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July 2009 Issue
by Ronda L. Halpin
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    "I don't think America will have really made it until we have our own salad dressing. Until then we're stuck behind the French, Italians, Russians and Caesarians."

    - Pat McNelis

Welcome to the July issue of Seasoned Cooking. If you find the thought of a hot month filled with cold salads boring, this issue is here to change your mind. We're devoting it to getting you away from the stove and into the great outdoors for picnicking, grilling and finding ways to keep cool. We begin with a special feature from Sandra Lee that brings us a festive patriotic picnic, complete with a festive picnic table and homemade s'mores! You'll want to celebrate! Lots of non-cook menu ideas can be found in our other feature. Fitness Magazine brings us an entire month of healthy eating menus, including some great dessert ideas! Super foods have never tasted so good! And in that same theme, the Rush Hour column presents a fantastic main dish salad featuring grilled shrimp, asparagus, broccoli and more. Top it with an Indian-inspired buttermilk dressing and you'll be wanting more salad days!

Rossana brings us her wit and wisdom when it comes to grilling. Get great ideas for everything from seasoning to sides and everything in between. Then sit back and enjoy a hilarious take on men and grilling! Phi, on the other hand, is sharing his recipe for carnitas and hoping you'll enjoy it in everything from pulled pork sandwiches to tacos. And our Ingredient SpotLight is focused on peaches, where you'll find everything from sweet to savory recipes. You'll fall in love with peaches and how versatile they can be. And at the Seasoned Opinions column, we're asking you to share your favorite picnic foods with us.

Finally, we're introducing a new feature this month. Go to our homepage to join our new Kitchen Inspiration mailing list. Each week, you'll get sent a message including three recipes for you to enjoy. It's a great way to inspire new meals and thinking outside the box. It's just another way Seasoned Cooking is helping you cook!

There is a lot more to be discovered in this issue. Enjoy it and share it with your friends. And don't forget to tell us about what you like and don't like by using our feedback forms in every article. Enjoy the opportunities to spend time with friends and loved ones that July brings and here's to a seasoned lifestyle.

    Ronda L. Halpin

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