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February 1998 Issue
by Ronda L. Halpin
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Ah…amour. What could be more romantic than making your loved one a beautiful meal from scratch?

Making one together! This Valentine's Day, I challenge couples out there to spend the day together and make meal preparation part of the fun. The recipe ideas presented in this article are simple, yet elegant. I've also included some neat gift ideas and thoughts on how to spend some of your time. Just click on any of the highlighted words below to find more information or print it out to have a complete copy to carry with you. Enjoy!

The Perfect Gift (Page 2)
A Book of Love Letters
The Valentine's Tree
A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

A Romantic Dinner Menu (Page 3)
Chicken with Cherry Sauce
Wild Rice
Green Beans
Caraway Rolls
Rum-Sauced Bananas

What to Do (Page 4)
Moonlight Ride
A Ballroom of Your Own
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