Dress Up Popcorn

The Oscars are coming up this Sunday and, if you're looking to enjoy them in true movie fashion — which only makes sense, given the topic — consider making popcorn. Now, you can grab one of those convenient packages of microwave popcorn or consider making your own. We're here to show you how and give ideas for making it red carpet ready!

Salad Celebrations

Can you really celebrate anything with a salad? You can when it's filled with sweet oranges, crunchy noodles and nuts, and a tangy dressing that will wake your mouth from its winter slumber. We made it to the end of February and the end of snow and ice is just around the corner!

Weeknight Shorts: Creamy Pasta

In about a half hour, you can have a creamy alfredo-like pasta dish that's brimming with sun-dried tomatoes, chicken, and spinach on the table. Just plan a little ahead and get your stirring arm in shape, because this one needs some hands-on time.

Slow Cooker Saves

Slow cookers are known for getting dinner on the table while you are off doing other things and they are great for that. But they can also do a lot more. Get insights on how to use them to bake potatoes, make your favorite snacks, and even help you create gorgeous candles!

An Apple a Day

When dessert is packed with lots of fruit and nuts, does it also count as health food? Either way, this gorgeous bundt cake is sure to be a hit after dinner, with tea in the afternoon, or alongside other goodies at a brunch buffet.


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