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March 2002 Issue
In Like a Lamb?
by Rossana S. Tarantini
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My son makes what he calls a breakfast sandwich by taking two slices of French toast -- no sugar added -- and filling it with a slice of cheese, crispy bacon and a second cheese slice. Or, try his version of a grilled cheese sandwich which includes an egg cooked "over firm", grilled peameal bacon and double slices of old cheddar.

Soup and sandwich season -- let your imaginations run wild. See what yummy couplings you can come up with.

Amazing Grace

The following Grace is another I've had in my collection for a long time. I look forward to receiving some of your favourites too.

For this food upon our table, for the birds
outside our door, we thank You Heavenly
Father, for these things and many more.

Recipe Exchange

Well, after a somewhat faltering start last month (thanks to yours truly), we're off to the races finally.

  • Sandra is looking for a recipe for Coney Island Chili, which was also used as a Coney Island Sauce. Apparently, in the 1950's, it was served at the Coney Island restaurants.

  • And Jesica writes in that her grandmother used to have a meatloaf recipe that used Pet Milk in it. It also had cream of mushroom & tomato soup, saltines, and peaches that were placed on top of the meatloaf and held in place with cloves. If you happen to have this recipe, she'd appreciate your help.

  • Mary wonders if anyone has a recipe for June Frosting. It's a very light whipped egg white frosting.
  • A different Sandra writes in to say she'd love to duplicate the Spanish Bar Cakes from A&P (this is a grocery store chain here in Canada) stores years ago.

  • A chat room friend was telling me about a recipe that she used to make as a child. Seems it was so simple to make that even as a young girl of nine she could put it together with no trouble. Her mom would call her from work and get her started on it so that by the time everyone was home, dinner was ready. She said it was a family favourite and both she and her mom would be grateful for the recipe again. She thinks it was called Orange Chicken and it included frozen orange juice concentrate, honey and paprika. When it was done, it resulted in a yummy main course with a sticky sweet coating. She's from Ottawa and apparently the recipe appeared in the Ottawa Citizen about 35 years ago.
So, if you have a recipe that you think fits any of the requests above, or if you have a request of your own, we'd love to hear from you. I will try to post the replies in the column for the month following the request, if I get them in time. One thing I should note: unless you tell me otherwise, I will use your first name only in the column. That will sort of identify you, yet still keep you "anonymous" enough.


The following recipe is a good one for us all to remember from time to time.

    A Recipe for Miracles
    • 1 part knowing who you are
    • 1 part knowing who you aren't
    • 1 part knowing what you want
    • 1 part knowing who you wish to be
    • 1 part knowing what you already have
    • 1 part choosing wisely from what you have
    • 1 part loving and giving thanks for all you have
    Combine the ingredients together gently and carefully using faith and vision. Continue mixing with a strong belief in the outcome until thoroughly blended. Use kind thoughts, words and actions for best results. Bake until Blessed. Give thanks again.
    • Yields: Unlimited servings.

Well, I'm off to fight the bluster of March. I'm contemplating pulling out my chili pot and making me a mess of chili. Chili, Sangria, Corona with lime - Hmm, waiting for April could be fun. Think I'll tuck right in and wait for Spring!!

TTFN . . . and remember . . . an optimist is a person who expects the ketchup to come out after three shakes.

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