Weeknight Shorts: Fast Fish

Fish is generally a quick meal and that is especially true when the fish is quick-seared tuna and it finds a home on top of fresh greens and vegetables. Dinner is fast, delicious, and nutritious when spring provides the basics.

Spring on a Plate

My favorite butter blend takes center stage in a one-pan dish that is all about paying homage to spring before summer's here to stay. Salmon, ramps, and mushrooms come together to grace your table with a simple, yet elegant dinner dish.

Taste the Rainbow

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, a frozen treat that is good for you and downright beautiful. Grab a bunch of frozen fruit and your blender and get ready to enjoy your fruit salad frozen on a stick!

Weeknight Shorts: Po' Boys

Make sandwich night special with a spicy shrimp po' boy on your plate. Packed with lots of flavor, but simple enough to get on the table in about 15 minutes, these sandwiches are a perfect way to start out your summer season.

Oven Sauced Chicken

My favorite baked chicken recipe involves thighs, a hot oven, and little else. But part of its charm is being able to change course halfway through the baking process to add a sauce and give it a flavor makeover!


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