Quick Rice

If you think the only way to get a rice dish on the table quickly is grabbing instant rice from the grocery shelves, you've not made rice (and its many variations) in a pressure cooker. Find out how elegant bacon mushroom pilaf can be yours in under 15 minutes.

Instant Success

If pressure cooking calls to mind exploding pots and cowering in fear, you might want to introduce yourself to the new diva in culinary circles. Riding a wave of popularity that began last summer, the Instant Pot is getting dinner to the table in record time.

Throwback Thursday: Tuna Salad

Usually when I tell someone I had a great tuna salad for lunch or dinner, they imagine a creamy spread over slices of bread. Well, broaden those horizons and fall in love with a beautiful, healthy, simple salad featuring lots of color and lots of flavor.

Morning, Noon, and Night

A versatile sweet that can be dessert, an afternoon snack, or a delightful breakfast with a cup of coffee is something worth holding onto … until it's time to break out the baking supplies and start making a new batch!

Weeknight Shorts: Pairing Salmon and Citrus

When blood oranges are available, I like to showcase their amazing color and flavor by pairing them with salmon. So I'm offering a beautiful salmon dish that gets a flavor burst from blood oranges, fresh ginger, and orange blossom honey.


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