Hot Enough For Ya?

The desire for set-me-on-fire spicy food and a good chicken sandwich provide the perfect challenge for this foodie. Armed with a few ingredients and the ambition required to succeed in the quest for the perfect balance of heat, flavor and texture, dinner is on the table in less than half an hour. And the verdict is ... yum.

Choosing a Grill

Are you choosing your first outdoor barbeque grill? There are thousands of grill options available when you are purchasing your first grill. It may seem overwhelming, but knowing the difference between each type of grill will help you make an easier decision.

Wisconsin-Style Brats in Beer

As the weather goes from spring to OMG-summer-showed-up-overnight, it's time to think about the Wisconsin tradition of outdoor entertaining, including enjoying brats bathed in beer and onions!

Learning Opportunity

My newest cookbook crush, now being shared with you! It's a nearly $500 collection of six books, so I'm likely to just keep drooling for a while, but this site is enough to keep me going for now.

Wasted Food Can Destroy Your Food Budget

The best way to save your food budget is by avoiding wasted food. By most estimates, a quarter to half of all food produced in the United States goes uneaten - left in fields, spoiled in transport, thrown out at the grocery store, scraped into the garbage or forgotten until it spoils. If the average American household wastes just 25% of the food they buy, that's $2275 per year directly into the garbage!


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