Silky Sorbet

If you've tried to make sorbet at home before only to end up with a chunk of fruity ice, it's time to give it another go with one of summer's favorite flavors. Enjoy a smooth, silky helping of watermelon daiquiri sorbet and you'll find yourself leaning into summer!

Lazy Summer Mornings

Weekends are made for decadent breakfasts and brunches. All the better when enjoying them involves very little work. Get a great make-ahead recipe for baked French toast covered in sweet strawberries and tangy rhubarb and lean into the weekend.

Not Forgotten

A couple of days ago, I shared a recent smoking success involving a pork roast. Lest you think I've forgotten my tried and true smoked chicken, I'm now sharing a version that got a spicy-sweet brining before finding the coals.

The Other White Meat

When I set up my smoker, I'm almost always smoking a whole chicken. This time around, I did that … and I smoked a pork roast. Now I might have two things I need to smoke every time I fire up my smoker!

Being Green

Being green is easy when you have a pile of fresh garden vegetables, pizza dough, and an oven. Oh, and some dreamy, creamy cheese to help make all of your dreams come true. Okay … that might be over-billing slightly, but you can bet on a delicious dinner!


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