Basic Oil Fondue

For the oil pots, I prefer to do thin slices rather than cubes of meat and I'll have chicken, some pork and shrimp; but you can use any meat you wish. Also good are parboiled potato wedges, onion chunks, and leeks. The only limit is your palate and your imagination. Calculate about 10 to 12 ounces of meat per person. It may sound like a lot but trust me, there'll be few leftovers. I do my slicing and marinating the afternoon before the fondue to allow the flavours to permeate. For the pork I use a teriyaki sauce, for the chicken lemon juice and black pepper, and the shrimp I marinade in lime juice. Please remember though, not to add salt to your meats until after they're cooked.

When I'm ready to prepare the oil, I pour about a quarter cup of hot (as in spicy) oil into each of the pots and then fill to just slightly less than half full with canola oil. Heat them on the stove with a couple of cloves of garlic in them till the garlic is golden in colour, remove the garlic and transfer the pots to their stands with the fuel going. Have various seasonings and dips for your guests to enjoy. I usually have a cocktail sauce for any seafood and horseradish, various mustards and some chili or Tabasco sauces for the meats, as well as salt and a pepper mill on hand. Again though, it's really up to you and what you enjoy.

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