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August 1998 Issue
Sunday After Church
by Royce Smith
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Greetings from the Grand Ole South and welcome to "Momma Gert's Place" - a place where old fashioned soul food cookin' goes on daily!!

This column is dedicated to the memory of my grandmother, Gertrude Hickerson Chaney, who was affectionately known as "Momma Gert" in our rural West Tennessee community.

There are so many precious memories when thinking about the preparation for dinners, the actual cooking of dinners, and last - but not least - the actual eating of dinners at Momma Gert's place.

Hopefully, this column will enlighten you on a few soul food dishes that I have found to be excellent choices. In the spirit of writing, I hope to also share a few memorable events, moments, and even tips. Indeed, there are so many humorous stories that can be told and that are normally told during the course of a soul food meal but it all comes into focus with the genuine "Southern Hospitality" that we are so famous for in the South.

Here at "Momma Gert's Place", I hope to enlighten you on a few ideas and recipes that are common and not so common "soul food" dishes. Our household seemed to have fed the multitudes over the years, hence, my recipes may seem to be a bit extensive and serves larger quantities. Please be advised that this is because we tend to cook for a large number of people. If you are cooking for a small group of people, simply reduce the amounts.

August in the South is nothing more than Hot, Hot, Hot! Bar-b-ques begin to slow down to a minimal and a variety of recipes spring up.

Hence, for the month of August, I decided to share a favorite "Sunday After Church" menu of mine that normally tends to be a sensation. Please keep in mind, Sunday dinners are a traditional part of life in certain parts of the South.

With this menu, believe me, you will be the "talk of the town".

The menu for the month at "Momma Gert's Place" will be:

This is a truly simple Sunday dinner in our neighborhood.

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