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August 1999 Issue
by Ronda L. Halpin
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Welcome to the August issue of Seasoned Cooking. We're doing our best to help keep you cool in what is often the hottest month of the year in many places. We're also asking you about how you manage to keep your cool when the heat is on. So, grab yourself an iced tea and join us in discovering how to chill out during the dog days of summer!

We start out our lesson in keeping cool with a feature article devoted to frozen drinks. Everything from smoothies to special ice cubes are covered, so you'll want to keep a copy of these recipes and ideas handy for entertaining and relaxing. After checking out our primer on frozen drinks, you'll want to stop by Momma Gert's Place to enjoy some strawberry ice cream -- made fresh and to your liking! If ice cream's not for you, try some Vanilla Crème Brulee topped with summer's finest fruit. You can find that recipe in a special feature devoted to the art of making crème brulee. Of course, another cool summer favorite is cheesecake and Victoria's Vegetarian Victuals is presenting a collection of them inspired by the popular TV sitcom, The Golden Girls.

Since August also marks the last month of summer, we're also making an effort to encourage you to enjoy the great outdoors before colder weather makes it difficult. For some fantastic tips and hints about outdoor entertaining -- whether it be at a picnic or a backyard barbeque -- check out Home Style. Jenny Wojcik covers everything from what to serve to how to serve it to how to make your guests most comfortable. And, before you pack your next picnic lunch, make sure you read Happy Endings, where you'll be introduced to the finest in picnic desserts. In addition to some ideas about how to make your picnic unique and comfy, you'll find a recipe for Orange Picnic Cake -- a dessert that's sure to please and guaranteed not to crumble!

There are a lot more recipes, ideas and tips packed into this month's issue. So, spend some time finding some new ideas and then get out there and use them. Have a great August and here's to a seasoned lifestyle!

    Ronda L. Halpin

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