Mushroom Pizza This fast meal bakes in minutes and is sure to be a real crowd-pleaser. Chili-Tator Casserole This simple leftover casserole is similar to Sheppard's Pie. Chinese Chicken in a Bag This delightful recipe gives you a succulent dinner and leftovers as well. Choose-a-Flavor Baked Chicken A fast, easy dinner with 3 marinade ideas. Citrus Chicken A light, refreshing flavor. Citrus Chicken Kabobs These are great for a main dish or appetizer -- depending on how many you have! Citrus-Grilled Chicken This simple recipe requires a day for marinating and minutes for grilling. Confetti Turkey Stew Thanksgiving leftovers never had it so good! Cornish Hens in Cranberry-Orange Sauce So versatile and so easy. Creamy Chicken and Wine Use your crockpot to make this delightful dish and serve it over hot noodles or rice. Crepes Almondine A delicious brunch recipe for entertaining. Crispy Chicken Nugget Kabobs These easy kabobs can be dipped into your favorite fondue for a special menu. Crockpot Chicken Curry This one-dish meal is so easy to make, you'll want to have it at least once a month! Crockpot Tacos Let your crockpot give you a spicy chicken taco filling with only a few minutes of work. Crockpot Turkey Breast Who says you can't have an effortless Thanksgiving? Crockpot White Chili Comfort food in a bowl comes together without any fuss when you use your crockpot. Damn Hot Chicken The name really says it all. Day After Turkey Stir-Fry Use Thanksgiving's leftover turkey in a creative stir-fry. Deep Fried Turkey Instead of trying to fry an entire turkey, use this simple recipe to fry a turkey breast instead. Duck Breast with Orange and Mint This recipe is a variation on the traditional Carnard a l'Orange. Duck with Honey Sauce This tasty recipe is perfect for entertaining and the sauce is out of this world! Easy Chicken Enchiladas Leftover sauteed chicken makes these enchiladas quick and easy to put together. Easy Chicken Pot Pie A quick way to enjoy a classic. Easy Stuffed Peppers These peppers are good and good for you. Fanfare Chicken Celebrate in Farfalle with Asparagus and Chicken This one-dish meal has a refreshingly light lemon flavor to it. Farmer's Market Chicken Tomatoes, Portabella mushrooms, and bacon star in this masterpiece. Feta & Artichoke Stuffed Chicken Rolls Deceptively simple -- decidedly elegant. Fried Turkey Cakes A creative potato cake is so hearty, it makes a perfect meal. Garlic Parmesan Chicken with Roasted Vegetables A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Garlic-Lemon Rotisserie Chicken With Moroccan Spices Use your rotisserie to make a mouth-watering meal. Ginger Chicken This simple microwave meal is also easily freezable. Ginger Chicken A simple and tasty meal. Glazed Oriental Chicken Wings These Asian-inspired wings are sure to be a hit at any party or gathering. Goat Cheese-Stuffed Chicken Breasts This simple dish is the ultimate make-ahead meal. Grilled Chicken Breasts with Strawberry-Pepper Chutney This is one flavor sensation! Grilled Garlic Chicken Start your grilling season right with a simple, yet satisying dish. Hands-Free Garlic Roasted Chicken Dinner's done with the help of a crockpot. Hawaii Chicken A touch of sweetness adds zip to this dish. Herb and Seasoned Chicken with Vegetable Medley A crock pot favorite. Herb Coated Chicken Time to experiment with tarragon. Herb Roasted Chicken So easy with an oven bag. Honey Turkey Give your turkey a little twist! Honey-Roasted Cornish Hens with Dried Cherry Stuffing A perfect elegant dinner for two. Hot Pecan Turkey Salad When you want something warm and satisfying, turn to this sandwich spread-turned casserole. Indian-Spiced Turkey This succulent bird gets its flavor from traditional Indian spices. Korean Style Chicken The secret is in the sauce!!! Kung Pao Chicken An Asian classic brings heat to the table. LadyDi's Chicken with Stuffing A feast fit for royalty! Lemon-Cumin-Mint Grilled Chicken This tangy dish is great when served with grilled vegetables. Lemongrass Chicken Skewers Perfect grilled goodness. Maple-Apple Chicken A perfect taste for spring. Marinated Chicken Strips Fast additions to salads, soups and casseroles. Mediterranean Chicken Cutlets Get an elegant dinner on the table in minutes! Mediterranean Grilled Chicken This is one ultra-simple way to celebrate summer. Mediterranean Sausage Pilaf Smoke turkey sausage joins a mediterranean vegetable medley in this tasty pilaf. Mesquite Grilled Cajun Turkey Spicy turkey on the grill? Fire it up for Thanksgiving. Microwave Parmesan Chicken Have baked goodness ready in minutes. Mole Chicken Tacos A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Moroccan Quinoa and Chicken A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Open-Face Turkey Mornay An elegant brunch dish for entertaining holiday guests. Open-Faced Smoked Turkey Sandwiches Fast and satisfying. Open-Faced Turkey Sandwiches A great Thanksgiving leftovers treat. Orange Almond Chicken This delightful sweet and sour dish is perfect for entertaining. Orange- and Bourbon-Grilled Turkey Tenderloins An easy holiday main course? You bet! Orange Juice Chicken This sweet and spicy chicken dish is a great weekday treat. Oven BBQ Chicken Wings Great as an appetizer, snack or main course, these wings don't need a grill for making. Parmesan Chicken This quick dish is an excellent way to combine class with ease of preparation. Parsi Murgh Farcha Pieces of chicken marinated in a gently flavored masala paste, dipped in crumbs and beaten eggs and fried. Pecan Mustard Chicken A perfectly seasoned chicken recipe. Pesto-Stuffed Chicken Great in the oven or on the grill. Polynesian Chicken A sweet and savory dish features the flavors of Hawaii. Pressed Duck An Asian sensation! Quail with Savoy Cabbage A tasty main dish with German flair. Quick Chicken Quesadillas These yummy quesadillas can be served as part of a Mexican meal or snack. Roast Turkey A recipe for the basic bird. Roast Turkey Grinder A special sundried tomato mayonnaise makes this hearty sandwich special. Roasted Cumin Chicken with Steak Fries and Broccoli A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Roxx’s Roast Turkey Rossana shares her secret for the perfect turkey. Savory Seafood Stuffed Chicken Breasts This tasty dish is simple enough to serve anytime. Seared Chicken Breast with Quick Pan Sauce An easy, flexible dish for weeknights. Sesame Garlic Game Hens Perfect for a romantic dinner for two. Simple Grilled Chicken Breasts The secret is a good marinade. Simple Orange Chicken It doesn't get any easier than this! Simple Sauteed Chicken Simplicity becomes a main dish. Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings This creamy dish is easy to make and is the epitome of comfort food. Smoked Turkey Grinders These hearty sandwiches are perfect when you are on the go. Southwestern Lettuce Wraps Asian lettuce wraps inspire a southwestern version Southwestern Turkey Wraps The traditional after-Thanksgiving sandwich gets a makeover. Spicy Chicken and Rice A simple casserole takes advantage of a fully stocked pantry. Spicy Cranberry Chicken Use your crockpot to make this lovely dish without any effort. Spring Chicken A tasty treat for garlic lovers. Tea-Smoked Chicken Smoking chicken thighs in a mixture of aromatic tea leaves and spices means lots of flavor. Thai Chicken Curry A recipe good enough for company. Thai Chicken Curry with Cilantro and Lemon Grass This spicy curry is wonderful when served with lots of jasmine rice. Thanksgiving Roasted Turkey The name says it all! Get all the details here. Thanksgiving Turkey Make the perfect bird. Tony’s Crustless Pot Pie This simple recipe is so easy, it's almost not even a recipe! Tortilla Lasagne Sausages and chicken blend well in the rich sauce in this fast meal. Tropical Chicken Stir-Fry Sweet and simple. Tropical Chicken Stir-fry This unique stir-fry uses under ripe bananas to add a touch of sweetness. Turkey & Balsamic Onion Quesadillas To make these easy tortilla sandwiches into a meal, serve them with simple sautéed vegetables or a tossed green salad. Turkey & Roasted Pepper Pizza Who said sandwiches are the only way to use Thanksgiving leftovers? Turkey A La Oscar A simple dish featuring turkey breast cutlets, shrimp, asparagus, and a creamy sauce. Turkey Egg Rolls Enjoy these fried or rolled in cabbage leaves. Turkey Tenderloins Leave the leftovers out of this year's holiday planning. Turkey with Dumplings The perfect way to use Thanksgiving leftovers. Turkey-Bean Stroganoff A tasty one-dish dinner plan. Variations on Cornish Game Hens Serve these simple hens with the flavorings of your choice. Watermelon-Glazed Chicken This summer fruit becomes a special star in this delicious main course. Weekday Lemon Chicken This easy recipe takes Chinese takeout to the next level. Wrapped Chicken Legs Simple and tasty. Zesty Chicken Skewers Serve these tasty skewers with peanut dipping sauce.
