Space Food

Every once in a while, I come across a fun article that's food-related and I want to share it with my readers. Being a bit of a sci-fi, astronomy, and space nut, I found a recent article on the past, present and future of food in space and dug into it with enthusiasm.

Everything from why ice cream made it onto the menu once (but only once) to how space impacts an astronaut's ability to smell and taste food get explanations, as well as how the choices available today are both different and vastly improved. And then, of course, talk about the future happens. What kinds of foods that aren't very practical today will find their way to space in the future and, perhaps even more fascinating, what kinds of foods will be grown and entirely prepared in space in the years and decades to come. The future is looking pretty tasty for astronauts!

And then there's something that many readers already know, but perhaps hadn't considered in the space context: cooking together helps people bond and makes people happy. Will the future of space travel include team-building exercises involving making dinner together? I sure hope so — when you consider that some of the biggest challenges facing space travelers today involve dealing with boredom and loneliness, there's a lot of value to the practice of making meals together to encourage camaraderie, variety, and creativity. After all, it does wonders for our social fabric on the planet — why shouldn't we find ways to send that to space as well?

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