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December 2010 Issue
Favorite Holiday Tradition
by Ronda L. Halpin
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The holidays bring many opportunities to renew family traditions and create new ones of your own. Whether they are common or unusual, they tend to have a sentimental core that runs through them. So, this month, we're asking you to share your favorite holiday tradition with us. Maybe you will find some new ones to adopt as your own, too.

I'll begin. This year has brought with it a lot of change in my life and, as such, I think holiday traditions will feel more important than ever for me. Whether that means turkey for Thanksgiving, stocking stuffers in early December or special homemade gifts for friends and family, I plan to embrace them as much as I can. That said, I think my favorite holiday tradition involves a Christmas Eve feast of special seafood dishes. It's an Italian tradition called the Feast of the Seven Fishes. Of course, I like a fun twist on the tradition that I've developed over the years. Instead of a lot of time-consuming dishes that I need to work on for hours, I simply order sushi for our feast and make sure we've got at least seven different varieties. So, it's a fun fusion tradition that I've really come to love. So, however you celebrate, enjoy your holidays and embrace your traditions ... and maybe discover a few new ones. Happy holidays!

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