Preserving, Spices and Homegoods Recipes
Apple Mulling Spice Mix Mull cider or wine with this easy mix that's made in minutes. Apple Mulling Spice Mix Mulling spices make a great gift and are suitable for mulling cider or wine. Apple-Raisin Compote Enjoy this compote warm over waffles or pancakes. Baker's Clay This simple dough is great for making craft projects of all types. Basic Mediterranean Marinade Great for grilled chicken, beef or pork. Basic Raspberry or Strawberry Jam Make jam from scratch with your favorite summertime berries. Basil Oil Well worth the wait. Basil Vinegar Add zest to your salads with this recipe. Bath Salts Make your own pampering products at home. Best Dry Rub Enough said. Birdie Bread This simple mixture makes birds go nuts! Bombay Curry Mixture A popular Indian seasoning blend. Borage and Bay Potpourri A wonderful scent for your home. Borage Flower Syrup What a sweet treat. Bread-and-Butter Pickles On a sandwich or alongside, these are great. Brisket Rub A great way to enjoy BBQ. Bubble Solution Have your kids blowing bubbles in no time with this simple recipe. Cajun Spice Mix A perfect blend for spicing up your dinner. Candy Cane Bath Salts Relax with the smell of the season whirling around you. Candy Train A simple train fashioned from candy is a welcomed addition to the Christmas tree. Candycane Heart Ornaments Decorating the tree doesn't get any better than this. Canned Zucchini - Pineapple The solution to too many zucchinis. Cat and Dog Mini Cakes These simple cakes are great for all of your furry friends. Cat Munchies These treats made from rice are a special treat for kitties. Chili Powder A homemade recipe for your spice cabinet. Chinese Five Spice A popular Asian flavoring that can often be bought premixed. Christmas Cinnamon Ornaments Make ornaments for your tree that smell like spiced apples! Christmas Potpourri Fill your home with the scents of the holiday with this simple potpourri. Cooked Play Dough This playdough keeps well if stored in a container with a tight-fitting lid. Cranberry Jelly Use this great jelly with hot English muffins and biscuits on a cold winter morning. Cranberry-Banana Jam An unusual flavor combination makes for a special breakfast treat. Crushed Tomatoes Get the low down on how Rossana cans her tomatoes. Dill Pickles Dill and garlic infuse these pickles. Dill Pickles The vinegar after-taste is gone in this recipe. Donkey Ears Tasty treats for you and your puppy! Dried Fruit Compote The name says it all. Dried Tomatoes Soups will love you for them. Dry Chili Mixture Essential spice blend for Chili con Carne. Dukkah A mild spice mixture from Egypt. Finger Paint -- Cornstarch Let your kids go wild with this simple paint. Finger Paint -- Liquid Starch When you don't have time to make it in advance, try this simple finger paint. Finger Paint -- Powdered Detergent You can make fingerpaint with so many interesting ingredients! Flour Paint This paint mixes in minutes. Fresh Strawberry Jam Use the season's nicest berries for this homemade jam. Fruity Poultry Marinade Add a touch of sweetness to your grilled chicken. Garam Marsala Means "hot spice" and is the basis of Tandoori seasoning. Garlic No-Flea Dog Biscuits Garlic is a natural way to rid your pup of fleas. Gingerbread Ornaments Fill your home with warmth and sweetness by putting cookie ornaments on the tree. Green Beans and Onions A great treat come February. Hard Gingerbread Dough for Crafts Everything from ornaments to houses can be fashioned from this versatile dough. Hoof Prints A treat that you can share with the furry friends in your home. Incense Powder Add spice to your fireplace with nutmeg. Indian Relish Sweet onions blend with spicy to make a great condiment for Indian food and more. Jerk Seasoning Perfect for grilling. KC Rib Seasoning Use this great seasoning to make the ultimate ribs. Lavender Cleansing Cream Have a spa experience at home. Lavender Infusion Use this for making Lavender Jelly. Lavender Jelly A tried and true recipe. Lavender Water A sweet-smelling spray. Magic Dust Enjoy this special rub on everything that hits your grill. Magic Reindeer Food Leave a little something special for Santa's hardest workers this year. Mint Astringent This astringent is gentle and soothing for the skin and will help to improve the complexion. Minty Astringent This is good for normal to oily skin, use it daily followed by a moisturizer. It has a nice fragrance and can also be used by men as an aftershave. Mixed Berry Freezer Jam The more kinds of berries you use in this jam, the better. Mixed Spice A traditional British seasoning for sweet dishes. Oven-Roasted Tomatoes These easy tomatoes find themselves at home on everything from pasta to crusty bread to pizza! Peach Marmalade Use the season's best peaches for a special flavor in this spread that is every bit a taste of summer. Peach Mustard This delicious mustard can be made in large batches and canned for fresh peach taste all year long. Peach Salsa This tangy salsa is great with chips or tacos. Peanut Butter Puppy Poppers Peanut butter cookies for your pet are sure to be a hit. Peppermint Simple Syrup Make great mint mochas and peppermint hot cocoa with this easy recipe. Pickled Green Tomatoes A great way to use those last green tomatoes of the season. Pickled Hot Peppers These spicy gems are bound to be a regular at your backyard BBQs. Pomander An elegant gift made from sweet-smelling fruit and spices. Popcorn and Cranberry Garlands Decorate your tree with gifts from the kitchen. Pumpkin Preserves Enjoy for breakfast, brunch or anytime. Puppy Formula Your pampered pet is going to love this gravy that's wonderful over his food. Quick Sweet Pickles Fast and yummy. Rhubarb Freezer Jam Enjoy the tart and tangy taste of rhubarb all year long. Rising Sun Marinade A touch of the orient for your grill. Roasted Cherry Tomatoes Roasting cherry tomatoes intensifies their flavor and allows you to freeze them for another day. Roasted Garlic Roasting garlic is simple to do and its uses are numerous. Rustic Rub Spice Blend This rub is great for all manner of grilling and smoking. Salsa Go south of the border -- whenever you want. Salsa Cruda A standard table condiment in Latin America. Sand Sculpture Bring out the artist in your kids with this great sculpting medium. Schichmi Togarash A seven flavour spice used in hot Japanese dishes. Seed Bells These seed bells are a good treat for your feathered friends. Self Raising Flour Mix This flour mix is wheat-free and appropriate for those with gluten allergies. Sherry Blast Use this mix instead of bottled hot sauce. Southwestern Rub A great way to enjoy traditional southern BBQ. Spaghetti Sauce Move over Ragu. Spiced Peach and Blueberry Jam Perfect on English muffins in the morning. Stewed Tomatoes Nature's answer to V8. Strawberry Freezer Jam A traditional breakfast favorite for you and yours. Strawberry Jam This simple jam is easy to make and insures that you'll have a taste of summer all year long. Sweet Onion Marmalade Great on burgers Sweet Smells of Christmas A lovly potpourri is a great way to liven the atmosphere in your home. Toasted Garlic/Pepper Oil Use with salads and stir-frys to add extra flavor -- a great marinade! Tomato Preserves Enjoy the taste of summer's best tomatoes all year long with this unusual spread. Tuna Cookies Cats everywhere go nuts about these simple tuna cookies. Tuna Dip A special treat for the kitties in your home. Vegetarian Dog Biscuits A special treat for your furry friends. Vindaloo Mixture An Indian spice blend traditionally used with pork. Way-Down-South Marinade Spice it up on your grill tonight. Wet Chili Mixture Great with so many dishes. Wheat / Gluten Free Flour Mix Need to avoid wheat? Here's a good wheat-free flour mix.
Salads and Dressings Recipes
Apple & Bacon Spinach Salad This main dish salad is great in fall. Arugula Peach Salad A great Valentine's Day recipe brought to us by Sandra Lee. Asian Chicken Green Salad Like lettuce wraps but not the mess? Try this salad! Asian Pork Salad This delightful salad is summer's last hurrah. Asian Slaw This creative salad will have you wanting salad days to last forever. Asian Tofu Salad Serve this warm salad with crunchy breadsticks and a tall glass of iced jasmine tea. Asian Vinaigrette This oil and vinegar dressing is delightful sprinkled over freshly sliced cucumbers. Avocado Salad with Coriander Serve this as an appetizer or a vegetable course. Bacon-Tomato Bread Salad Enjoy this BLT in a salad bowl for dinner with slices of watermelon and a tall glass of iced tea. Bacony Barley Salad with Marinated Shrimp A great example of how to cook a healthy dish in minutes. Bamboo Shoot Salad Enjoy this refreshing salad with your next orient-inspired meal. Basil and Tomato Salad A taste sensation. Beet Salad with Oranges and Spanish Onion This unique salad is a special addition to any elegant meal plan. Black Bean and Corn Salad Enjoy the taste of summer anytime. Black Bean and Lentil Salad Lentils and beans are easy to cook with and available year round. Black Bean Summer Salad Perfect for your next picnic. Black-Eyed Pea and Crab Salad With Grapefruit Enjoy this tangy, fresh seafood salad as a light lunch. Bleu Cheese Dressing This wonderful dressing is equally at home on a salad, burger or grilled steak. Breakfast Salad Salad for breakfast? That's right … and it's delicious! Caesar Salad This lovely salad should be prepared tableside for best flavor and flair. Californian Salad A salad with a satisfying crunch and tangy-sweet dressing. California-Style Egg Salad Avocados with your eggs! Canadian Bacon Peach Salad Four ingredients never tasted so good! Carrot Salad This Moroccan-inspired salad brings together many unlikely seasonings for a taste that's both complex and bright. Cheater's Caesar Dressing This dressing is much faster than a "from scratch" one and it avoid any worries about using raw eggs. Chef's Salad A traditional salad that's anything but routine! Chicken and Strawberry Salad A great summer salad is healthy, beautiful and delicious. Chicken Dijon Cole Slaw This salad eats like a main course -- and it's ultra-simple to put together. Chicken Salad with Smoked Gouda and Apples This simple salad takes advantage of leftover grilled chicken and special ingredients. Chickpea Salad with Garlic Cumin Vinaigrette Serve this tangy salad at room temperature for a special treat. Chilled Watermelon with Lime Sauce Dress summer's favorite fruit with a tangy lime sauce. Chinese Chicken Salad A twist on a true original. Chris's Crazy Dill Potato Salad Fresh potatoes and dill star in this great salad. Classic French Dressing This simple dressing is remarkably easy to make. Cole Slaw One of your oldest standbys. Colleen McCully's Ham Salad This simple spread is great in sandwiches and the like. Confetti Chicken Salad A quick, tasty and healthy salad that's bursting with fresh ingredients. Confetti Salad with Spicy Shrimp Enjoy this salad as a light lunch with some crusty bread. Couscous and Coriander Salad A light and refreshing salad. Couscous Salad Great tailgate party food. Cranberry Salad Enjoy this unique salad with roasted poultry. Cranberry-Spinach Salads with Feta and Walnuts These tangy salads don't need any dressing. Creamy Dijon Potato Salad This is a great side to BBQ chicken or ribs. Creamy Smoked Turkey Pasta Salad This simple salad is truly lovely when dotted with the season's finest produce. Creole Green Salad A creative blend of greens makes this salad a refreshening opener to any meal. Crunchy Asian Chicken Salad A great salad for packing in bag lunches. Cucumber Salad This light, bright salad is great paired with Japanese cuisine. Cucumber Salad A great way to use an abundance of cucumbers. Cucumber Salad This peppy salad is perfect for taking along on a picnic or brown bag lunch. Cucumber Sauce Refreshing and creamy. Cucumber Yogurt Salad Enjoy this creamy salad with toasted pita wedges. Curried Chicken Salad This salad has hints of spice and sweetness and is great wrapped into flour tortillas. Curried Fruit and Nut Salad This creative salad needs a strongly seasoned, grilled steak for dinner. Curried Pasta Salad A creative twist on a traditional pasta salad. Curried Slaw with Fruit and Pistachios This slaw is absolutely fantastic with grilled chicken. Easy Poached Chicken Salad This simple recipe will have your family raving. Egg Salad Extravaganza This quick egg salad is versatile and tasty. Farmer's Market Toss A perfect