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November 1998 Issue
The Season Begins!
by Royce Smith
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Welcome to "Momma Gert's Place"!

Ah, the spirit of autumn is upon us!

If you've never experienced autumn in the South, you have missed an important part of life all together.

Because it is autumn, it seems the best time to cook. The weather is perfect for heating up the stove or oven. Mother nature is beginning to decorate again for the autumn by turning the leaves a majestic array of colors. And the aroma from many a hearth is dramatic.

November gives way to Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving in our area always gives way to "The Social Season." House parties, balls, dinner parties, luncheons, breakfast, brunch, a multitude of activities given from Thanksgiving Day until New Years Day. These events are always planned with great care and great dignity. No longer does the sweltering heat of summer limit activity. Harvest is over for the farmers. Gentility springs it head up and many cities are transformed during this period. From lavish dinner parties to great balls. All seem to leave a person feeling a little enchanted after it is over.

A cousin of mine collaborated last year and hosted our very first pre-season dinner party in order to get the jumps on everyone else. This edition shall include a portion of the menu. I decided to omit turkey and dressing because so very many people will cook this during the season until, just like with bar-b-que, people tend to get burned out on it.

In the December issue, we will share a few recipes that are good for entertaining between Christmas and New Year's.

Do enjoy and have a very prosperous and plenteous Thanksgiving. Hopefully, your "Season" will be spectacular this year!

Our menu shall include:

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