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July 2001 Issue
by Ronda L. Halpin
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Welcome to the July issue of Seasoned Cooking. With the hot summer sun baking so many of us, thoughts of slaving over the stove are replaced with yearnings for quick and easy food in its many forms.

We begin our journey with a look at grilling vegetables. First, a feature article on Grilling Veggies offers everything from a basic recipe to using the leftovers in salad and pizza. Victoria's Vegetarian Victuals tackles the same topic with gusto. Everything from grilled squash to grilled tomatoes can be found on that menu. Finally, the gang at the Cooking Corner shares their inspired musings about grilling all things vegetable!

Moving on, we take a look at the versatile and quick quesadilla. In Seasoned Opinions, we ask you to share your favorite fillings for these Tex-Mex favorites. Of course, as usual, there are no rules and you can offer anything you'd like. Then, for a look at using leftovers to fill them, you can wander to the Land of Leftovers to see quesadillas move from appetizers to main dish entrees to dessert!

Speaking of dessert, on warm days like these, the thought of baking something for dessert can be overwhelming. So we say don't do it! Instead, check out Happy Endings for a special guide on assembling simple dessert platters for your summer entertaining. After all, why should you suffer heat exhaustion just to end a meal right?

Finally, Rossana Tarantini shares a touching story of her recent diagnosis with Type 2 diabetes in her Meet Herb column. It's a great article that's informative and maybe even life-saving if the right person reads it and takes the first steps to an early diagnosis. And, of course, Rossana also shares a few great diabetic-friendly recipes. She'll be sharing some thoughts and recipes on the subject from time to time in her column, so you'll want to keep a lookout for those.

That's just a sampling of what we've packed into this month's issue. I'll leave you to discover the other gems to be found. Have a great month and here's to a seasoned lifestyle!

    Ronda L. Halpin

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