springtime salad. French Potato Salad Creamy and delicious, this is perfect for a picnic. French Summer Salad Potato salad meets the best in summer ingredients. Fresh from the Garden Tomato Salad Make sure you have bread on hand to soak up the juices from this simple salad. Fresh Fruit Salad The best fruit spring has to offer in a great salad. Fresh Green Pea Salad Fresh peas make for a creative salad that welcomes summer. Fresh Tomato Salad This salad is best enjoyed when tomatoes are in season and the weather's warm. Fruit Salad Great diabetic recipe that doesn't show it at all. Fruity Confetti Rice Salad A great salad with a great texture. Fruity Vinaigrette The addition of apple cider makes this dressing absolutely delightful. Garden's Full Salad This salad takes advantage of the best summer can offer. Garlic Coleslaw A twist on one of your oldest standbys. German Potato Salad Potato salad with zing. Ginger Rice Salad Enjoy this refreshing salad with your next orient-inspired meal. Goat Cheese and Strawberry Salad A special springtime salad. Goat Cheese Dressing This dressing is rich and creamy without all of the fat associated with such treats. Gourmet Tossed Green Salad Enjoy this elegant salad whenever entertaining. Grapefruit Vinaigrette This dressing speaks of freshness as it heightens salads. Greek Chicken Salad Who says fast food can't be healthy and delicious? Greek Cucumber Salad Enjoy this salad of cucumbers and green olives. Greek Pasta Salad This pasta salad is great served alongside summer's favorite meals. Greek Peasant Salad This simple salad comes together in minutes and really satisfies a crowd. Greek Salad with Pita Croutons A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Green Beans, Feta & Pecans This bright salad is great alongside grilled foods in the middle of summer. Green Salads The traditional recipe with some nice options. Grilled Chicken and Bread Salad This simple bread salad includes cubed bread as an ingredient. Grilled Fennel Salad with Nicoise Olives A grilled salad? You bet! Grilled Peach Salad Grilling peaches gives them a sweeter, smokey flavor. Grilled Pepper Salad This quick side dish couldn't be easier. Grilled Portabella Salad A delightful vegetarian salad is sure to impress. Grilled Romaine Salad Grilled salad? You bet! Grilled Shrimp Salads These simple salads get a smokey flavor from grilled shrimp and a zesty dressing. Grilled Vegetable and Pasta Salad This salad pairs your favorite grilled vegetables with penne pasta, feta cheese and a simple dressing. Grilled Vegetable Salad This salad is so much more -- a filling for wraps, a cold salad or even a main dish delight. Grilled Vegetable Salad with Garlic Dressing Grilled vegetables and pasta come together to make bliss. Ham and Apple Slaw A warm sweet and sour dressing is perfect for this main dish salad. Ham It Up Pasta Salad This hearty salad can easily be a one-dish meal for a lunch on the go. Ham Salad The secret to a spring-time lunch. Hawaiian Fruit Salad Coconut adds flair to this salad. Honey-Champagne Fruit Salad A special dressing of honey and champagne make this salad special. Indian Egg Salad All the classic elements of an egg salad with some Indian spices and crunchy veggies. Italian Pasta Salad A fast way to enjoy the pleasures of the garden. Italian Pasta Salad This salad is best made a day in advance so that the flavors can blend. Italian Pasta Salad A classic summertime favorite. Kohlrabi and Apple Slaw Move over cabbage. Kohlrabi gets to be the star of slaw this time. Lemon Pasta Salad Full of bright and fresh flavors, this pasta salad is strong enough to hold its own with grilled meats. Lettuce, Orange, and Pecan Salad Leave assembling this salad until the last minute, but put together parts of it well in advance. Little Havana Grilled Beef Salad This salad eats like a meal -- enjoy it without guilt. Lucy's Best Mustard Potato Salad This simple potato salad gets its kick from Dijon mustard. Mandarin Zinfandel Salad This salad speaks of summer. Maple Vinaigrette This sweet and tangy dressing is a real treat. Microwave Potato Salad You'll never boil potatoes for salad again after trying this time and energy saving recipe. Mint Fruit Salad Fresh mint makes a wonderful, refreshing fruit salad. Mom's Potato Salad This tangy potato salad gets its kick from vinegar, pickles and fresh onion. Nasturtium Pasta Salad Peppery nasturtium blossoms and leaves lend themselves to a traditional pasta salad. Orange Melon Salad This simple salad does well with some extra time for chilling and marinating. Pacific Rim Beef Salad with Sesame-Ginger Dressing The flavors of many nations go into this salad that is sure to have you thinking of tropical climates. Parmesan Chicken Salad A great recipe to be made and enjoyed by two. Party Potato Salad A great make-ahead crowd pleaser. Passionate Tropical Paradise This is a nice, simple tropical fruit salad that makes a great appetizer for a romantic dinner. Pasta and Fresh Fruit This creative salad is great for spring and summer entertaining. Pasta Salad Spiral noodles and veggies. Pea Salad This traditional favorite is a perfect pot luck dish to pass. Pea-Cheese Salad A great lunch on the go. Pear and Watercress Salad This delightful salad is a special treat with lots of unusual flavors. Pesto Potato Salad Get rid of the dreaded mayo at your next picnic by bringing this neat salad. Pineapple, Honeydew, and Mango With Ginger and Fresh Herbs This fresh fruit salad is a taste of the tropics. Pork and Cabbage Salad This main dish salad will help you see that salads aren't just a spring and summer thing. Potato Salad A barbeque tradition. Potato Salad Simple and satisfying, potato salad is ultimate comfort food. Quick Green Bean Salad Have this salad ready with almost no effort in minutes. Quickie Summer Salad A traditional summer salad. Radish-Cabbage Coleslaw Bright spring radishes bring a decidedly new season flavor to this slaw. Raspberry-Mango Mesclun Salad A wonderful blend of flavors in the middle of winter can be healthy and flexible. Ratatouille Salad Grill a bunch of vegetables and watch the magic happen. Red and White Potato Salad This tangy potato salad is perfect for picnics. Rice and Rosemary Blossom Salad The pretty blue rosemary blossoms add a special touch to this salad. Roast Chicken Waldorf Salad Enjoy this great salad from the 12 Best Foods Cookbook. Roast Turkey and Romano Bean Salad This refreshing salad keeps your kitchen cool and your tummy full. Roasted Asparagus Panzella This delightful bread salad features the season's finest fresh vegetables combined with roasted asparagus, kalamata olives and chunks of hearty toasted bread. Roasted Beet and Garlic Salad This incredibly savory salad makes a wonderful bed for a spicy sauteed salmon fillet. Roasted Garlic Dressing This delightful dressing is great on a variety of salads. Roasted Potato Salad This creamy salad is great at picnics. Roasted Potato Salad A delightful flavor with a creamy dill dressing. Rose Petal Fruit Salad This elegant salad is a great addition to a formal tea party. Salad Lyonnaise Salad for brunch? You bet! Salad Nicoise Give your oven a vacation tonight! Salad with Oranges, Fennel and Pomegranate A great winter salad that takes advantage of seasonal produce. Salade Sorta Nicoise This salad has the classical combination of tuna, capers, onion and hard-boiled egg. Savoy Cabbage, Carrot, and Apple Salad This great salad is perfect alongside roast pork or chicken. Seafood Coleslaw This is a fantastic addition to any summer celebration. Seared Tuna Salad This elegant salad is both healthy and beautiful. Shrimp and Celery Salad A creamy salad is wonderful over greens or on toasted whole wheat bread. Sour Cream Cole Slaw A quick salad to satisfy your hunger. Southwestern Chicken Salad Spicy broiled chicken with black bean and corn salad. Southwestern Ham Salad with Nachos This filling main dish salad is perfect for a hot day. Special Spinach Salad with Strawberries This bright and fun salad is great alongside grilled meats, especially steak Spinach & Strawberry Salad This fresh salad stars two spingtime power houses. Spinach and Tomato Salad Simplicity at its best. Spinach Salad with Nectarine, Blueberries and Lime Balsamic Vinaigrette Enjoy this healthy salad from the 12 Best Foods Cookbook. Spinach Salad with Turkey and Raspberries A sweet reminder of spring. Spinach, Pear and Feta Salad This elegant salad is great for Thanksgiving and any other fall meal. Spinach-Citrus Salad with Toasted Walnuts Choose citrus that's in season for this brightly-flavored salad. Spring Salad This salad features all of the best parts of spring, nestled in fresh greens. Spring Salad with Crab Meat Sauce Enjoy this elegant salad when paired with a light soup for dinner. Steak Salad with Lemon-Walnut Vinaigrette and Whole-Grain Roll A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Strawberry Begonia Salad This unusual salad is perfect for a light lunch featuring finger sandwiches. Strawberry Romaine Salad This great salad gets its punch from a creamy poppy seed dressing. Stuffed Salad Tomatoes A simple salad of pasta and corn stuffed into nature's bounty. Sue's Three Bean Gazpacho A neat idea on how to combine two favorites. Summer Pasta Salad This simple pasta salad is summer in a bowl. Summer Shrimp Salads Main dish salads get a touch of India in a special dressing. Sunburst Pasta Salad Walnuts and sun-dried tomato penne add zest to this salad. Sweet and Sour Salad Enjoy a taste of the orient in your salad tonight. Sweet and Spicy Chicken Salad Enjoy a touch of spice and sweetness in this creative salad. Sweet Mustard Cole Slaw This sweet and tangy salad is perfect for summer entertaining. Sweet 'n Savory Chicken Salad Leftover sauteed chicken becomes a star in this simple salad. Tabbouleh with Parsley and Mint This is a traditional Middle Eastern dish. It can be served as part of the appetizer selection, as a salad, or in pitas as a light lunch. Tandoori Shrimp Salad Spicy shrimp and crunchy veggies come together to bring you a salad inspired by India. Tangy Carrot Salad This salad blends sweet shredded carrots with a host of tangy ingredients. Taste of Summer Salad This bright salad combines the sweetness of blueberries and sugar snap peas with the bite of arugula and purple scallions. Terrific Tuna Salad This simple tuna salad is great in hollowed tomato shells or on a split bun. Thai Beef Salad This spicy and refreshing salad is a great way to enjoy a hot day. Thai Beef Salad A salad with some kick. Thai-Style Chicken Salad Enjoy this cool salad when the temperatures make turning on the oven a chore. Theresa’s Tuna Pasta Salad This terrific salad is great for entertaining in the backyard. Three Bean Garden Salad Enjoy a bevy of garden freshness in this simple salad. Three Bean Salad A colorful springtime accompaniment. Tomato Bocconcini Salad The flavors of ripe tomatoes and fresh herbs star in this salad. Tomato Salad This simple salad gets its flavor from the freshest produce from your garden. Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil Vinaigrette This tangy dressing is great over a garden salad. Tortellini, Fresh Tomato and Pea Salad This fresh salad is a great way to be good to your health and your appetite! Tuna Tomatoes Enjoy a tangy tuna salad stuffed into tomato shells. Turkey and Sweet Potato Salad This is the perfect day-after Thanksgiving meal. Enjoy! Turkey Salad One reader's favorite recipe. Turkey Salad Pitas A great way to enjoy a classic sandwich. Turkey, Mandarin and Poppy Seed Salad This creative salad is an excellent way to use leftover turkey. Waldorf Salad Enjoy this classic favorite with your next backyard barbeque. Warm Potato Salad with Goat Cheese This comforting salad is wonderful alongside roasted chicken or pork. Warm Veggie Salad This side salad is wonderful and unique. Warm Waldorf Salad Despite its name, this sweet apple salad can be served warm or chilled. Watermelon Fruit Basket Easy and elegant -- a perfect brunch treat. Wheat Berry & Cranberry Salad This salad is unusual and very healthy for you. Wheat Berry Salad Greet the warm weather with a special salad with a divine texture. Winter Fruit and Blue Cheese Salad This salad is beautiful and delicious … and it's perfect for winter. Winter Fruit Salad Make this fruit salad with a combination of fresh and canned fruit. Wood Smoked Beet and Frisee Salad This lovely salad uses a balsamic vinegar reduction as a dressing.
