Planning Lunch

If lunches have you feeling bored, skip the leftovers and opt for planned-overs. The difference? Leftovers means having the same thing you had the other day. Planned-overs means making sure you have the right combination of items on hand to make something new.

Easy As

Have you ever heard the phrase "easy as pie"? I sometimes think that phrase is most often uttered by people who have not made pie. But if you happened to opt for a ready-made crust, you could have a pie made for later in about ten minutes!

The Every Bread

Sometimes, you need a quick breakfast treat. Sometimes, you need a decadent brunch accompaniment. Sometimes, you want a fun lunch item. Sometimes, dinner needs something beyond a roll. Fortunately, one fantastic savory muffin has you covered.

Half Hour Dash: Take It Outside

If dinner takes only a half hour to assemble, take advantage of the extra time in the dinner hour to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Nothing says al fresco quite like a spicy sandwich with onion rings and a fresh salad.

Healthy Household: 4 Ways to Cultivate a Family Lifestyle of Wellness

What can food-loving families do to steer the family toward living a healthier lifestyle complete with better eating habits, exercise routines and mental wellness? Actually, quite a lot. Get a few great ideas to get you and your family started.


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