Decadent Brunch Dishes

Get some fantastic ideas for brunch, whether it's Mother's Day brunch or something more casual. The key to a great brunch lies in a nice variety of foods with an elegant twist. So sleep in and enjoy the joy that is brunch!

Donut Cookies?

I just chopped up a solid chocolate bunny bought on sale after Easter, melted it and dunked super inexpensive coconut cookies I got at the Chinese grocery store. I expect them to be yummy. I didn't expect them to look like little chocolate-frosted donuts!

Quick and Simple = Yum

Sometimes quick is more important than from-scratch and sometimes that involves discovering fantastic shortcuts and delicious results!

Fun To Make Crockpot Recipes

Get great and insightful advice on cooking your favorite recipes in the crockpot. Find out which spices work well with long, slow cooking times and which do not. Not all meat works well in these recipes and some vegetables are simply perfect for crockpot meals.

A Savory Twist on a Childhood Favorite

I grew up with Monkey Bread - a sweet pull-apart bread that would become dessert at least a few times a year. When faced with the question about what's for dinner, a remodel of this childhood treat becomes a main course.


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