Sauces, Chutneys and Marinades Recipes
Apple City Barbecue Sauce This sauce is absolutely to die for! Apple-Peach Chutney This fruity chutney is great with chicken. Asian BBQ Sauce This tangy sauce has a taste of lime juice and hot red pepper. Asian Black Bean Marinade This spicy marinade is great with poultry, pork or seafood. Basic Brown Sauce This is some good gravy! Basic Cheese Sauce Great on vegetables or with caraway rolls. Basic Stir-Fry Sauce Base Keep this one handy for those quick week-day meals. Basic White Sauce Keep this one handy for fast flavor. Bay Leaf and Oregano Sauce for Meat and Pasta The name says it all. Béchamel Sauce One of five mother sauces. Bernaise Sauce A great French sauce on fish. Chili Sauce A little of this fiesty sauce goes a long way. Cinnamon Maple Cream Add a new flair to your breakfast table. Citrus and Honey Fruit Dressing Fast and easy, this dressing stores well too. Citrus Fruit Sauce A great topping for pancakes, waffles or French toast. Clam Sauce This simple sauce makes an elegant mid-week meal a snap. Classic Bechamel Sauce The cream sauce of all cream sauces. Classic Hollandaise Sauce Rich and creamy and dreamy. Coconut Cilantro Relish This relish makes an ideal accompaniment to spicy foods and cold meat platters. Cranberry and Orange Relish Make your tastebuds sing with this tangy relish. Cranberry-Apple Relish This tangy relish can stand up to any cranberry sauce out there. Cranberry-Tangerine Relish This tangy relish is wonderful when paired with poultry or pork. Creamy Pasta Sauce Despite its creamy texture, this sauce is completely fat free. Easy Microwave Applesauce This quick and easy recipe is done in minutes. Espagnole Sauce One of five mother sauces. Feta Tzatziki This Greek garlic-yogurt dip is made special with a touch of feta cheese. Fresh Coriander Chutney Serve this with Indian curries. Fresh Tomato Relish Enjoy tomatoes in a great relish that's perfect for grilled chicken, toasted bread and even scrambled eggs! Fresh Tomato Sauce This simple sauce is great for having on hand for lots of recipes. Fruity Cranberry Sauce Try making a cranberry sauce for the big meal that's bursting with cranberries and every other fall fruit imaginable. Ginger Chutney Enjoy this simple chutney with pork or poultry. Ginger-Apple Sauce Serve this twist on a classic with roasted pork. Ginger-Olive Oil Marinade A great marinade for fish. Grandad's Barbeque Sauce A great way to enjoy BBQ. Gravy A rich gravy for serving with turkey or chicken. Gravy for Egg Foo Young and Stir Fry Vegetables The name says it all. Herb Sauce The taste of tarragon adds zest to fish or chicken. Hoisin-Peanut Sauce Send your meal to India tonight! Hollandaise Blender Sauce An amazingly traditional look and feel to this sauce will have you keeping it on your favorites list. Hollandaise Sauce A great sauce for poached eggs! Hollandaise Sauce One of five mother sauces. Hollandaise Sauce This creamy sauce is ideal for your favorite brunch dishes. Homemade Ketchup This simple sauce -- yes, it's a sauce -- makes burgers perfect. Hot and Sweet Spaghetti Sauce Great with any pasta. Hot Spicy Barbeque Sauce The name says it all. Instant Stir-Fry Sauce This sauce is great for both rice and pasta stir-fries. Lemon Aioli This delightful mayonnaise is perfect when paired with spring's finest steamed asparagus. Mango Salsa This tangy fruit salsa is great with chicken, fish and pork. Maple-Berry Pancake Syrup Perfect for your breakfast plans. Marmalade Glaze for Baked Ham The name says it all -- yum! Mexican Mole Sauce This deeply flavored savory sauce features everything from dried fruit to nuts to chocolate! Mock Hollandaise Sauce When you haven't got time for the real thing, cheat with this yummy sauce. Mushroom Sauce A rich and lovely sauce. Olive and Mushroom Tomato Sauce A great fresh sauce. Orange-Rhubarb Chutney Enjoy these classic flavors with poultry or pork. Peach BBQ Sauce Sweet and savory all in one. Peach-Almond Dessert Sauce This delightful sauce is done in minutes and tastes like a dream. Pesto A simple recipe that includes freezing instructions. Pesto Genovese alla Roxie Basil and Garlic...mmmmmmmm. Pesto Sauce Basil is your new best friend. Phil's Barbeque Sauce Grilling? This is a must. Quick Barbeque Sauce In a rush? Make it quick. Quick Pan Sauces Choose one of seven simple sauces -- all using the same technique. Quick Strawberry Shortcake Sauce Help get that quick fix. Quickie Hollandaise Sauce When you haven't got time to put into the classic recipe, look to this great sauce. Rebekah Johnson's Grapefruit-Chipotle Sauce This tasty sauce is great on chops and chicken. Red Wine Steak Marinade The name says it all. Roasted Red Pepper and Rosemary Sauce With a name like this, who wouldn't like it? Rossana's Recipe Ready Sauce This strongly flavored sauce is great with everything from pot roast to soup. Roxie's Barbeque Sauce Unique and tasty. Roxie's Summer Sauce Tomatoes, tomatoes, everywhere! Simple Cheese Sauce Top your favorite dishes with this easy sauce. Simple Marinade Great for grilling. Simple Rib Sauce This peppy sauce is best for pork ribs. Simple Tomato Relish This relish is great on toasted bread or over chicken or pork. Simple White Sauce So versatile and so easy. Smoked Trout & Chive Cream Sauce An elegant sauce for poached eggs or pasta. Southwest Marinade This spicy marinade will take you south of the border. Strawberry-Blueberry Dessert Sauce Great on ice cream or cake. Strawberry-Rhubarb Sauce Great on angel food cake. Sun-Dried Tomato Marinade This great marinade is perfect for poultry or pork. Tandoori Marinade This delightful Indian marinade is great for poultry. Teriyaki Sauce Add a taste of the orient -- use as a marinade or alone. The Gravy A great gravy for honey turkey. Tomato Catsup One taste and you'll never go back to the store brand. Tomato Sauce Let this one star in your next spaghetti sauce. Tomato Sauce One of five mother sauces. Velouté Sauce One of five mother sauces. Volunteer Fire Department Barbeque Sauce The top of the line BBQ sauce. West Indies Apple Chutney The name says it all. White Wine Sauce A perfect compliment to fish.
Sausage, Mixed Meat and Game Recipes
Agnello sulla Griglia Grilled lamb makes for an elegant presentation at your next summer gathering. Apple-Chicken Sausage Why make due with the fatty alternatives at the grocery store? Make your own sausage. Asian-Style Roast Marinade Enjoy this marinade on pork, beef, venison or any other large roast. Beef and Pork Enchiladas This simple recipe can help you take advantage of inexpensive cuts of meat. Beer Brats A classic summer grillout option. Campfire Hash Everything you could want for breakfast in one dish! Caribou Tenderloin & Red New Potatoes Don't worry if you don't have caribou -- beef will work as well. Cat Litter Casserole This is one meal that's likely to make you think twice about eating it -- but you'll be glad that you did! Coney Island Hot Dogs These great "dogs" are made perfect with chili spooned over them. Confetti Ratatouille Crunchy veggies and spicy sausage -- yum. Crockpot Chili Comfort food with no hassle. Crockpot Tamale Pie Let your crockpot do the work for you. Curried Potato Stew This hearty lamb stew can easily be made in your crock pot. Flautas A great way to add zip to your leftovers. Green Beans with Ground Meat (Fassoulia) This Middle Eastern dish is excellent served a day after its been made and alongside crusty bread. Grilled Leg of Lamb A classic springtime feast. Grilled Sausage Bread Bowls Italian sausage finds a perfect home. Homemade Pork and Herb Sausages Great with mashed potatoes and pan gravy. Il Corso Veal in Creamy Asiago Sauce This dreamy dish is perfect for a special occasion. Italian Meatloaf This peppy meatloaf features a blend of ground meats, beer and an assortment of Italian herbs. July Fourth Minted Lamb Grill The name says it all! Kashmiri Lamb Chops or Ribs These delightful chops are cooked in a savory milk-based sauce. Lamb and Cabbage Casserole Serve this meal with fresh rye bread. Leg of Lamb with Mustard Soy Sauce This elegant main dish makes a lovely holiday presentation. Leg of Lamb with Spicy Sauce Enjoy a taste of Ethiopian food with a spicy lamb dish. Meat and Vegetable Casserole Hearty home cooking with a German accent. Meaty Ratatouille With the addition of Italian sausage, this dish becomes a hearty meal fit for a crowd. Mediterranean Pita Wraps Thinly sliced deli meat is combined with wonderful flavors to make a hearty main dish sandwich. Moose Tenderloin Steaks and Onions with Hash-Browned Potatoes and Corn A special camp meal that's sure to leave you feeling satisfied. Mostaciolli A favorite with a unique lamb sauce. Pakistani Lamb Shishkabob Get out the grill and enjoy these kabobs. Peperonata & Sausage Pizza With sausage on it, you'll be surprised that this pizza is actually good for you. Red Tamales Time consuming, but well worth the effort. Roast Rack of Lamb Enjoy this simple, yet delectable meal for your special celebrations. Roasted Australian Rack of Lamb This wonderful dish is served with roasted peppers and saffron chili cream. Roasted Lamb with Garlic and Rosemary This lamb features traditional rosemary. Rogan Josh This Indian lamb curry dish is absolutely fantastic. Roxie's Chili A blend of meats, vegetables and spices comes together to make heaven in a bowl. Roxie's Taco Filling Bound to become your family's new favorite. Russian Lamb Kabobs An elegant dinner presentation. Shammi Kebab These silky patties are spicy and delicious. Shoulder of Lamb with Chinese Herbs This lamb dish gets its flavor from a complex blend of flavors from the orient. Simple Jambalaya Use leftover grilled pork and pre-cooked sausages in this fast one-dish meal. Sourdough Sausage Pizza A white cream sauce makes this pizza unique. Sweet Potato Sausage Casserole A creative casserole, try this dish with brunch sometime. Tacos An all-time Mexican favorite. Tamale Pie A Tex-Mex favorite on your table tonight. Tater Tot Casserole This hearty casserole is comfort food at its finest. Tortilla Lasagna Sausages and chicken blend well in the rich sauce in this fast meal. Tostadas Fill these tasty bites with beef, pork or chicken. Tostadas These traditional open-face tacos are filled with everything you love. Traditional Swiss Raclette This highly varied holiday meal really makes the holidays special. Venison Stroganoff Wild game prepared fast and tasty.
