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October 2001 Issue
For a Happy Halloween
by Victoria Smith
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Imagine a dark and winding dirt and gravel road through what seems to be an endless forest. Over hills you go, and around curves that you cannot even see in the darkness. You know that there is supposed to be a full moon tonight, but the forest is so dense that you are not quite sure that there is any moon up there at all. Ah. You have come out onto a clear stretch. There are deer in the fields. You can see their eyes shining. There is, after all, a full moon. (You hope that these are deer....) Something howls. A farmer's dog, you think, and you roll up the car windows.

You can see scattered lights on the distant ridges and hilltops, above the dark pools of the tree-covered hollows. Farmhouses? Spooky castles? Who knows? The road dips into another hollow, and all is dark. Something cries out in the dark. You lock the doors. It is not an animal in pain, it is something else, you don't know what, and it is angry, and very close.

The dark and heavy trees arch above your car again. Where is this place? Are you almost there? What will you find? You reach the crest of a hill, and turn off this road onto an even darker one. Down, down again into a hollow. A wall of red pines looms on the right, and the mountainside drops away on the left.

Is that a light blinking behind those sky-scraping pines?

You turn right, off this last dark and bumpy little road. There is a lighted doorway up at the top of the hill... and bright windows.

Hi. Welcome to Tir Nan Og. This is where I live. Happy Halloween.

Now what shall we have to eat at this party?

Sounds good, doesn't it?
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