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January 1999 Issue
Here's the Starting Line-Up!
by Ronda L. Halpin
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Well, the New Year is here and you all know what that means: It's Super Bowl Time! Even if you're not among those who look forward to watching the game and enjoying all the munchies associated with the indoor tailgate parties that usually accompany it, you probably know and love someone who does. So, this year, instead of the almost sacred feast of hot wings, chips and beer, be creative!

Now, I'm not going to start preaching about a saintly diet and suggesting carrot sticks and water. Heaven forbid a big game without taste! However, you can save yourself some aches and pains down the road (maybe just a hop, skip and a jump depending on your fortitude) by holding back on snacks loaded with saturated fat and empty calories.

The recipes offered in this article are far from skimping on flavor and still manage to sneak in fruits, veggies, and carbohydrates. They range from tangy chicken veggi pitas to a down-right spicy pineapple salsa to garlic dill dip (you can always change the names if you need to be more sneaky). By offering a wide variety of foods, you're more likely to satisfy everyone surrounding the big (or not-so-big) screen TV.

Since there are dipping recipes offered in this article, I think I should also make a few suggestions about items for dipping and salsa-ing. Pita bread can be sliced into eight or more wedges and toasted for dipping or holding some chunky salsa. Also, many baked tortilla chips can now be found in your supermarket isles. Pretzels remain an all-time favorite football game treat and, if you don't have enough, you can always pass around mustards for dipping. Both treats are almost always fat free. Finally, I would be wrong if I didn't mention that the Garlic Dill Dip is terrific with fresh carrots, peppers, and celery.

While just about everything I present in this article is finger food, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share my recipe for Confetti Ratatouille. With slightly crunchy veggies and tasty Italian sausage, it can serve as a main entree that can easily be eaten in front of the tube! And, like all of the other recipes offered, it can be made the day before and simply warmed before being served.

So whether it's you that's going to be sitting through the pre-game show, the game and the post-game show or those you love, make sure that you will be satisfied now and years from now. Here's the starting line-up:

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