Seafood Recipes
30-Minute Crab Cakes On their own or over fresh greens, these tasty crab cakes are a perfect mid-week meal. Abalone Steaks This rare and pricy steaks are well worth the effort. Abalone Supreme Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Yes. Abalone Sushi Simple and decadent, abalone make a special kind of sushi rarely enjoyed in the United States. Alaskan Smoke Baked Salmon Get a taste of the wild country with this unique recipe. American Sushi Get your illustrated guide to all kinds of sushi. Asian Salmon Tacos Fuse Asian and Mexican cuisine tonight and enjoy! Australian Grilled Fish Simply seasoned fish brings heat to the table. Backyard Clambake A traditional clambake gets a twist and finds itself on your grill in the backyard. Baked Cod with Garlic Mayonnaise Simple and satisfying. Baked Ocean Perch Fast and fabulous. Baked Striped Bass Tender and tasty. Baked Stuffed Shrimp Time consuming, but well worth it. BBQ Salmon with Greens and Sweet Potato A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Beer Batter Salmon Sticks An unusual way to serve salmon. Black-Eyed Pea and Crab Salad With Grapefruit Enjoy this tangy, fresh seafood salad as a light lunch. Bouillabaisse This elegant seafood stew is a perfect way to start the New Year. Broiled Fish Dijon This simple recipe tastes absolutely divine. Broiled Halibut An easy way to prepare fish. Broiled Sole Fillets Fast and tasty. Butterfly Prawns Enjoy this oriental delight. Cajun Broiled Catfish Spicy and tasty and good for you. California Roll An American twist on sushi. Campfire Trout Don't have a full kitchen? Who says you can't eat gourmet meals without it! Caramelized Scallops This elegant dish has seafood, pasta and veggies all in one meal. Chinese Peas with Shrimp A colorful, flavorful stir-fry. Chioppino Italian dish for large parties. Citrus Ceviche Chemically cooked seafood finds the utlimate in freshness in this Peruvian dish. Citrus Marinated Shrimp These tangy shrimp remind one of an Asian sweet and sour dish. Classic Tuna Noodle Casserole A creamy baked casserole that's brimming with tuna, peas and noodles. Cod Poached in Wine White wine gives the poaching liquid in the recipe extra refinement. Cool Shrimp Tacos A perfect picnic meal. Crab Cake Benedict This fun twist on a breakfast classic is great for entertaining. Crab Stuffed Prawns As an appetizer or a main course, this dish is elegance, through and through. Crayfish They're not reserved for southern cooking anymore. Crispy Coconut Shrimp This fantastic dish is elegant for any party. Curried Shrimp and Pasta Fall in love with this aromatic dish that has a fruity secret. Deep-Fried Alaskan Razor Clams in Beverly's Beer Batter and Panko Crumbs These great morsels are a perfect way to enjoy clams. Dishwasher Salmon Bet you've never had salmon like this before! Drunken Shrimp This festive dish can fit into any holiday celebration. Easy Breezy Tuna Casserole This easy casserole is great for a busy day. Fillet of Sole Meuniere French cuisine meets simplicity. Fish & Apples An unusual combination makes this dish a treat. Fish Hobo Dinner Dinner at the campsite just got gourmet! Fish Stew Pull out that crockpot -- it's seafood time. Fish Tacos Tender pieces of flakey fish get nestled into tortillas with a light cole slaw to make simple, yet delicious, fish tacos for a casual meal. Foil Steamed Fish Easy cooking; easy clean-up. Fried Clams Using fresh clams gives the best results, but these are tasty any way you make them. Fried Halibut A simple dish with a satisfying crunch. Fried Rice Bowl with Broccoli and Shrimp A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Fried Trout and Other Fish Your traditional shore lunch. Frog Legs in Garlic Butter Be creative tonight! Garlic Shrimp Serve these peppy shrimp at your next tapas party. Glazed Salmon This elegant dish is quick enough for weekday entertaining. Gravlox This salt-cured salmon dish is absolutely sensational. Greek Shrimp Serve over rice and you've got dinner. Grilled Catfish and Veggies Grilled greatness in half an hour. Grilled Grayling Enjoy fresh fish grilled over and open flame with an assortment of unique sides. Grilled Mahi-Mahi with Roasted Pepper Sauce This ultra-fast dinner will make weekday guests think you've spent a lot of time on a gourmet meal. Grilled Salmon Steaks Grilling made simple. Grilled Salmon Steaks The flavor of garlic is grilled into these steaks. Grilled Salmon with Dill Grilling with dill is the secret. Grilled Salmon with Potato and Watercress Salad An entire meal in itself. Grilled Salmon Wraps Enjoy a new grilled favorite tonight. Grilled Scampi with Hot-Spicy South-East-Asian Sauce Bring a taste of the orient to your table tonight with a great grilled dish. Grilled Sweet and Sour Shrimp It's summertime and the grilling is easy -- with this recipe! Grilled Trout Enjoy whole fish grilled to perfection with a few choice ingredients. Grilled Vegetable Medley Shrimp plays a supporting role to fresh vegetables in this dish. Halibut Cheeks A wonderful treat for those who love fresh fish. Harvest Trout Fresh trout is wonderful when stuffed with the aromas and flavors of fall. Herbed Quinoa with Shrimp and Zucchini A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Honey Walnut Prawns Enjoy this Asian delight tonight! July Fourth Mango Mahi Mahi Something a little different for your Fourth of July celebration. Kerala Prawn Curry This simple shrimp curry is traditional Indian cuisine. King Crab Legs A fast and easy way to serve this favorite food. King Salmon Sashimi Fresh salmon makes incredible sushi. Lemon Baked Fish This simple dish makes for a wonderful weekday entertaining meal. Lemon Maple Glazed Atlantic Salmon This delightful salmon is served over a potato and parsnip puree with creamed spinach. Lemon-Butter Salmon and Broccoli Penne A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Lobster Cantonese Celebrate the Chinese New Year with this elegant dish. Lobster with Ginger and Scallions Enjoy an elegant, Asian-inspired dinner for your most romantic occassions. Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahi Mahi This elegant dish is great for entertaining. Macchi Fry Koliwada This Indian fish dish is a great way to impress guests. Mediterranean Stir-Fry Shrimp, fresh herbs and veggies star together. Monkfish Kabobs in Thyme and Oregano Marinade I think this says it all: yum. Monkfish Medallions with Thyme Enjoy black olives in this tasty meal. Mussels with Red Pepper Mayonnaise These tasty mussels are absolutely delicious. Mustard Encrusted Salmon This simple dish is perfect for showcasing great salmon. Mustard Fish This deeply-flavored dish is native to Bengal, India. Nigiri Sushi A fish and rice sushi dish. Onion Pancakes with Mushroom-Clam Sauce Think pancakes are just for dinner? Think again! Orange Roughy Under Orange Sauce Tangy and terrific. Orange-Fennel Grilled Trout This healthy meal seems anything but … and it's simple to make as well! Oriental Broiled Cod This simple fish dish cooks in minutes and brings a buttery flavor to your table. Oysters Béarnaise This elegant recipe is a great way to ring in the New Year. Oysters with Champagne Sauce Now this is a romantic dinner idea! Pan Fried Red Snapper As good as seafood gets. Panko Fried Prawns Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, this dish is made to please. Panko-Crusted Cod with Smoky Vegetable Ragout Turn ordinary cod into something that will have guests raving! Philadelphia Roll A sushi roll named for the cream cheese. Potato, Crab and Shrimp Cakes Fusion cuisine sees the birth of the blend of latkes and crab cakes. Prawns with Angel Hair Pasta Quick and easy, this springtime dish is light and creative. Prawns with Lemon Butter Sauce This elegant meal gets its special flavor from its easy sauce. Prawns with Strawberry Sauce This dish just screams spring. Prawns, Puerto Varrarta Style Seafood lovers at the grill. Quick Broiler Salmon with Dressed Greens Somewhere between a formal entrée and a salad, this dish pleases everyone. Quick Paella If you are looking for the flavors of Spain in the middle of the week, look no further than this fast and simple recipe. Quick Shrimp and Asparagus Stir-fry Enjoy the flavors of spring -- asparagus, mushrooms and shrimp. Quick Shrimp Scampi Enjoy an elegant meal in the middle of the week without spending too much time. Rainbow Roll The basic maki roll with some flair. Roasted Mahi Mahi and Asparagus This elegant dish is easy to make during the busy holiday season. Rockfish and Chips Enjoy traditional shore fare. Salmon Burgers with Avocado Mayonnaise These unique burgers will turn heads at your next cookout. Salmon Casserole Comfort food that's actually good for you. Salmon Crepes Elegance and simplicity united. Salmon Kicked up a Notch! Using a famous chef's seasoning makes for a special seafood dinner. Salmon Roasted in Grape Leaves Keep salmon moist and delicious by roasting it in brined grape leaves. Salmon Roasted with Butter and Herbs Consider this elegant, yet super quick option for your holiday needs. Salmon Scampi Ragout with Ginger Enjoy this delicious blend of flavors at your next weekday dinner party. Salmon with Blood Orange Vinaigrette A fantastic salmon recipe that's well suited to resting on greens or alongside pilaf. Salmon with Lentils and Mustard-Herb Butter A dish on its own, this recipe will have you thinking summery thoughts. Salmon with Tomato-Ginger Relish Grilled salmon gets a special flair with a tangy relish. Salmon Wontons in Shitake Mushroom Broth Creativity and flavor in one special package. Sashimi Sushi at its simplest. Sautéed Alaska Spot Prawns A sweet and savory dish that is sure to please. Scallops with Orange-Braised Shallots This dish pairs tangy oranges with sweet scallops. Scalone Scalone is a mixture of scallops and abalone that is shaped into patties, simmered and enjoyed. Sea Scallops with Lemon Butter Sauce This elegant dish can be prepared as either an appetizer or as a main course. Seafood Fondue Enjoy a creamy seafood fondue with your family. Seared Tuna with Sauteed Spinach Enjoy an elegant and romantic dinner for two without any fuss. Shrimp & Asparagus Noodle Bowls Get a taste of spring with these delightful noodle bowls. Shrimp & Vegetable Lo Mein This simple Asian dish comes together in minutes. Shrimp and Rice Wraps Fast food on the go. Shrimp Enchiladas Verde Shrimp with spicy tomatillo-and-cilantro sauce, a common combination in coastal Mexican cuisine, make bright-tasting enchiladas. Shrimp Etouffee This rich dish makes you think cajun thoughts. Shrimp Fried Rice Easy, versatile and great to serve to company, this dish has it all. Shrimp in Coconut Milk This delightful dish is wonderful when paired with rice. Shrimp in Coconut Milk A simple Indian dish from The Spice is Right. Shrimp Pad Thai This traditional Thai dish is spicy, sweet and delicious. Shrimp Scampi This classic favorite takes minutes to make. Shrimp With Cardamom & Almonds This dish hails from Figi and will warm you heart and soul. Shrimp with Cherry Tomatoes and Feta Enjoy this great recipe from the 12 Best Foods Cookbook. Shrimp With Chinese Peas This simple dish is inspired by the Orient and takes about 15 minutes to prepare. