Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Heart—and Soyfoods

Combine the desire for simple, delicious foods on a very special day with the fact that February is also American Heart Month and you've got the perfect excuse to turn to tofu for your Valentine's Day meal ideas.

Changing Foundations

Nope - we're not building houses. We're making a great breakfast treat. It's a twist on Eggs Benedict featuring thick-cut bacon and a decadent bottom layer of lightly toasted miniature croissants. It's great for a special occasion or making any occasion special!

Weeknight Shorts: No Boil Gnocchi

Don't bother with a stockpot for this quick meal. Packaged gnocchi gets fried to give it a crisp exterior and a tender interior. Then it gets a quick trip to Greece with seasoned chicken, sautéed tomatoes, wilted spinach, and tangy olives.

How to Make Nachos 7 Ways

Before the big game this weekend, spend a little time planning and you can have an amazing array of nachos to offer friends and family before, during, and after the game. Get everything from a video tutorial to the ultimate guide for your very own nacho party.

Chicken Under Pressure

A whole chicken can take hours to braise in the oven or minutes to cook in a pressure cooker. Get a set of simple steps to set you up with Sunday dinner and the makings for stock, casseroles, and more later in the week.


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