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December 2000 Issue
by Ronda L. Halpin
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    "Doctors will tell you that if you eat slowly, you will eat less. That is particularly true if you are a member of a large family."

    - Unknown

Welcome to the December issue of Seasoned Cooking. We've packed this issue with great holiday recipes, traditions and gift ideas. For most people, the holidays are a time to be spent with family and friends. It's a time when people get together to visit, exchange gifts and share meals. And, if the holidays make you worry about overindulgence, just take the advice of our anonymous friend above. Having broken bread with my share of family crowds, I can attest to the validity of the claim!

We start out our holiday extravaganza by helping you with gifts for people who love to cook. Our Holiday Gift-Giving Guide offers a wide range of suggestions ranging from simple, inexpensive tokens to more elaborate gifts. We've even suggested appropriate gift certificates for those who simply cannot make up their minds.

In an effort to help spread the holiday cheer here at Seasoned Cooking, we're giving our own Seasoned Greetings this year again. Read the warm wishes of other friends from the Seasoned Cooking community and add your own holiday thoughts in our interactive greeting card feature!

Before you begin to wonder if there are any recipes in this month's issue, let me assure you that we've got a great selection this month. For those of you looking for a unique dish to serve to family and friends over the holidays, try a special stuffed chicken dish from Phil's International Flair. With a perfect combination of chicken and your favorite seafood, it's bound to make a lasting impression. Another special seafood selection can be found at the Rush Hour column. A creamy seafood fondue is both easy and elegant and makes a great meal to be enjoyed while decorating your home for the holidays. For something on the sweeter side, visit Victoria's Vegetarian Victuals for a taste of sugarplum dreams. Everything from traditional gingersnaps to more involved cookies are there for your enjoyment. If you're looking for something other than cookies, take a trip to the Happy Endings column. This month's special recipe is a rich Pumpkin Cake that can be served with a simple sauce. It's a great way to end any meal.

That's just a sampling of what we've got to offer this month at Seasoned Cooking. Make sure you check it all out -- from the second installment of Meet Herb's focus on ginger to Health & Fitness' look at how much sleep we need. There's so much to learn about and enjoy! Consider it our holiday gift to you. Happy holidays and here's to a seasoned lifestyle.

    Ronda L. Halpin

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