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June 2009 Issue
by Ronda L. Halpin
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    "Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos."

    - Don Kardong

Welcome to the June issue of Seasoned Cooking. This month is a fantastic time to take advantage of the beginning of summer and especially June Dairy Month. In that spirit, we're bringing you a bunch of great ice cream and other dairy-related treats. We begin with a great selection of features articles focusing on cool dairy treats. Whether you want icy, dreamy pies, recipes for and featuring ice cream or recipes that take advantage of your ice cream maker, we've got you covered. Once you've explored there, stop by the Seasoned Opinions column to share your favorite flavor of ice cream with the rest of us! If you more dairy recipes, consider the Ingredient SpotLight and its look at cream cheese. You'll get everything from sweet to savory recipes.

Continuing our look at all things summer, we're offering you a fantastic summer salad at the Rush Hour column. If you want something a touch heartier, consider the grilled ribeyes offered by Phil's International Flair. And, of course, it wouldn't be summer without a fresh strawberry rhubarb pie. Get a simple recipe for one at the Happy Endings column and bring your dinner to a close in style!

There is a lot more to be discovered in this issue. Enjoy it and share it with your friends. And don't forget to tell us about what you like and don't like by using our feedback forms in every article. Enjoy the opportunities to spend time with friends and loved ones that June brings and here's to a seasoned lifestyle.

    Ronda L. Halpin

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