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November 2003 Issue
by Ronda L. Halpin
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    "The true essentials of a feast are only fun and feed."

    -Oliver Wendell Holmes

Welcome to the November issue of Seasoned Cooking. November brings with it the start of the holiday cooking season. From now until the beginning of the New Year, we’ll be flexing our culinary muscles and enjoying all the fruits of our labors. Of course, that will likely bring another concern altogether when January rolls around, but that seems a distant challenge for now. Now we’re more concerned with turkey, cranberry relish and sweet potato pie.

We begin the festivities with a look at what we have to be thankful for … and we’re not talking about the big things. (Those you can certainly remember on your own.) Our Being Thankful feature article takes a little time to recall a few of the little things that make our lives fulfilling. Rossana joins in by devoting her Through the Kitchen Window column to some warm thoughts about a group of women who have been brought together with technology and cemented their bonds with much, much more. It’s a touching story of women supporting each other in good times and bad.

Of course, we would be remiss if we presented an issue without some great recipes for you to enjoy as well. We begin with an elegant way to start your day. The Rise ‘n Shine column offers a delicious mushroom omelet that will have you thinking that you’re staying at a posh bed and breakfast! Speaking of posh, you’ll want to take advantage of the Shrimp with Lobster Sauce recipe that’s shared in Phil’s International Flair. It’s hard to believe that something so wonderful can be put together in about 15 minutes!

On the Thanksgiving front, we’ve got a few timely topics to offer. First, some thoughts on roasting fall’s favorite vegetables are presented in the Kitchen Focus column. You’ll want to get some great tips that can save you time and effort when preparing everything from squash to potatoes for your holiday menu. And, of course, we’re interested in hearing what you’ll be serving at your table this Thanksgiving. Visit Seasoned Opinions to give your ideas and learn about what others will be having at their tables. In the Ingredient SpotLight, the focus is turkey and everything from the star of the show on Thanksgiving Day to some favorite ways to use leftover turkey is shared.

Speaking of leftovers, you’ll want to make sure you check out the Rush Hour column for a simple stew that takes advantage of the leftover turkey, gravy and veggies from your Thanksgiving feast. It’s so simple, it almost makes itself and there are few dishes that will be as welcomed as this on a cold autumn day. You might want to end that meal – or your Thanksgiving feast – with pumpkin biscotti and a cup of coffee. Get an easy recipe for it at the Happy Endings column and enjoy them with coffee, tea or on their own.

There's a lot more to enjoy in this month's issue of Seasoned Cooking -- from a product review of Cuisinart’s electric knife to thoughts on how various health charts can and cannot help you lose weight. Enjoy and here's to a seasoned lifestyle.

    Ronda L. Halpin

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