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February 1999 Issue
(The way to his heart is really through his stomach!)
by Rossana S. Tarantini
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You know, I think the Valentine's gift I remember most, was one I got when I was about 15 from my then steady boyfriend. He gave me a bottle of Prince Matchabelli "something or other" and a silver filigree locket. When I was straightening out my jewelry box a couple of months ago, I found that filigree locket. It still had his picture in it . . . and it still did "something" to my heart.

Well, I didn't marry him, I married a wonderful man that I've been with for 23 years, 20 of them as his wife. And through it all, I have to say that whatever else I do for him, the kitchen is the place where he most appreciates my talents. (That's not to say that other rooms in the house are lacking. It just means that the shortest way to any man's heart is through his stomach!)

Just before I started to put down ideas for this article, I did a quick search through my favourite search engine -- -- to see what I could see. Boy oh boy did I get info! From a simple query -- valentine's recipes -- I got pages and pages of links. Now, some of them were just dreck, but the actual hits were very interesting.

For instance:
The Valentine's Day Collection at Also check out The Valentine's Day Site at the They have all kinds of links for this most romantic commemorative day. Try Food as Foreplay, Love Bytes, Romantic Menus or Seductive Recipes from Bon Appetit.

By far my favourite was Go to their Seasons and Reasons site and take the quiz or read up on some facts, find out how to impress your lover and lots more!

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