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce This popular Chinese dish can be on the table in less than 15 minutes. Shrimp with Peanut Sauce A hint of Thai makes these just a little spicy. Simple Baked Salmon If you have an oven, you can make this elegant dish in minutes! Simple Fish Pie Creamy fish and shrimp under a crunchy crust. Simple Grilled Salmon Grilling salmon for a special occasion? Sure! Simple Scallop Sauté Scallops make this meal quick, delicious and easy. Simple Tandoori Cod You'll never imagine how easy this dish is to prepare. Smoked Salmon Like lox? Try this recipe. Smoked Salmon Get detailed instructions on how to smoke salmon using corn husks. Smoked Salmon Soft Tacos What a unique way to enjoy smoked salmon! Southwestern Striped Bass with Fresh Salsa This elegant dish is perfect for a special celebration. Spicy Asian Shrimp Get a taste of the orient in 10 minutes. Spicy Catfish Enjoy a quick weekday meal on your griddle -- with a cajun flair. Spicy Grilled Shrimp and Scallop Kabobs Simple and satisfying. Spicy Hoisin Tuna Steaks The taste of Asia on the grill. Spicy Pan Fried Fish What a way to welcome cooler weather. Spicy Pecan-Crusted Cod This simple dish is still elegant enough for company. Spicy Salmon with Southern Salsa Great tasting and great for you! Spicy Shrimp Tasty and FAST. Spicy Tilapia with Pineapple Relish Sweet pineapple and spicy fish are a great flavor combination. Spring Rolls Get step-by-step illustrated directions for these oriental specialties. Steamed Cod with Chili-Salad Bring a taste of the orient to your table tonight with a unique combination of mild fish and a peppy salad. Steamed Halibut with Cilantro Serve this accompanied by steamed rice and stir-fried vegetables. Steamed Lobster or Crab A meal you can sink your teeth into. Steamed Mussels Roxie Mussels steamed with your favorite veggies. Steamer Clams Enjoy clams from the store or from the ocean in no time at all. Steelhead with Asparagus and Hollandaise Sauce This recipe just screams spring. Stovetop Smoked Salmon In small batches, salmon can be smoked and enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. Tea Sandwiches Creativity is the key to these little treasures. Tekka Maki One basic maki roll. Tempura Roll A unique sushi roll with great flavor. Teriyaki Salmon This simple recipe is almost buttery with a salty tang that's got a touch of the orient. Tilapia Tacos with Peach Relish Fish tacos are a great way to enjoy the flavors of the southwest. Tilapia with Lemon-Peppercorn Pan Sauce This bright dish is inspired by chicken picatta. Tree Roll A sushi treat with some life to it. Trout Stuffed with Mediterranean Herbs A rich blend of thyme, oregano, bay leaves and rosemary make this fish delectible. Tuna Cakes with Hoisin Dipping Sauce Save money by opting for tuna instead of crab in these tasty treats Tuna Carpaccio Let the flavor of ginger add zest to a favorite fish meal. Tuna Pockets Enjoy these pockets on the go or in a picnic. Tuna Salad Sandwich Spooks Dress up sandwiches right for Halloween. Unagi A Japanese treat featuring charbroiled eel. Weeknight Fish Sandwiches You will want to have sandwiches for dinner if these are on the menu. Whitefish Stew Enjoy the pleasures of crock pot cooking. Whole Ling Cod on the Grill Surprisingly easy and elegant.
Snacks and Dips Recipes
Ants on a Log Enjoy this traditional after-school treat anytime. Apple Surprise A great school lunch snack for junior. Artichoke Dip This quick dip is great for holiday entertaining. Baked Zucchini Chips These chips are actually healthy. Beetle Brunch Don't worry -- no bugs in this healthy snack. Bell Pepper Salsa Freshness is king in this recipe. Big Ben's Pigs-N-A-Blanket Great as an appetizer or snack. Black Bean and Corn Salsa An intense flavor that's perfectly paired with grilled pork chops. Breakfast Parfait Breakfast made fast, easy, and delicious. No more excuses! Centipede Surprise Marshmallows and pretzels come together to make a cute and tasty snack. Cheese & Japapeno Nachos A spicy snack. Chicken Taquitos These filling snacks are great as appetizers for a Mexican-inspired meal. Chunky Salsa An authentic recipe for homemade guacamole. Cilantro Salsa This is great served as a dip with tortilla or corn chips. Cinnamon Apple Dip Enjoy this warm dip on a cold night. Corn and Black Bean Salsa A great addition to pita chips. Corn Tortillas Fried in Butter These filling snacks are great for active kids. Cranberry Crunch Great as a snack or trail bar. Creamy Hummus Add some silken tofu to this appetizer to give it a creamy consistency. Creamy Seafood Dip A delicious dip that's perfect when paired with bits of bagel. Creamy Shrimp Dip This simple dip is great for entertaining. Crunchy Chile Pecans Hold onto your hat -- these snacks are spicy! Cucumber-Nectarine Salsa A refreshing salsa with spicy grilled fish. Fall Fruit and Orange-Cinnamon Dip Celebrate the colors and the harvest. Faux Turkey & Pesto Subs A sophisticated taste. Fresh Fruit and Dip A nice addition to any meal or by itself. Fresh Mango Salsa This peppy salsa is a great way to get your fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fruit Kebobs These simple kebobs make having fruit fun. Garden Fresh Salsa This fast salsa is great for using fresh veggies from the garden. Garden Salsa Fresh and crunchy and great with grilled chicken. Garlic Dill Dip Great with veggies, bread, and pretzels. Glorified GORP Enjoy this great trail mix on your next hike. Grilled Vegetables As much variety as you want. Guacamole An easy rendition of the classic avocado dip. Hot Spinach Dip This lower fat rendition of a popular appetizer doesn't show its skinny side. Indian Chex Mix A simple Indian-inspired dish from The Spice is Right. Kalamata Olive Tapenade Enjoy this on bread or as a dip for shrimp. Kettle Corn This simple popcorn snack is perfect for munching on Halloween night or while decorating the Christmas tree. Layered Taco Dip Cut the fat in this traditional dip by forgetting about the refried beans and full-fat sour cream. Little Pumpkin Pizzas Serve mini pizzas with a pumpkin theme at your Halloween party. Maple-Glazed Pecans These sweet treats are SuperBowl party fare. Microwave Snack Mix A great addition to back-to-school lunches. Orange Glazed Nuts These sweet nuts make a great snack anytime, anywhere. Peanut Butter Balls These snacks taste almost like candy and give great energy to your kids. Peppy Corn and Bean Salsa Great with anything grilled. Phyllis’ Halloween Popcorn Balls These sticky treats are a perfect handout for Halloween trick-or-treaters. Pico De Gallo A quick salsa to be served with pepper-rubbed steaks. Pineapple Salsa A tangy salsa is perfect when paired with grilled ham steaks. Pineapple Salsa Sweet and spicy meet in this unique salsa. Pumpkin Pops An orange popicle makes a frightfully good treat. Pumpkin Seeds Fall's favorite treat. Red Pepper Dip This dip/spread is especially easy if you use a food processor to make it. Reindeer Poop What do bad little boys and girls get in their stockings? Roasted Almonds These spicy almonds are great to put out in a dish for munching with guests. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Roasting pumpkin seeds gives them a special flavor that makes them a great holiday snack. Roasted Sunflower Seeds A treat from your garden makes snacking special. Roasted Sunflower Seeds Fresh from the garden! Roasting Chestnuts A special holiday treat becomes simple with these step-by-step instructions. Ronda's Fast Salsa Fast and fabulous. Salsa Flavorful and healthy Mexican dip or topping. Salted Roasted Pumpkin Seeds A great fall treat. Santa's Favorite This special snack is fruity and sure to please the little ones around the table. Seasoned Oyster Crackers Great as a snack or sprinkled over your favorite soup. Smoked Salmon Dip This dip is rich and delicious! Serve it for spreading on crackers. Snowman Poop Get the kids giggling with this fun snack. Spicy Mixed Nuts These tasty snack stars are easy to make. Spicy-Sweet Popcorn Having some of this special popcorn on hand will make your teenagers smile. Strawberry Salsa This peppy salsa gets a touch of sweetness from fresh strawberries. Stuffed Dates These simple treats make any event special. Stuffed Snails Fill pasta shells with special fillings to make a great appetizer. Sweet and Spicy Pecans This yummy snack is great for cocktail parties and impromptu gatherings. Taco Salsa A simple salsa that's great for quick entertaining. Tandoori Nuts Enjoy these spicy nuts at your next football party. Tangerine Salsa Tangy and delightful with grilled fish. The Snack Mix of Champions Take this spicy mix to the game or put it out in bowls at home. Toasted Pumpkin Seeds Once you pop, can you stop? Toasted Pumpkin Seeds Don't throw those seeds out! Toast them instead. Tortilla Chips A crispy snack that's great alone or with toppings. Trail Mix Having a bag of trail mix on hand when kids are on the go is a must. Trail Mix On the trail or in a lunchbox, this snack is great on the go. Trick or Treat Cereals Get your little gobblin in the holiday spirit with these goulish cereal ideas. White Cheddar Popcorn Crunch This fun snack mix is both sweet and salty. Witch on a Broom Another fun Halloween snack.
