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July 2003 Issue
by Ronda L. Halpin
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    "What do you mean, you don't eat no meat? ... That's okay. I'll make lamb."

    - Aunt Voula, My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Welcome to the July issue of Seasoned Cooking. If you haven’t seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding yet, I highly recommend it. Anyone who loves cooking will love the puns and jokes – especially if you’re a fan of Greek food. Of course, Aunt Voula was wrong – there are real vegetarian Greek options … and we’re not talking lamb here! Check out Victoria’s Vegetarian Victuals for an assortment of recipes that are bound to please. If you want to expand your menu, read this month’s feature on a complete Greek grilling menu – including some great appetizers!

If that doesn’t give you your fill, you might want to extend the Greek influence to breakfast and visit the Rise ‘n Shine column for a scrambled egg dish that’s touched by the taste of the Mediterranean.

Of course, that’s not saying that everything here is Greek. For a taste of Mexico, try the traditional tostadas recipe at Phil’s International Flair. If you’re looking for recipes to celebrate, take a look at Through the Kitchen Window for some great summer entertaining recipes. And, of course, there are some great and easy dessert recipes to enjoy at the Happy Endings column.

There's a lot more to enjoy in this month's issue of Seasoned Cooking -- from BLTs in a salad bowl to the low-down on SARS. Enjoy and here's to a seasoned lifestyle.

    Ronda L. Halpin

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