Fritter Magic

When "eat your veggies" becomes "can I please have more", you know you're doing something right. Get a cheer from friends and family alike when you put together some tasty fritters featuring kohlrabi and carrots that are great as a lunch entree, appetizers or snacks, or a light dinner.

Smart Cooking With a Connected Kitchen

If you can think of a way to make your kitchen high tech (or even if you cannot), there's probably a gadget or device to help you make that a reality. But not all tech is created equal and some items are a little more helpful in the kitchen than others. Time to explore!

Family Night

With school starting back up and everyone looking to find their routines, why not find one night a week for Family Night. Make kid-friendly dishes together, play games or bike to the local ice cream shop, and find great ways to make spending time together part of the routine.

Weeknight Shorts: Nugget Nirvana

Skip the fast food lines and feed your family some amazing Caribbean Chicken Bites. With or without spicy dipping sauce, they are healthier and tastier than anything you can find in the drive-through. You'll be adding them to your very own favorites menu!

Casual Summer Dining

As August comes to a close, embrace summer with a fast and simple dinner idea that encourages you to enjoy the great outdoors, the freshest of foods, and time spent with friends and loved ones. After all, summer is great at giving us that and more!


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