Soups and Stews Recipes
7-Bean Soup This hearty soup is a great way to warm you through and through. African Vegetarian Stew A great spice mix makes this soup divine. Albondigas This updated recipe comes with low fat directions as well. Albondigas A traditional Mexican "meatball" soup. Almond Dumplings These dumplings are perfect for soup. Alsatian Dumplings Enjoy these tasty dumplings in hot vegetable broth. Anything Soup Like the name suggests, this recipe gives you the basic backbone of a good soup and leaves the rest up to you. Apple-Butternut Squash Soup This healthy-for-you soup tastes creamy … without the cream. Asian Chicken and Shrimp Soup A perfect blend of flavors. Autumn Minestrone Add some beans and cabbage to this traditional soup. Baked Potato & Leek Soup with Cheddar & Bacon This is comfort food in a bowl. Beef Barley Onion Soup You'd never believe that it's so easy. Beef Stew Comfort food at its best. Black Bean Gazpacho A creative and gluten-free recipe to enjoy. Bouillabaisse This elegant seafood stew is a special occasion dish. Bouillabaisse This elegant seafood stew is a perfect way to start the New Year. Butternut & Leek Soup This creamy soup is lovely when served in a hollowed out pumpkin. Butternut Squash Soup This creamy soup is great comfort food. Caribou Tenderloin Stew Don’t worry if you don't have caribou -- beef will work as well. Carrot Soup With Ginger This simple soup is a fantastic holiday starter. Chasen's Restaurant Chili Elizabeth Taylor's favorite chili! Chick Pea Soup A great soup to accompany a pasta dinner. Chicken & Veggi Soup This soup reheats beautifully and tastes even better the second day. Chicken and Dumpling Soup This great recipe is perfect for making ahead and reheating during the week. Chicken and Dumplings This stick-to-your-ribs meal is a great way to chase away the winter blues. Chicken and Dumplings This hearty stew is perfect for a cool autumn day. Chicken and Dumplings A meal in itself. Chicken and White Bean Quick Stew This stew takes advantage of cooked chicken and readily available ingredients. Chicken and White Bean Stew This fast stew takes advantage of leftovers, convenience foods and one pot! Chicken Cacciatore An Italian favorite makes for a great meal. Chicken Corn Chowder Simple and quick. Chicken Noodle Soup A traditional cure-all for what ails you. Chicken Soup Mom's solution to the common cold. Chile Verde This spicy chile is great for keeping your belly and your wallet full. Chili Soup A hearty soup for a chilly day. Chili the Foxxy Way A recipe straight from the heart of Texas. Chilled Curried Soup This great soup is an excellent starter to an ethnic feast. Chilled Garlic Soup Garlic and almonds star in this delicate soup. Chilled Gazpacho This soup is packed with vegetables and flavor. Chilled Nasturtium Soup A pretty flowering plant beholds a peppery soup. Chilly Day Soup Wrap yourself up in comfort. Chunky Vegetable Chili You'll never miss the meat. Chunky Vegetarian Chili This is a perfect way to banish the cold weather blues. Classic Beef Stock Worth the time and effort it takes, having beef stock on hand means recipe flexibility. Confetti Turkey Stew Thanksgiving leftovers never had it so good! Corn Potato Chowder This creamy soup gets its great texture from sweet corn. Crazy Cajun's Gumbo One terrific skillet recipe. Cream of Broccoli Soup Simple and satisfying, this creamy soup is a splendid way to welcome sping. Cream of Peanut Soup A surprising and satisfying flavor for your table. Cream of Tomato Soup This lovely soup is terrific with grilled cheese sandwiches. Creamy Potato Soup This is the meal to warm you heart and soul. Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Soup This great soup is fantastic when paired with grilled cheese sandwiches. Creamy Split Pea Soup Top this nontraditional pea soup with feta cheese and watch the fun begin! Crockpot 16-Bean Soup With a trusty crockpot, hearty soup is just a work day away ... with only a bit of effort. Crockpot Taco Soup Ground turkey and lots of beans make this simple soup a healthy choice. Crockpot White Chili Comfort food in a bowl comes together without any fuss when you use your crockpot. Egg Flower Soup A classic soup with some great twists. Essence of Tomato Soup Nothing's like it when you're chilly. Favorite Pasta Fazool Get the finest in Italian comfort food. French Onion Soup Make sure you float some wonderful bread on top of this salty dish. French Onion Soup This traditional soup is served with slices of toasted bread. French Onion Soup This simple recipe can be made in about 20 minutes and multiplied as needed to serve one or a crowd. Fresh Corn Chowder Add some bread to this soup and you've got a meal. Fruit Soup Wonderful as a warm dessert or an elegant first course. Garden Veggi Stew All the garden's involved in this one! Garlic Soup A perfect match for garlic lovers anywhere! German Sausage Chowder This is stick to your ribs soup. Ginger Carrot Soup This tangy soup is perfect with Indian or Middle Eastern menus. Goulash Soup A fast and tasty meal with German flair. Grama's Chili A simple recipe featuring venison to lower the fat. Grandma's Potato Soup This is a very simple soup that's sure to please your family. Green Chili Soup This is a great soup to start a Mexican meal, or to serve for lunch. Grilled Andouille and Chile Soup with White Beans and Spinach A perfect bowl of comfort on a cold winter's day. Gumbo Southern style is star in this famous dish. Halibut and Salmon Chowder A chowder that has its heart in Alaska. Ham and Lentil Stew This great stew uses your crockpot and leftover ham. Ham, Barley and Lentil Soup Easy, inexpensive, and tasty -- what more could you want? Hearty Corn and Potato Chowder Creamy and satisfying. Hot and Sour Crab Soup A great twist on traditional hot and sour soup. Hot and Sour Soup Asian comfort food. Howard's Leftover Turkey Soup This hearty soup is a great way to take advantage of the leftovers from Thanksgiving. Indian-Style Chicken Soup Coconut milk and lemon grass add a taste of the East to this soup. Irish Potato Soup Creamy and wonderfully satisfying. Irish Potato Soup Comfort food at its finest finds a St. Patrick's Day celebration. Italian Garden Soup Enjoy the taste of summer anytime. Lemony Lentil Soup and Whole-Grain Roll A great recipe from Fitness Magazine. Lentil Soup with Tomatoes A classic rustic Italian soup. Lovage Soup A creamy soup featuring the flavors of lovage, carrots and artichokes. Manhattan Clam Chowder This tangy soup is yummy and easy to make. Meatless Chili You won't miss the meat in this hearty cold-weather dish. Meaty Ratatouille With the addition of Italian sausage, this dish becomes a hearty meal fit for a crowd. Menudo Mexican soup for a chilly day. Microwave Corn Chowder Enjoy your favorite chowder in minutes! Microwave Minestrone Who knew minestrone could be on the table In minutes? Minestrone Tradition in a bowl -- Italians everywhere rejoice. Minestrone Soup A classic Italian favorite. Mrs. Eddie Mae's Green Pea Soup Thick and hearty -- perfect for a chilly day. Mulligatawny Soup A popular Indian soup. Mushroom-Chive Bisque Creamy, yet light, this soup is perfect for reminding us that spring is on its way. Mushroom-Pepper Soup This simple soup is lovely when paired with Asian food. Mussel and Saffron Soup A little saffron goes a long way in this crowd pleaser. New England Clam Chowder Enjoy this creamy classic in a sourdough bread bowl. Onion Soup A wide variety of thinly sliced onions make this a great soup for fighting off the winter blahs. Pantry Gazpacho Soup Cool soup becomes super easy when you turn to convenience foods. Pea Soup with Ginger Traditional pea soup gets a visit from the orient with the addition of ginger. Pesto Cream Soup Easy to make and oh-so-satisfying. Pork and Bean Soup What a lovely combination of flavors. Pork Roast and Pears A sweet stew made with your crock pot. Portuguese Chourico and Peppers This hearty crockpot dish is a great spicy stew for your cooler weather enjoyment. Potato and Lovage Soup The combination of potatoes and lovage -- a unique herb -- is perfect. Potato Soup A creamy texture makes this a new favorite. Pueblo Potato Soup An old favorite with a Tex-Mex flair. Pumpkin Apple Soup Enjoy the best of the fall harvest in this sweet and spicy soup. Pumpkin Soup This creamy soup makes a perfect first course for any fall meal. Quick Beef Stew All the taste in a fourth of the time. Quick Pork and Pepper Rice Gumbo Fast and fabulous! Quick Split Pea Soup Spruce up a simple canned soup with some great hints and tips. Quick Tomato-Rice Soup Sprucing up a canned soup is a great way to make a meal quick and easy. Quick Turkey Chili Soup This easy soup is great for Thanksgiving leftovers. Rainbow Soup Packed with veggies and pasta, this one's good for the heart and soul. Red Pepper Soup Light and satisfying. Rice Noodle Seafood Soup The taste of Vietnam in a great soup. Roasted Tomato Gazpacho This autumn twist on a summer favorite is simply divine. Roasted Tomato Soup This delightful soup is great when paired with a creamy grilled cheese sandwich. Roxie's Chili A hearty chili featuring a blend of meats, vegetables and spices. Roxx’s Baked Potato Soup Simple and delightful, this soup is made to make you swoon. Sausage and Chicken Stew Ward off Old Man Winter's icy clutches with this hearty stew. Sausage and Red Lentil Soup Flavor is king in this "smiler" soup. Savory Beef Barley Soup This soup is great on a cold day with crusty bread. Savory Tomato Soup The rich flavor of tomatoes gets a boost from fresh ginger. Seafood and Wild Rice Soup Discover the cajun flair in this spicy soup. Seafood Bisque Creamy, dreamy, beautiful. Seafood Chowder This elegant chowder is a wonderful way to ring in the New Year. Sharon's Chili A signature chili recipe from an expert. Short Rib Stew Get the most delicious gravy when you make stew with short ribs. Shrimp and Corn Bisque A creamy bisque is the perfect way to fight the winter blues. Shrimp Chowder A truly satisfying soup. Simmering Rice Soup A soup that sings! Simon's Simple Stew Comfort food at its finest. Simple Sausage & Lentil Soup Use your rice cooker to make a hearty soup in less than an hour. Simple Soup This great soup takes advantage of the bounty of your garden. Sizzling Rice Soup Impress your guests with this unique soup. Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings This creamy dish is easy to make and is the epitome of comfort food. Slow-Cooker Black Bean-Mushroom Chili This meatless chili can be made with little effort … with your slow-cooker. Smoked Alaskan Salmon Chowder This wonderful seafood chowder is perfect for a cold day. Southwestern Chowder Enjoy a taste of the south in a bowl. Speedy Gazpacho Think you can't put together a cold Spanish soup in minutes? Think again! Spiced Carrot and Orange Soup This special soup is a great starter for your holiday entertaining. Spicy Black Bean Soup With Cajun Sausage A perfect fall soup. Spicy Thai Vegetable Soup A blend of flavors makes this soup an ideal introduction to ethnic cuisine. Spicy White Bean Stew with Potatoes This one's sure to add a little heat to your home. Split Pea Soup Enjoy the best of comfort food with this classic hearty soup. Spring Soup This light soup features asparagus, the king of springtime produce. Spring Soup II A taste of spring. Stone Soup Make this versatile soup with your kids and learn the folklore behind the recipe. Strawberry Melon Soup This refreshing chilled soup is a good start or end to a simple summer meal. Sue's Three Bean Gazpacho A neat idea on how to combine two favorites. Summer Veggi Chili Vegetables take a bow in this great soup. Sunday Supper Roast Beef Comfort food at its finest. Super Bowl Chili Chicken soup with zing. Sweet Corn and Potato Chowder Here's the cure for what ails you. Tex-Mex Confetti Soup It's a garden in your soup. Thai-Inspired Noodles with Broth Enjoy a special soup with a broth boasting ginger, garlic and Thai curry. Tomato Vegetable Chowder with Turkey This great soup is ideal for cold, blustery days. Too-Much-In-My-Garden Chicken Soup Everything you can find in that garden is in this soup. Toss It Together Stew Save time and energy with a great crockpot recipe. Turkey Taco Soup This soup is so fast, it's almost like opening a can and warming it on the stove! Tuscan Sausage Soup A hearty soup packed with beans, sausage and vegetables makes a meal in a bowl. Two Bean Chili A wonderful chili that features a blend of many peppers. Two Bean Chili Give yourself some time to make this tasty chili -- it will be well worth it. Vegetable Broth Use those veggies in your refrigerator and put together a simple vegetable broth. Vegetable Soup Quick and satisfying for busy people. Vegetarian Barley and Bean Soup This simple soup takes less than an hour to make and enjoy. Vegetarian Barley-Vegetable Soup Barley makes this a particularly hearty soup. Enjoy it ladled into warm mugs with spicy bread sticks. Vegetarian Chowder This rich chowder is bound to become one of your favorites. Vegetarian Garbanzo Stew This intensely-flavored stew is a meal in itself -- just add crusty bread. Vegetarian Hot and Sour Soup This traditional Chinese favorite is easily converted into a meatless dish. Skip the egg for a vegan version. Vegetarian Red Bean Stew Plan some time for this stew -- it's well worth the wait. Vietnamese Noodle Bowls This is a soup that really does eat like a meal! Wild Rice Soup A nutty flavor and a golden hue. Winter Seafood Soup A delightful seafood soup is the perfect remedy for the winter blues. Zuppa di Pesce A rich Italian stew based on tomatoes and tons of seafood.
