Chill Out

When the hottest weather of the year is upon us, keep cool by avoiding any heat in the kitchen. But make sure you satisfy that sweet tooth with these amazing Mixed Berry Parfaits for dessert. Oh, how sweet it is!

Grilling Fish

Grilling fish is fast and easy if you use a wooden plank for a base. That is, unless you are a drooling puppy waiting for it to be done. Then you might want to work a bit on your patience. It will be rewarded, whether you are a person or a puppy!

Tangy Starts

Begin your day with the flavor of spring anytime of the year. Rhubarb gets paired with apple, lemon, and strawberries for an out of this world marmalade that will have grabbing an extra slice of toast, bagel, or scone in the morning.

Summer Lunch

Summer is a very busy time of the year, but I'm also fortunate to have fresh summer ingredients on hand to make a quick lunch seem downright decadent. Beyond that, it also can be the start of inspiring other meals later on.

Sizzling Salad

July offers some hot weather. Embrace the sizzle with a stunning caesar steak salad that keeps all the heat out of the kitchen by firing up the grill. Blending grilled items with gorgeous fresh produce and traditional ingredients like parmesan cheese and creamy dressing makes dinner divine.


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