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December 1998 Issue
Displaying Collectibles OR What The Heck Do I DO With This Stuff Now?
by Lacey Julian
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"Touchees", on the other hand, are the collectibles I most encourage adults to get their children involved in, because once childhood becomes their past, they have fond memories of playing with their possessions , as opposed to looking at them, and wondering what Madame Alexander looks like neek-ed under all those frills as most little three year old girls do.

I remember being faced with needing a way to display my young son's Pez Dispenser collection. I searched for a ready built display case. I even went as far as calling the Pez candy manufacturer to find out if they, either sold a display case, or knew where I could get one. Would you believe they had no idea of what I was talking about? So, here I was, with a load of small, plastic, doo-dads and no place to display them, because they won't stand up by themselves! Well, since ingenuity is the motherhood of all invention, I purchased a piece of peg board and some Shaker Pegs from the local home builder's supply store. I took them home, painted them to match his bedroom, and glued the pegs into the board. When I mounted the board on the wall the wooden pegs held the his Pez dispensers just under the "head" of each one and the bottoms hung freely. He was able to arrange, and rearrange, them whenever he liked, and I made sure the peg board was large enough to withstand additions to his collection. Peg board is pretty nifty stuff. It can be cut into any shape and several different types of hickey-doos can hang from the holes. Just remember when you mount the board to your wall attach it to the studs to be on the safe side.

I've used decorative shelving with carved out hearts and pegs built in at the height of wainscot trim for my small ones. They used the pegs for their hats and coats, and the tops for their "keepers".

I have been known to use the tops of bookcases to display tall objects. And, I've hung things using S-shaped hooks from gold swag lamp chain that I attached to a plant hook in the ceiling and a U-shaped holder screwed into the floor. The carpeting hid the bottom attachment and the chain could not be swung, as if Tarzan lived with us.

I hope you've found this column to be helpful in your quest for "never enough room", and "not always enough money" to properly display the collectibles of your children, as well as yourself. If anyone has any other suggestions, please feel free to stop by our bulletin board or fill out the feedback form below.

May each and every one of you, your family, and friends find peace, love, joy and good health in the year ahead. Happy New Year!

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