Vegetables Recipes
Apple Stir Fry Anyone who said that apples are just for dessert hasn't tried this tasty dish. Asparagus with Bacon This savory side dish is perfect with any elegant spring meal. Aubergine with Mushrooms in Ginger-Tomato Sauce A simple and tasty meal. Baby Potatoes with Dill An elegant dinner side dish. Baked French Fries These simple fries have all of the flavor and much less fat than traditional deep-fried fries. Baked Hashbrowns These easy breakfast tators were born out of laziness -- and they taste great. Baked Herb Tomatoes Sweet, ripe tomatoes and a great herb blend. Baked Pumpkin This savory pumpkin is filled with zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, pasta and more. Baked Stuffed Potatoes These potatoes make a great meal when time and energy are running low. Baked Sweet Potatoes and Apples Sweet potatoes and apples pair in this delightful side dish. Balsamic Roasted Onions A fantastic side dish for roasted pork, beef or lamb. Balsamic-Glazed Grilled Asparagus This simple recipe is truly divine. Basic Grilled Veggies These mixed grilled veggies feature an oil and vinegar dressing. Basic Scalloped Potatoes Creamy and delicious. Beans and Blueberries A simple, yet elegant side dish. Best Baked Beans Enough said. Best Green Bean Casserole Traditional green bean casserole in the slow cooker. Brenda's Beans Traditional Tex-Mex food at its finest. Broccoli Smashed Potatoes Enjoy this great recipe from the 12 Best Foods Cookbook. Broccoli with Cheese Sauce Get kids to eat their veggies with this great recipe. Broiled Grapefruit A perfect start to a day. Brussels Sprouts and Bacon Tame the savage beast! Buttered Brussels Sprouts and Carrots Brussels sprouts get paired with bright carrots for a festive side dish. Caraway Potatoes with Quark A tasty side dish with German flair. Carrot and Lima Bean Crisp An excellent vegetarian main dish. Carrots and Celery Traditional favorites -- southern style. Cider-Roasted Vegetables These great veggies can be made ahead and simply roasted on the day you need them for dinner. Classic Ratatouille Make enough for company and leftovers. Crab Stuffed Squash A simple and elegant side dish for roasted chicken or pork. Creamed Cabbage This traditional Irish recipe is perfect when prepared in the microwave. Creamy Scalloped Potatoes with Ham A decadent side dish for the holidays. Creole Corn Casserole This casserole is straight from the south. Crockpot Ratatouille This recipe takes advantage of seasonal fresh produce without heating up your kitchen. Curried Cabbage This fun Indian dish is spicy and delicious. Curried Chick Peas and Potatoes This simple curry is great for those that think they don't like curries. Easy Creamed Peas A decadent side dish to be served with your favorite comfort food. Eggplant with Tomato Enjoy this delightful casserole in spring. French Fries If you think McDonald's has the best … you need to check these out! French Potatoes These tasty potatoes are great with your favorite grilled meals. Fresh Corn Pudding Sweet, yet satisfying. Fresh Fried Corn Add a new dimension to an old favorite. Fresh Green Beans Fresh beans only need the simplest of dressings to be perfect. Fried Green Tomatoes Next stop, the Whistle Stop Cafe. Fried Green Tomatoes Try the same recipe with eggplant or zucchini next time. Fried Raw Potatoes Taters with a German accent. Garlic Mashed Potatoes Give your spuds some extra kick! Garlic Mashed Potatoes The addition of a clove of garlic when boiling the potatoes makes these potatoes as easy to make as they are tasty. Garlic-Herb Fingerling Potatoes A great springtime side dish. German Green Beans These decadent veggies belong in a festive family meal. Greek Potatoes Enjoy potatoes roasted in the oven as a side for your favorite meals. Green Bean Casserole This classic dish for fall entertaining is easy to make and delicious as well. Green Bean Casserole This traditional favorite is great for company or a potluck. Green Beans Southern style all the way. Grilled and Roasted Sweet Onions with Pine Nut Butter A perfect accompaniment to steaks or chicken. Grilled Artichokes Time-consuming, but well worth the effort. Grilled Artichokes Here is a great way to serve artichokes instead of the usual boiling or steaming method. Grilled Asparagus Garlic and asparagus on the grill - yum. Grilled Asparagus Fast, fun, AND healthy. Grilled Italian Vegetables Italian seasoning and parmesan cheese make these veggies an Italian treat. Grilled Parmesan Cheese Tomatoes This ultra-simple recipe is great when paired with grilled cheese sandwiches. Grilled Portabellas Who needs hamburgers? Grilled Tomatoes Simple grilled tomatoes make a splendid addition to any summer meal. Grilled Vegetables These smoky treats are perfect as the star of any meal. Grilled Zucchini This simple side is perfect for summer entertaining. Hash Browns with Diced Ham So simple, it's almost not a recipe! Herbed Vegetable Combo Vegetables with a stir-fry touch. Herb-Fried Zucchini What a great way to use all those zucchinis. Honey-Glazed Brussels Sprouts Good and good for you! Italian Broccoli with Tomatoes Great tasting and great for you! Jodie’s Taters A side dish that's homemade love on a fork! Judy Mills's From-Scratch Baked Beans The originals aren't from scratch -- but these are! Latkes These yummy Jewish potato pancakes are divine. Leek and Corn Stuffed Peppers These hearty peppers are a meal in themselves with a simple side salad. Malaysian Devilled Potatoes Enjoy some spice in your side dish tonight. Mexi-Scalloped Corn Creamy and delicious, this is excellent comfort food. Microwave Mashed Potatoes Mashed potatoes are a snap when prepared in the microwave. Microwave Parslied Potatoes Simple and delicious, this dish speaks of spring. Milk-Free Scalloped Potatoes Great for those allergic to dairy products. Mixed Grilled Vegetables This simple dish is a great way to use summer's bounty. Mohawk Corn Black walnuts make this an elegant side dish for any meal. Old-Fashioned Green Beans with Bacon A comfort food favorite. Oriental Tomato Skillet Fast and fabulous. Pan Baked Holiday Potatoes Make these tasty spuds in the microwave. Parmesan-Lemon Asparagus This dreamy side dish is perfect with just about any entrée! Peas with Lettuce, Parsley and Chervil A traditional French presentation. Pepper and Mushroom Saute What a tasty treat. Pesto-Glazed Potatoes Who said pesto is just for pasta? Potato and Onion Casserole Great for entertaining. Proscuitto Wrapped Corn on the Cob A great summer side. Ranch Mashed Potatoes Simple changes to mashed potatoes makes for a decadent dish. Ranch Mashed Potatoes A little packaged dressing mix makes these spuds special. Rich and Creamy Mashed Potatoes Perfect with roasted poultry or beef. Roasted Asparagus Perfect with roasted or grilled meats. Roasted Baby Potatoes with Shallots A beautiful side dish for a springtime feast. Roasted Beets with Feta This elegant side dish is excellent with beef or lamb. Roasted Vegetable Medley Enjoy these veggies on their own or stuffed into sandwiches. Roasted Vegetables A great, basic recipe for a wide variety of roasted vegetables. Roastless Brown Potatoes and Vegetables This is an excellent accompaniment to any holiday menu. Sauteed Red Cabbage Wine and vinegar pair to add a lovely flavor to cooked cabbage. Seasonal Stir-Fry Enjoy your favorite veggies. Seasoned Vegetable Kabobs Add something new to your barbeque. Shitake Stir-Fry Fast and fabulous. Simple Grilled Vegetables These grilled veggies are so hearty, they can be a meal in themselves. Simple Roasted Potatoes Roasting potatoes brings out extra flavor. Slow Cooker Beans A really simple recipe that will have your guests swooning. Slow Roasted Tomatoes Well worth the three hours of roasting time. Smashed Red-Skinned Potatoes with Boursin & Scallions These potatoes are wonderful when paired with a strong-flavored main dish. Spicy Baked Potatoes Enjoy these flavorful spuds at any special meal. Spicy Candied Sweet Potatoes Serve these candied sweet potatoes alongside turkey and all the trimmings. Spicy Grilled Corn-on-the-Cob This great grilled corn is a welcome addition to any summer cookout. Spicy-Sweet Roasted Yams This healthy alternative to that marshmallow casserole is a welcomed treat at the Thanksgiving feast. Squash and Corn with Tomatoes This dish can quickly become a meal when paired with crusty bread and a glass of wine. Steamed Artichokes With Bernaise Sauce A dinner party favorite. Steamed Asparagus with Lemon Pepper Sprinkle Fresh asparagus makes a wonderful side dish during the spring months. Steamed Cabbage Stir-fry your cabbage? You bet. Steamed Green Beans with Lemony Yogurt Vinaigrette These tangy green beans are a beautiful addition to an elegant meal. Stir-Fried Zucchini with Herbs and Spices This is great as an accompaniment to curried poultry, fish or veal. Stuffed Baked Potatoes Choose from Red Bean, Soy Vegetable or Cheese and Creamed Corn Stuffing. Stuffed Eggplant This easy dish is a great way to get your fill of veggies. Stuffed Onions A savory filling makes these sweet onions fantastic. Stuffed Zucchini Who says it needs to be full of meat to be meaty? Sweet Potato Cakes These cakes are great to snack with or serve with roasted pork or turkey. Sweet Potato Surprise Sweet potatoes baked with a syrup that's to die for. Sweet Potatoes Have baked goodness ready in minutes. Sweet Potatoes in Orange Cups Serve it in style. Thai Summer Squash These spicy mixed squash quarters are wonderful when paired with spicy Thai kabobs. Thai Vegetable Kabobs These spicy kabobs are wonderful served over tasty couscous. Turkey Wing Gravy No turkey drippings for gravy? No problem! Two-Potato Veggi Packets Easy preparation and clean-up. Vegetable Bean Medley A great side to offer at potlucks, this casserole comes together quickly. Vegetable Fire 'N Ice These creative packets of veggies are great when time is in short supply. Vegetable Stuffed Green Peppers A side dish or main entree for you. Vegetables ala Orient Enjoy fresh veggies with a oriental kick. Whipped White Beans and Garlic Uniqueness as a side dish. Zucchini Fritters with Chile Jam Serve these fritters at your next elegant gathering. Zucchini Hash Browns These simple hash browns add a country feeling to your next meal. Zucchini Napoleon A lovely combination of your favorites vegetables.
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