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January 1999 Issue
Vegetarian Comfort Food
by Victoria Smith
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Stock PhotoSo far this winter, it has been warmer than usual, but the beautiful weather won't last forever, and when it turns cold and miserable, I start to think of soups. 

Soups are comfort food.  Remember when you were small and you came home from school, half frozen, and Mom gave you hot soup to warm you up?  Well it still gets cold out there, and hot soup will still warm you up.

Soups are simple.  You can make up a hearty soup with only a few ingredients and a couple of spices.  People who live alone can make incredibly satisfying soups even with a microwave.  People just cannot mess up when they are making soups.

Commercial soups are a good starting place.  You can get these dry, canned, or concentrated.  You can add any of the above to your own creative concoction.

Being vegetarian just means you have to look a little harder for soup components, because you are avoiding animal products.  Canned or concentrated vegetable broth is available in most grocery stores, so you don't have to compromise your conscience and use meat stock.

This month, I offer you a variety of delicious soups, including a few new concepts in soup eating pleasure. On the menu are:

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