Why I Don't Need a Coffee Shop

A popular seasonal muffin offered in coffee shops across the country finds a makeover and a happy home in my kitchen. Add fantastic vacuum-brewed coffee to that and I have no reason to seek out coffee shops. I've got the best they have to offer in my nest and I can wear slippers while enjoying it all!

Fall Food

As the weekend approaches, thoughts of starting those days with warming food that I just associate with autumn really appeals to me. And when it comes to fall food, nothing compares to hearty baked oatmeal. The version I'm sharing today features apples, cinnamon and maple syrup. Mmmmmm!

Fire In Your Belly

Chili-infused vodka seemed like a good idea to me and a great idea to my husband. Being a man who seems happier breathing fire than air some days, we embarked on an adventure to make the perfect vodka for an ideal bloody mary. The result? He's thrilled with it at full strength and I'm happy to dilute it a fair bit to make a spicy-sweet watermelon martini.

Making Specialty Pizzas At Home

Just hearing the word "pizza" is often enough to make our mouths water with anticipation and our stomachs grumble with intense hunger. Most of us have only one or two types of the familiar food that we prefer over all others but there are countless kinds of specialty pizzas that you can make at home and experiment with. The only limit is your own creativity.

Learning Opportunity

The end of the week (and the month!) seems like a great time to share some fascinating and fun foodie items I've wandered across this week. You'll be seeking the hottest peppers you can find and heads of garlic for peeling this weekend! Enjoy and see you next week.


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