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January 1999 Issue
by Ronda L. Halpin
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Happy 1999! We're glad you've chosen to join us this month. Being a new year, we have a few thoughts on New Year's resolutions. Check out the Readers' Corner for some of your resolutions or visit Krafty's Kwickies for some inspiring thoughts on resolutions.

Our other major theme this month is soups. January is famous for being brutal to many areas all over the world and we intend to combat it by arming you with a great soup and stew recipe collection! You can check out a wide variety of soup recipes - ranging from fruit soups, to international soups, to good old fashioned chicken soup - in our feature article on Winter Soups, Phil's International Flair, Momma Gert's Place, and Victoria's Vegetarian Victuals. And what would soup be without bread? Health & Fitness tackles the issue and offers advice on how to get the healthiest bread on your table.

As if that's not enough for you to chew on this January, we've added even more great articles in this issue! January wouldn't be the same without a certain famous Sunday. I'm speaking of Super Bowl Sunday, of course! We're helping you gear up for kick-off with a great starting line-up of great-tasting food to serve at any tail-gate party or to offer to any arm-chair quarterback. So, make sure you visit our article on Super Bowl parties before you plan for the big day. Also, we're offering some long-awaited instruction on making your own spice blends, homemade pasta, and a pie that will use all those leftover candy canes. Home Style presents living rooms as an over-looked, yet comfortable hideaway and unusual lasagne dishes star in both the Rush Hour and Rise 'n Shine columns. If all of that reading gets you excited about sharing your ideas, make sure you visit Seasoned Opinions and let us know how you fit fitness into your life. There's something for everyone in this month's issue!

Finally, I want to let you know that we've added a new resource to the ezine this month. Since its inception, Seasoned Cooking has enjoyed the support and admiration of many individuals, organizations, and companies. This month, we're including a place to showcase our awards and say "Thank you" to those who have seen fit to honor us. Enjoy the issue and keep warm. Here's to a seasoned lifestyle!

    Ronda L. Halpin

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