Salad Elegant

The desire to spend little time cooking in a hot apartment combined with the urge for something fancy results in an elegant salad that is company-worthy. Sometimes it's amazing how simple food can be so very inspired! In this one, ahi tuna combines with a seed-filled crust that's lightly seared and drizzled with an Asian-inspired dressing over a fresh garden salad base.

Salad Days ... Take Two

The smoked chicken adventure continues with another great salad. This one's inspired by a classic chicken club sandwich and boasts fresh greens and veggies, shredded smoked chicken and crispy bacon, and a generous helping of shredded cheddar cheese. It's hearty enough to be a meal on its own and smoked chicken makes it extra special.

Salad Days

Imagine a blissed out foodie singing "These are a few of my favorite things" while putting together this salad. Then make and eat this salad. Then you will understand! When smoked chicken, goat cheese, fresh fruit and veggies, nuts and honey mustard all end up on one salad, it's enough to have me singing in the kitchen!

Smokin' Lessons

Smoking chickens requires time and a smoker. A weekend visit gives me access to both and lessons from a pro. Now I just need to figure out how to store more chicken in my freezer!

Perfect Burgers and Liquid Nitrogen?

This is a great find for those foodie geeks out there. Dr. Nathan Myhrvold offers a truly fascinating method for making the perfect burger. It involves freezing patties in liquid nitrogen and deep-frying them! Super tasty? Not sure. Worth reading about? Definitely.


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