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February 1998 Issue
by Ronda L. Halpin
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Moonlight Ride

Depending on where you live, a sleigh ride could be a great way to end a romantic day with your beloved. Whether it be through the woods in a hay wagon or through the city streets in a sharp horse-drawn cart, snuggling up with the one you love is the most important ingredient in this special delivery idea.

Because this is an unusual idea, you might want to do a little advance planning for this one. Look in your local phone book or ask around at local eateries to find such services or, if you're lucky, a local romantic who happens to own some horses and a sleigh! If you want to add some of your own flair, make sure a special gift is waiting for your beloved when you arrive. It can be anything from champagne and strawberries to a cuddly teddy bear to a special card containing tickets to the theatre. Be creative and always make sure it's got the personal touch.

A Ballroom of Your Own

If you're not the sleigh ride kind of person, perhaps you'll want to surprise your beloved with a beautiful ballroom of your own. Take some time to decorate a comfortable room in your home with flowers, crystal, and candlelight. You might want to include a bottle of your favorite wine and some simple sweet treats. Also, make sure you set aside several of your favorite romantic music albums. Then, when you and your beloved return from your Valentine's Day activities, take the opportunity to dance the night away in the privacy of your home.

Anything you can do to add to the romance is encouraged. One golden rule: Make sure you are going to be alone for the entire night. That means finding a babysitter for the kids to stay with, sending Fido to the kennel (or a friend's house), and unplugging the telephone for one night (just remember to plug it back in). Make it a night in which you can concentrate on being a couple and doing "couplely" things.

Remember, no matter what your plans are on Valentine's Day this year, that being romantic and spending time alone with your significant other is not something that should happen only once a year. Try to make the "magic" last all year. If you do that, you'll realize that it is not magic at's love. Happy Valentine's Day!

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