Kitchen Safety

With cooler weather upon us, we're spending more time in the kitchen and that means it's a great time to brush up on basic kitchen safety. Put some polish on your procedures with a clever infographic that takes you through kitchen safety step by step.

Sandwich Skillet

Breakfast gets a lunchtime makeover when BLTs become the inspiration for a clever skillet strata. A one-pan breakfast to fuel your weekend adventures is just what you need now!

Building Dinner Sandwiches

Whether you are rushing out the door to go apple-picking or attend the PTO meeting, this month calls for a lot of good meals-on-the-go. Sandwiches are natural choices and there's no reason to stop at PBJs or baloney on white bread. It's decadent dinner sandwich time!

Weekday Ribs

Tender boneless country ribs can be a quick weekday meal if you have a pressure cooker to make the traditional slow cooked meat into a quick process. Add to that a spicy, tangy sauce inspired by the flavors of Thailand and you've got a great go-to mid-week dinner.

Weeknight Shorts: Main Dish Slaw

As October progresses, our gardens and market stands give us more root vegetables and other hearty items. Tender lettuces give way to sturdy cabbages. So embrace the change in harvest and enjoy a main dish slaw boasting crunchy veggies, juicy fruit, warm chicken, and an asian dressing.

Play With Your Food

Traditionally left as an item around Easter time, boiled eggs get ignored for much of the rest of the year. But, if you have just a bit of time, they can be a great quick breakfast or addition to your favorite noodle bowl - and just downright adorable when dressed up as little mice.

Sheet Pan Chicken

Welcome to October, the month of embracing baking, roasting, and braising! Grab your sheet pan and begin with a Greek chicken dish that will put your entire meal in the oven before it finds its way to the table.